Sunday, January 31, 2021

Regimental Fire & Fury "January's Office efforts part III"


This week's efforts, 9 Confederate Inf stands and Confederate Command stands on sticks. 
The rebasing at the house continues with the South.
Command stands off the sticks and based. Washes and flock are next. The cold temperates are preventing sealing and proper drying of washes.
I have start the resizing of the fencing based off the stone wall foot prints.
Torro failed to show again. Thats 3 times now. We were to do Stones River 12/31/1862

Monday, January 25, 2021

Regimental Fire & Fury Stone Mountain order

         First order of the year goes to Stone Mountain for 96.60. 

2 sets of earthworks

2 sets of hasty works

4 sets of walls and rail fence

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Regimental Fire & Fury "January's Office efforts part II"

    The loss of my swim buddy, a new dude that I am training, and a new puppy has grinded my efforts down to a crawl. Just about through the month of January and little has been accomplished.
More markers
Confederate horse holders
Confederates repainted

Friday, January 22, 2021

HMGS Little Wars 2021 April23 - 2May

     I have never been. The con was too close to Cold Wars and/or AdeptiCon. Now with both being canceled. Everything being canceled. All we have left is HMGS' Mid-West Chapter.

    This year I am going!

        HMGS has a mid-west chapter. Every year they run a huge convention, Little Wars. Last fall they ran Autumn Wars. Yes during the CCP Virus, they were able to run a successful convention. Months and Months later the convention concept has been proven not to be a super spreader event. That an organization of volunteers can run a safe convention has been proven.

        Continuing on with the safe and successful Autumn Wars format, Little Wars is on this year. Little Wars is being held at Westin Lombard Yorktown Center at 70 Yorktown Center LomBard, Il 60148.

        Thursday 29 April to Sunday 2 May

        Calling Game Masters get your game in here;



Thursday, January 21, 2021

HMGS' Cold Wars 2021 Canceled


        Thanks China! Another Con canceled. Cold Wars is off. Doubtful we would go back to Ocean City. Too many people said they would not make the trip. The extra 3 to 4 hours was the reason 20 from our gaming group chose not to go.

As always, we hope this email finds you and your families both safe and well. At this time, it is our unfortunate duty to announce the cancellation of the Cold Wars 2021 convention. While there has been some good news with the development of several COVID vaccines, there still remain significant obstacles that make running a large convention unfeasible.

Proceeding with Cold Wars at this point poses too many risks. As previously communicated, social distancing requirements would restrict games to no more than two or three players and a GM. As a result, the number of games submitted to date has been low — we have 65 games, about a quarter of the games we typically run at Cold Wars. While there is exhibitor interest, booths would need to be spaced at appropriate distances, and access to the vendor hall would have to be monitored and capped at certain levels, potentially limiting exhibitor sales. These restrictions will significantly affect attendance, and with our room block obligations, the resulting financial loss projections are very high.

As was the case with cancelling Fall-In! 2020, the fact that a significant portion of our membership and volunteers are in a high-risk health category is also an important factor. Health, safety, and financial exposure are all important. The bottom line is that while we had hoped for more progress towards getting back to some sense of normalcy, we just aren’t there yet. The timing isn’t right. We think this is the right decision, and we hope that you agree.

Since Cold Wars 2021 has now been cancelled, our next membership meeting - which is normally held at the convention - will need to be held by teleconference. Additional information with details and instructions will be sent shortly.

So in closing, please be well and be safe.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Regimental Fire and Fury Scenario "Stones River"

            My swim buddy lived down stairs. There is wall to wall carpet. So he had an easier time getting up and going outside. He sat with me on the couch there. It is hard to be there without him. I wouldn't go down stairs. 
           The lads asked about the next game. Yo bro when we going to do it again??? We picked a date. The lads confirmed. Then out of 3, only one showed. Kal showed. Long time no see and it forced me to go down the stairs.

Battle of Stones River 31Dec62
        This is a snap shot of the action that day. There were greater than 80,000 involved. The scenario represents only 14,000. Rough 380+ stands on a 6 x 5 table.
        To play it at speed, You need 4 players. 

          Kal took the Southern side. Surprise, I commanded the North. We were to start at 12. My sad sorry ass was not ready. I was extra happy Kal helped me set up. We were rolling by 12:45. The scenario last 12 turns. We could only play to 5. 

          BY 5, the South had pushed in the corner at point "Y." Point "Y" to "Z" saw little action. The Union held "X" to "Y" and began to push back the Southern left flank. On the other side it was a blood bath.

        Neither side had reach heavy casualties. We gave one point to the South for breaking into the corner at "Y." One point to the North for holding "Y" to "Z." 

        Had we the time. There is no question both sides would have reached heavy casualties. 

Regimental Fire and Fury Snake Rail Fence part I

        I need to sort my fences. I have a bunch of Battlefield concepts fences. The ones in a pack that you stack and create. I have a bunch of ebay stone wall/fences. I have a bunch of Pendraken laser cut fences.                     The problem is RF&F is on a 3D table. The rolling hills, valley, rivers, sunken roads, and inclines are all part of the game. That fact create irregular fence lines. 

                My original idea for fences suck. It sucked so bad I never finished them. The Pendraken's fences I left as separate rail lengths. That was another shit idea. The eBay special stones are in varying lengths and thought out by a better person than myself. I need to copy that format! 

