Sunday, November 30, 2014

World Eater project list

         With everything ordered and boxes landing almost every other day. If I don't write something down, a plan, this will never ever get finished. I really want to bang this out.

          So the plan will be to lay it all out a head of time. I would guess somewhere near 6000 points worth. The first 4000 will be just to get a fieldable army on the table. Then the last 2000 will be wish list and detachments to fill in for what does not workout or give the feel of World Eater-ness.

                                                       The List
Legion Tactic (rhinos)
Legion Tactical x2 Spartans
Legion Termies x6
Rampagers x6
Rampagers x6
Comtemptor dreads (x2 WE)
Legion Dread Talon (x2 WE)
Sky Hunters
Strike Cruiser

Lords of War
Storm Bird

          I will paint by detachments. Every tank based on FoW med and L bases. The INF and LV on the round french bases. First 700 points will be an 8 stand plus rhinos Legion Tactical detachment and a 6 stand Rampagers Detachment.
          The Rampagers will be a mix of Khrone WEs, old school 2nd Ed marines with some forumware. Rampagers will be 4 to a stand, to give them that uncontrolled rushed assault of crazies.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

30K and Shapeways

          The Monday next box has landed. It took me a day to get around to opening it up. Shapeways, early xmas present. I ordered 4 Fire Turkeys and got 5. Bonus! I'll most likely sell the 5th one.
          The Fire Turkeys were done at the middle level of detail. Frost or something like that. You can see lines from the Z motor stepping. The layers look to be about 500microns (0.500mm). Some of the edges are fuzzy!
         In my opinion this level of "Z" resolution is pretty shitty. There is no way at the current level of technology we can not get better than 500 microns. 250 to 100 microns is easily within reach.
          Shapeways needs to adjust their price points. It is not like they have not made their money back on the capital investment.
          Storm Eagle gunships! Two for the WE and 2 for the upcoming EC army.

          Another heavy box arrived last night. Actually it was here Monday. I had to sign the orange postal thingy to get them to leave at the house. Which is very fast shipping, from where it came from!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Drop Anchor update

           It has been a long drawn out affair. All the construction was contracted out. Sucks, because it is easy. I would have only needed the time to do it. Part of the electrical and most of the finishing work I did at night after VV went to sleep. With only 1 or 2 hours a night my initial schedule for completion was "a crazy man's."

           The ceiling is painted, and the walls are done. Only touch up and some free hand are in order, low hanging fruit! No this is not the game room. This is the bloodly family room.
          This is the project that allowed me to fund Black Ops. Black Ops = pimped out game room. Just like the military I have floated one project within the budget of another.

          On to the important part. The game room! Everything that was in there originally is stacked up and stored in my room is all over the house. Hell there are 9 boxes of GoeHex in my bedroom. I really need to get cracking!
          The floor, hmmm, only the corner that collects or leaks water will get dry locked. The paint that on the floor now is a complete mofo to get up. I have pissed away move time fucking around with that dam floor. Yeah I tried a sander and chemicals and a butt ton of sweat. So it can stay there. Some other poor bastard can deal with it. I will lay the tile right over the top.
          The bare dry wall will get primed tonight and painted this weekend. Maybe I can even get the electrical banged out.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Long lost, hiding in the mountain

          As I push more and more crap about trying to clean the floor for the room. I am finding things I did not know I had. What A find! Ahhhh I always wanted one. MoFo, I had one. Where or how I got one, who knows. I have a problem buying lead.

So much in love. The badass bird head. The Imperial Eagle on the top. The Eagle on the leg. Now what to paint him up as. I want the detail to pop!Maybe like these? But with the white head.

        I will be using him in one of the HH armies. He is way too old school not too!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

 Contemptors, Fellblades, Spartans, and Glaives are available. Ordered, Plus some Fireturkeys from Shapeways. Can't wait.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Holy Tufts!!!!!!!!!!!

        Check these out. 2.82 for 70 tufts! yeah shipping is steep 5.2 EUR. But if you blow through these like I do basing Romans. Hell of a deal.
         7 colors, 3 sizes, plus a mix of sizes.

Portugal ebay Tufts

 Compared to the 7 beans for the silflor tufts. Flames of wars tufts are 120 for 13 beans. F GW and their crappy tufts 17 beans and you can see a giant blop of white glue on the bottom.

30K World Eaters

          The first group arrived yesterday. Last night was a shit show. No chance to pour over my goodies. The Italian did..........., no words. They are kick ass, outstanding. Plus he threw in some extra goodies for me.

