Saturday, September 24, 2022

Dark Realms Tortuga house 3

        These building are from Dark Realms Miniatures. I bought both the City of Corsairs and Tortuga. Early pirate action came out of Tortuga with the Buccaneers. City of Corsairs being the famous and very active Barbary pirates. from the This is buildings 3 from Tortuga.

        The Ender finally got some shit done. It takes forever to print, 50 hours. I have it set on the medium print quality. I would hate to see how long fine quality takes. The door and window supports pop out with a good smack.

        The first floor was primed brick red. Then the air brush laid down bone.
        Great buildings. They have interlocking studs to keep the floors together.

        The FlashForge is saving the day. It prints much faster at the highest quality. With both printers running I can get a building printed in a few days. The delay being the Ender. The FF plows through the parts that fit on its bed. The stairs, I thought would be a problem printed with out issue. The arch printed un supported. The Flashforge is a monster. Best in class printer.         

        I have burnt thru the filament. 30 pounds of filament drop shipped and stored.

        The next building, Tortuga bldg 6, is on the Ender. It will take 3 days and a third of a roll to print the 1st floor. I have moved the print to the back right of the bed. Every print seem to pull up from center to the left edge. I have checked and checked everything over and over. It still pulls up. We will see what happen this time.

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