Monday, October 28, 2019

HMGS' Fall In Warmaster tourney list

         The Warmaster Tourney is on Friday. After registration you need to contact the TO at; for a spot. You will also need to turn in your list. The slots are filling fast. There is a questioning shit show of a process to get more tables. So get going!

        I will be playing Samurai, using the new draft v2 list. 22 units, with the "feudal rule" my break is 10.
My list;

4 Ashigaru                    45   180       180
4 Ashigaru Tempo        65    260      440
4 Ronin                         65   260      700
4 Samurai                     80   320    1020
4 Samurai Cav            110   440    1460
*2 Ninja                         70   140    1600
1 Shogun                     150  150    1750
2 Daimyo                       80  160    1910

1 Shugenja                    90    90    2000

Sunday, October 27, 2019

World Eaters UK list

        I got a game against Kal At 6 Feet under. It was the first outing for the World Eaters. I was not playing the 30K list. This was a primer for Fall In. The tourney at Fall In will not support 30K lists. There is no Net EA World Eater list. The Blood Angels list is also not approved. I respectfully requested to use the UK World Eater list. Those boys play a shit ton of games. The list is well tested and was at Epic Worlds. After review the TO approved the list for usage.

My List;

1 Spaceship
1 Tactical dropping
1 Tactical dropping
1 Termie with deamon prince
2 Tacticals in rhinos, 1 with SC
2 Juggers
2 doom cannons

Kal's list
4 penitent engines
2 missile tanks, 1 with AA
2 Lighting attack crafts
2 scout sisters
1 sisters in rhinos
1 sisters in rhino with SC

         I picked corners. Won the initiative and stuck with the orbital bombs, followed with a drop and retain. My notes say when playing corners, 90% of people stack the corner lines. I should have bombed there, but I bombed off center of the blitz. The bombs broke 2 units. If I had followed my notes, the intel, I would had crushed two units not broken them.
        The problem then continues. When dropping more than 1 detachment and with a single retain a detachment is left to suffer. You can only drop one in engagement range. Overwise your proper fucked. I knew this too. Yet I continued the foully. The second drop, if you drop, should be outside of engage range yet within support of the first drop's area of operations.

        It was hard to go from a stand and shoot army to a go up and knock someone out army. By the end of turn three I had BTS. The termies and deamon princes got it for me. It was 1 - 0. We played out the 4th turn for practice. None of mine rallied, his did. I would have lost 1 -3.
         I need a detachment or two that shoots more. The deamon cannons are too fragile at 4 stands. I would drop one jugger going forward. Maybe only one drop. I need practice and to think and to follow intel better.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Warmaster Revolution "Trial Samurai List draft v2"

        With Fall In weeks away the Revolution rule/list body finally released a trial draft. Its v2, so who knows what v1 was. There was no chain of edits. The Fall In TO asked if I would use it. I will.
        There are parts I agree with and those I don't. As it stands, I see no reason to bother. Just use the Empire list. The change to the feudal rule, no magic, and the loss of monsters/deamons would provide the flavor.

                   Shogun with 10 leadership for only turn one seems like a deal was stuck. Turn one only and the Dark Elf penalty through. I like the DE penalty. Its gives a samurai lord relationship feel. I would have preferred the Shogun 10, Daimyo 9, Taisho 8 chain of command. With the shogun keeping his command 10, but for a premium.
                   The Imps, Oni, and Tengu need to go. I know people lose their minds without flyers (Tengu) to deal with artillery. Not every army needs birds. Imps being immune to terror without causing terror, I don't see the point.