Friday, January 15, 2021

Regimental Fire & Fury "January's Office efforts part I"


    Back in the office painting the days away. Yet it all my end soon. The rumor is an engineer has been found for this spot. Hopefully he accepts the position. Then I can hit the road again Vs being an on site every day asset. 

    Money has it, I will be training him. If true, then I will be here for at least 3 months doing so. Either way the painting will continue at work, in the office.

    This week is a prep week. Over the holidays I had little time to complete anything or work in my room. So...sticks, sanding, and white glue. Not a lot of painting will get done. I need to get dudes on sticks badly. I have nothing lined up. 

    I had to order my swim buddy's death last Friday. He would not eating, could not stand, and his kidneys were failing. I told him Doc was going to fix him up. She would get him back in the fight. He trusted me and I lied to him. He died in my arms. That was the worst thing out of all the fucked up shit I have ever done. The not sleeping, dreaming that never happened. This event got me there. 
    He always want to hang out with me and paint minis. He was there for every hosted game. We open water swam lakes, hunted, fought together, hiked, and climbed. I flew his ass all over the world and he would go to work with me. 

2007 - 2021

Monday, January 4, 2021

Regimental Fire & Fury "Into the New Year part II"

    As I move into 2021 the ACW is the focus. I have a lot done. Yet still only 50% through. Hopefully I can be completely finished by the start of June. It is going to be a mad push.
         There is still about 250 or so Southerns that need rebasing/repainting. Roughly half are done? Hood's brigade needs to be painted. All the Brigade and Divisional Commands will need rebasing. All the Cavalry needs to be painted. I have just started on the Union Cav.

     Round two of those left over from last year. Only the Low Ammo markers were painted. Everything else was rebased, sealed, and flocked. 

Southern Inf and Union cav
Horse Holders, Low Ammo markers, and a lone Union Dismounted stand

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Regimental Fire & Fury "Into the New Year part I"


    Just like last year. There were a ton of dudes half finished waiting on me. Here comes round one of those dudes.

The horses are washed and based.
11 Bases of repainted Confederates
18 bases or rebases Confederates. Just like last year they don't count towards the painting total.
Divisional and Brigade command stand
Markers purchased last year
More markers
And the biggest deal. New snake rail fencing. All purchased last year. The big deal is; I will be reducing the scale of the fencing. Fencing at scale makes no sense with ground scale as it is in RF&F. The fencing will now be 10mm vs 15mm.

Saturday, January 2, 2021

2021 Yearly Plans and Goals

    This year's plan will be exactly the same as last year. Most of last year's goals are rolling over. I want to smash my painting goal again this year. The effort to host games and develop new players needs to continue.

Year's Plans

Paint, Sell, and stop buying collections or armies.

        **** No buying terrain. Only painting what I have.
        **** No buy armies or collections.
        **** Sell off the dust collecting items
        **** Develop new players
        **** TO and GM games at Cons

Year's Goals

Host Games
        Host games at the house. GM a game or two at Cold Wars and Fall In. I have requested to TO the Warmaster tourney at Cold Wars.

Paint 1200+ Minis
        I did it last year. I want to continue the volume this year. There were chunks of time where nothing got done. 

       Completely rebuild the spare GW table. I want to create a custom river GW board.
       Rehab the GW FW city fight board continues. I want to link up all the roads with each tile. The buildings will get insert bases for the gaps between the roads. 
       Build a Sengoku table. 

Warmaster Ancients
         The plan is to get armies on the table, and continue tohost some historical battles. 
         Macedonians/SuccessorsPyrrhus are all roughly the same army composition. I have everything I need. The 270 Phalanx dudes will be extra rough to push through.
         Carthaginians are maybe a 3rd of the way done. I have everything in stock. I have a basing scheme. The major hang up will be the same. The shields! I will be hand painting every one. The transfers in combination with the shield bosses make using transfers a MoFo.
         Numidians; They could provide a another army. Are a 3rd of the way done. They need maybe a month's time to complete.
        Samurai; I have a boat load of dudes. Now that I have an army that can take the field, what to do with the boat load of dudes. I will start to finish historical armies. Takeda, Uesugi, Tokugawa, Oda, and Ikko Ikki. Also there is all the terrain. A Sengoku (warring states period) table with an insert for the castle. Most the table will be river sections and rice paddies. I do have 20-30 Japanese houses and a temple complex to add in.
        The Lizard army was bought painted. I want to take one month and finish the whole army. The plan is January and have them on the table for Cold Wars.

Regimental Fire & Fury   15mm ACW
        This will be the year's primary project. There were dates set last year to do the Wheatfield. That went south as my players got the COVID. With most the Union rebased and the South's rebasing under way. The good news is, I have enough Infantry to field even large games.
         The artillery cannons is done. The limbers are needed along with Damaged guns and silenced gun markers will have to be made. 
        The Cavalry has been started for both sides. Dismounted for both sides and the horse holders for the Union are done. I have 15 stands of Cavalry. Both Union and Confederate must be bulked out, and disorder Cav markers need to be made.
         Stage one; Finish the Infantry. 
         Stage two; Bulk out the Cavalry. 
         Stage three; Get it on the field.

20mm Moderns
        This is an easy one. Host some games!

20mm Colonial Sudan
        This project got shelved last year. It may get little attention this year also. The goal is to host at least one game! I have enough to do a small skirmish. I want to do bigger battle with Ansar all over the place.
        When I do restart. Everything will need to be counted first. No sense in painting units that would be over sized. I do not see any painting this year.