World Eaters Bare Metal      = 112
World Eaters Painted            =
World Eater Armor               =
Total Points Completed        =

World Eater Rampagers
World Eater Termies
World Eater Zahlor
World Eater Kharn

          Sadly they all have the Khorne head gear. I will shave 95% of those completely off. Chain axes and bolt pistols, so sweet. They will take for ever to clean up and get mounted.
          Mounted, great question a lot of thought and then I saw the perfect item. I will put them on the round forum ware French bases.

Monday, November 17, 2014

NetEA mission

          Remember when we played just to laugh at each other. The days before the structured tourney game format became the golden unit, for all which fun was measured by. Wipe away the hours sweating over that one ball breaking, turd pushing list.
          I like tourney play. I get more games in over the course of a day. I get to see all sorts of shenanigans play out. And I gain a deep tactical understanding for the combined arms within NetEA. The end of turn 3 who has what, 3k Vs 3k, produces some predicable results. It is great for list development/design.
           Do we really have to have a fair chance to win, to have fun? Lets grab some beers, and load up on uncaused stress as we tackle a scenario with a developing situation built in.

         This is a nontraditional, non tourney mission. I copied this from someone else. Credit is your, bit can't remember were I just saw it!

EDIT: Source sited, check it here: Tales of The Legend

Titanic Struggle

The world of Ikaban-7 has been under siege from the orks for several weeks now. Forces of the Adeptus Militarum, alongside a small contingent of the Imperial Fists have only managed to slow the tide of the green skins.

In an attempt to even the odds the Imperial Fists send a small task force to investigate an ancient manufactotum which has been rumored to be the resting place of the "Fist of the Apostle".
Aware of the small force breaking off from the heavily defended main lines, the Orks cannot resist the easy target. Huge numbers race towards this force in attempt to get a good fight rather than the meat grinder they're currently involved in.

Responding the the planetary distress signal the Blood Angel cruiser Red Wind, moves into orbit and starts landing forces South of the main Ork force. Scouts report a small Imperial Fist force about to be overwhelmed so dispatch a force to intervene.

4000 points - 4 players ( we played 4 players with 1000 Imperial Fists and the reaver controlled by one player and the Blood Angels by another. The Orks were divided between the other two players.)
Specific army composition rules

- nothing larger than a standard Gargant
- only one flier formation
- no space craft

- Must take 1 Reaver Titan (see mission rules)
- No other Titans may be taken
- Only 1 formation of aircraft may be taken
- No spacecraft may be taken

Mission rules and victory conditions
    Manufactotum is placed as an objective in the center of the table. A 1000pt Imperial fist Garrison is placed at the Manufactorum with hastily constructed defenses.
    All Blood Angels are held in reserve, the follow the standard rules for and escalation excel a turn later than normal (ie vehicles over a certain speed arrive turn 2, slower ones turn 3 etc etc).
    The Reaver titan is inactive at the Manufactorum. At the start of turn 2 and every turn there after, roll a dice, if you roll equal to or under the turn the titan is activated and may act normally that turn. If the imperials have 1 or more unengaded, unbroken units holding the objective they get -1 to the roll.
    Ork forces cannot start with any Garrisons, all Orks come on from reserve as they activate. They can choose what detachments come on each turn but they can only bring on D3 / Turn (Turn 1 get get the max 3). No Gargants can be brought on, on turn 1. If a detachment is over 500pts it takes 2 points from the D3.

Finally there is 3 other objectives placed around the board.
The game ends at the end of turn 8.
- 2 VPs to the side who holds the Manufactorum
- 1 VPs / other objective
- 3 VPs (imperials) if the Titan gets off the board on their table edge
- 3 VPs (Orks) if it's destroyed
- 1 VP if you kill the opponent warlord

Friday, November 14, 2014

30K Horus Heresy

         That right one more project. I have I finished a single one yet. Hell no. The city table stalled out. Big surprise. The DAs sit unfinished. The RF&F is still being collected, no rebasing in months. I have terrain out the ass that needs to be built, painted and based.
         But the remodeling continues. The family room is about finished. I got to pop in a few outlets and finish the trim. The game room floor is being prep for dry locking.
           I will be kicking old school, "The Horus Heresy" in Epic.

         Why? Because this is the story line and game that hooked me into the GW product line. I started off play Space Marine (2nd Edition) way back in 6th or 7th grade. I have always been drawn to the HH. The black library books in the first few years were the greatest. Everyone was reading and talking about them.
         Why Epic? Because it is cheaper. I can have more and a large scale battle will not last 9 hours. Plus the battles are fought out with actual units and not squads.

          Of course NetEA will be the base and I will use the Developing HH list found here; Horus Heresy 0.5
         Actually 2 HH armies. I found a supplier. Ordered the goodies. Now who will I do. I have plenty of loyalist that only need one or two unit to HH them. My IF or BAs or DAs would work. I have settled on Emperor's Children and World Eaters. The WEs are coming for another supplier.