                   The fuedal rule is wrong. Its is the exact opposite. Peasants lives were valued higher than Samurai. It is will documented that the Daimyo constantly ruled in favor of the peasants Vs Samurai. These lords were very sensitive to the Samurai-jo (farmer samurai) and Ashigaru losses, rights, and moral. As these individuals were the sole source of income.                      
                 The Samurai armies fought in what we would consider the off season. There by never putting future income at risk. They fought over the winter, to move the majority of mouths into ours territory and to steal the harvest. The other warfare season was directly after the planting or lean season. The mouths are once again stressing out another territory. We have to remember that rice was money, the sole currency. (Coin money came much later, well after Osaka. Only Ronin were reward in gold and rarely) It was how people were paid. If the farmers were expandable, one’s future source of income would then be expandable. No dumb fuck would ever risk next years ability to generate wealth.
         Also Samurai were rewarded with lands and grants. If one failed to expand, there was nothing free to give. Sort of, as they would give away the lands of the dead. (Daimyo’s give away there only land way back after the 3 year and 8 year war. Just like rome, this was the start were army loyal to the individual and not the state. resulting in the age in which the Samurai we are representing fought.) It is a reason why the Daimyo’s over all strategy does not appear to exist. They were more concerned with keeping warriors happy and entertained than expansion.
         Therefore the Daimyo needed samurai to die. But could not afford the loss of peasants. The rule need to be the loss of monks, samurai, and ronin don’t count. Ashigaru do only count as twice towards break.

                 Tempo with double the shots. If they are willing to include all the manga cartoon items, tempo volley firing should be no problem. The internet historians believe Nobunaga Oda developed volley fire in 1575 destroying the Takeda Cavalry at the battle of Nagashino. This should be an easy sell.        

Draft v2

Friday, October 25, 2019

10mm Samurai

       The latest additions to the Samurai army. As always all are OOP Castle Arts.
10mm Takeda Samurai
10mm Oda Ashigaru Tempo
10mm Oda Ashigaru Yami
10mm Hojo Ashigaru Tempo
        All the bases have been doubled up. Most are on Shogun magnets. I went and ordered movement trays also. The spears and other weapons are fragile. I don't think they will last much more than one tourney.
Shogun miniatures for all your magnetic bases and movement trays

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Road Warrior "painting on the job"

         One wonders why the hell they pay me. They send me places. They pay for food and drink. The hotel, airfare, car. And I sit doing nothing. Maybe its for an hour meeting or just availability. Mostly babysitting. Yet I do nothing. So I paint and collect a check.
        The real work starts once your home. The painting sticks are empty. Dudes need sealing and basing. Dudes are cleaned, mounted to sticks, primed. Dudes get stickers or transfers. Then everything gets repacked. Most importantly the paint case is double checked. Sucks bad to forget something. It is near impossible to replace stuff on the road.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Ork scatter terrain.

         Ever since time began you would alway see the ork hill fort, town things. The card board building were close, cool, very useful. But not as cool as the White Dwarf ork stuff. Those were wonderfully amazing.
         I don't have the time to recreate the greatness of those pieces. Nor do I want to invest the time. The goal initially was to do something with the old school card board. They need to be mounted to MDF and structurally stiffened. There would be no way to repair damage from travel or Cons.
        I started to mess around with the card board ones and junk from my other terrain builds. The first attempt was a learning experience. There were extra steps and rework. Mostly me trying this or that.
        The second is still a WIP. No idea what I want it to be in the end. I work on them when I have spare time or things are drying. It is not a concentrated effort. Maybe after a third one, I could try for a White Dwarf type build? They are pretty simple mud brick design buildings.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

2019 Projects and Goals "3rd Quarter update"

In general paint, play, sell, and stop buying collections.

Last quarter's mission statement.

*** A true statement so far. My buying has been limited to terrain. I have sold more armies than I planned to. A lot which never saw the table or ever would. I have been playing all over, getting in most of the Conventions. Painting, this is where I have been failing to stay behind the brush. I have spent to much time screwing around with terrain.
*** Moving forward into the second half of the year. I plan on focusing on the World Eaters and Samurai. Once completed, shift to the other goals. 

What actual occurred.

        Late with the report. Just like every other industry I was stealing numbers from the future quarter to fluff this quarter's success. I did stay mostly true to the idea of painting only 10mm Samurai and World Eaters. Both of which will see the table at Fall In. The Conventions and gaming goal is turning out better than expected. I got to NEEAT, Epic Worlds, and road meet ups with Tim and Jon.

4th quarter's mission 

        In the final quarter of the year focus will continue with the Samurai. With the WEs nearly finished, there will be a shift from World Eaters to terrain. Two boards need repair, one need a redo, and I would like to start on the Japanese board.
       A future and R&D goal. I need to develop some sort of travel terrain kit. The current table take a beating. All the repairs every few years is painful. What is needed is serval tables and scatter terrain that will pack small and be robust enough to survive travel supporting events.
       Maybe paint a Khorne World Eaters army to sell. I have a kilo of World Eater minis left over. If everything works out, in December I will paint the whole thing in one month to sell. Just like the Tau in last November.