          The ECs will get the Heresy color scheme. Not the old school where the purple is more red. Nor will the purple be as rich as the art work. My purple will be translucent and more like auto paint. More like the ones in this picture.
           The 3rd will be done just before the Heresy starts. Too early and the numbers would be restricted as they were rebuilding or tooling about for the Emperor.

          The WEs will get the Heresy color scheme. No War Hounds will be present. These will be fun and quick to paint. I have a have started WSs, which will be an easy change over. The rest will come from the hand sculpts done in Italy. Old school plastic rhinos and goodies from the rest of the world.
         The blue splashes will make a visualy great presentation on the table.

         Again I will be stealing a lot from the old art work. Some of the new stuff is OK, but the older stuff is where the character is .

"Fall In" wally's steals

          I hate having the time to go walk around the Wally's event. I piss more away. The Vendor hall I can keep my cash in hand. But this event always gets my coin.
         Wally's basement deals. Slow to show off the steals I got.
Trees 15 beans. Like I need more trees. I am sure some where there is a box of trees I have done dick all nothing with.
Bases. This guy got me with "hey both bags for 5." Of course I said yes. What hell am I going to mount the trees to. Like the trees will ever make it out of the box!
More shield stickers. Little Big Men at 4 a piece. I got the dude down to 4 by taking the lot of them. Whatever ones I don't use, I'll ebay them.
Then the Vendor hall. Steel bases to magnetize my Epic dude. Plus add weight to the stands. Plus some more bases. These dudes will get used up quickly. They are the bottoms for my 6mm palm trees.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Fall In 2015 After Action Report.

          The host continues to be a mess. The bar maid is never at the bar. She needs an expressor. The night guy and the day girl pour differently. The girl is very generous.
The ceiling is leaking every where. The rooms are sort of clean, not what you expect from their price.
The food is still superior to any other con. The noise level and space is way above avg. the staff is very helpful and proper.

1st game,
          F165 Winchester. Ass of the day award goes to Leonard Millman. Leonard argues, dictates, fails to explain or assist any gamer. Extremely mean to new gamers. Yells and bitches whenever his mouth opens. Cheats, by questioning his opportunities, with a complete understanding of the rules and experience with the rule set. If you don't like getting called out, don't be an ass.
          I had a great time. The lads running were funny and terrific hosts.

Union far right flank. My lads trying to get out of the woods
The push up the center
Union break thru

 2nd Game
          RF&F again, F411. Same group of guys hosting. I did not plan it this way. The 1st round with them I wormed my way in. Great time, no bad players. One guy even shared a bottle of single malt.
In this game I was on the extreme left flank. My goal was to force my way down the road and take the cross roads. My single malt friend was to engage and delay any action meant to stall my advance. The center and right flank player had the fun. He rolled buckets of dice and pressed any advantage to draw fire and attention.
I did make it with both of Stonewall's reg. minor victory achieve on turn 9, one turn too slow!

CSA center and only picture. dead phone.

Player shared a single malt bottle

 3rd Game
          Battle Barn invitational game. Dad's contacts introduced me to the Battle Barn guys. Great group, they run 4 to 9 games every Con. This was Zack's baby. He and his father are big Bolt Action fans.
          Japs Vs India reg. the British Indians were working a hold action to get the rest across the bridges. japs needed to smash them out of the way and get across.
          I got to run the Jap right flank. I was on the right flank a lot. My Objectives were to haul ass up the road, clear some fighting pits, and cross the bridge. Poor die rolling saw a Jap win.
         This was my first taste of Bolt Action. As a skirmish game, not a fan. As a platoon level game, not a fan. I think there are better rule sets. As a Con game, it is perfect. It is easy to pick up, fast paced, fun, and there is a lot of action.

Long way to the Objectives
Poor Phil failed to blow the bridge in time.
4th Game, Irregular insurgents and the random mobs. I love playing these wack jobs. Wack jobs not out of disrespect, but they always fail activations and get to do crazy shit. In the case we tried to steal the MRAP. It was unlocked but we failed to activate.mostly drank scotch and assisted in the understanding of FoF. Both had never played. Activation was the biggest pain. No surprise for new players.
         There were more players than available room. Due to playing a lot of FoF. I teamed up with a young gun and another gent to run the crazies. I 
         The government forces won this one. USMC took second. We took 3rd.

5th Game, Zombies. A home brew rules. Chunky, too many calculations and charts references for everything. But all in all it was fun. I got gang banged by 20 zombies and 2 zombie dogs. It was classic movie action death.

Brain hungry Zombies pouring over a wall. When they cross they fall and get up next turn.

Thats my character with the green base.