2019 Projects and Goals  

3D printers     Completed.
          "Getting the printers up and running again. The filament printer needs a cable created. As the manufacture is chapter 7, a new one is not available. There is a plan. Only time is required. The Resin printer needs only time and effort."

          *** Both printers were up and working. Both have printed minis. The Italian printer is busted again. I most likely will sell it off for parts. The resin is full steam ahead.

Get the Sudan project on the table.

          "I have maybe 900 Fuzzy Wuzzys,  the Sudanese, and most of the British to complete. Almost all the Cavalry, but I hate painting horse most of all. No supply issues this year. No purchase required. All materials are on hand.
          To get them on the table; I will need to focus and identify a few battles. The units required for those battles finished. All the while banging out the Ansar and British forces as fast as possible."

         *** I have painted up a bunch. Not nearly enough. Little to no effort on this front.

20mm Moderns. 

          "I would like to do one Con game." 

          *** Not going to happen this year.  Zero work on the buildings. Zero happening with the minis. 
          *** I did clean and repack them.  


         "Finish the Araby army. Start and finish the Samurai army. Then develop a plan and start a strong  effort to complete 2 ancients armies."
         *** I will field a Samurai army at Fall In. I will hopefully one day play test the updated Nippon Rev list. Until that is released I will play a combination of Dave's and mine.

30K HH World Eaters


         *** Only the little extras and a few options left until fully kitted.

Conventions and Gaming.   Completed

         "I am booked for AdeptiCon and Cold Wars. Hopefully I will get HistoriCon, NEEAT, and the Epic World Championship in. This year, step up the effort to build a gaming group here in central PA. I would also like to link up with the NJ group." 

        *** This Goal has been smashed. I have meet up with gamers while traveling for work. A new NJ/NY Warmaster group found. I have done Cold Wars, AdeptiCon, NEET, NJ warmaster tourney, World Championship in Scotland, and Fall In is booked.

Sell Off   Completed

          "Continue to sell off the Kickerstarters never started. Liquidate the collections purchased. Sell off the extra 10mm Samurai."

           ***Smash this goal also. There still remains a good amount to sell.

Painting Completed

         "939 plus dudes painted last year. The goal will be 1000 this year with at least 300 coming from the 20mm Colonial project. With the amount of terrain and 10mm involved it should be an easy score. As long as I stay focused."

         *** Also smashed. I have been painting 3+ minis a day roughly with little focus. The majority coming from painting on the road.

Monday, October 14, 2019

Warmaster Weekends Hojo Samurai and Ronin

         115 dudes done. So close to the year goal of 1000 painted dudes. Half were waiting in the wings. I had "Matte sealer" issues. All the Hojo Cavalry and Samurai came out super glossy. I had tried every can in my room. Nothing would kill the shine. Ordered Testor dull and my order was canceled twice by different vendors. I got a Lowes cheap can and magic.
         48 Ronin, 4 units/12 stands, were completed on the road. There are Takeda samurai, Oda Ashigura with Yami and Ashigaru with Tempo awaiting a few hours of love.
       Which means I will be painted for HGMS' Fall In. All that is needed is to flock and tuff the bases. Another day at most.

         This go around I went or tried harder to represent the riot of color in Samurai dress. The Ronin are maybe over the top. While the Hojo Samurai are about right.

Hojo Cavalry

 Hojo Samurai

         My are a mixed bag. Within each base are mounted and foot Samurai and Ashigaru. Not that I was short Samurai, but this is the way they fought. Ashigaru supporting mounted Samurai. Mounted Samurai dismounting to fight on foot. Also the Hojo are not known for mounted warriors. They are known as castle builders.  (This is some what questionable. As every other army that fought dismounted had horse holders, attendants. There is no mention of those dudes. Nor examples on the screen art.)


         The ronin mold has some issues. All of the swords are mis-shaped. If you try to trim or cut the flash down, they break or are gone by the time your done. So after the third one, I left them as is.