Monday, May 20, 2013

Conquest Indians IV

                The Indian leader dude's base is finished. I did retouch his hair.

      Once again the war paint is giving me fits. My red is too bright, too red. I need to plow through all my art work and root through my pictures of living history. After collecting all those examples study patterns and  light effects on the paint. Plus the hues. Until then no more war paint, its driving me to drink.

       I changed how I did this one shirt. I layered all the way up. Then took the base layer paint and used it as a glaze. I like the way it work out more than the inks or washes.
       The great thing or the worst part about a SLR camera, is you can see all the screw ups. I completely missed the braided cord holding his powder horn. The belt looks terrible. I hate the camera most days.

         One more Indian with over developed shoulders. His left arm is all sorts of a mess. Old boy has the Popeye thing going. I think the sculpter was getting lazy. Maybe taking bits from this mini and that mini just to fill out the line. The eyes seem to be close shut. Is he about to be shot? Is he running into the sun?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Conquest Indians III

        Pushing through the second batch of Indians. This group will have more war paint and bead work on their clothing.

        This shooter Indian has some over the top develop muscles and his ribs are showing. I am not too sure how his flesh will turn out. I will try to softly blend in each layer.

        It all worked out fairly well. Still there are so rough transitions, but over all pretty smooth. The ribs are not as visible as I initial feared. His shoulders are way over developed, kind of sad. Over wise a great mini.
              The war paint is not turning out to be what I had envisioned. I think this will be the last of the war paint. I feel like it is ruining the mini and all my work. One, my red is way off. It is far to bright red. Two it makes me think of the star wars bad guys. I will be revisiting the war paint or re painting his head skin.    
              There the black war paint is transparent. It looks as it should. My application and patterns are what is destroying the over all look.

Friday, May 17, 2013

20mm FoF Afghans and Africans

        These minis are Elheims'. Some are Africans and some Afghans. I grabbed minis from both ranges to put some eye candy on the table. Most importantly the African minis can pull double duty through the time period.
         The miniature are exactly what you expect from Elheim. Good detail with nice folds throughout the cloths. They were quick to paint. I did a piss poor job of cleaning them around their feet. Must have been drinking that night.
         Also I missed a few places were the dip pooled. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

20mm Navy SWCC operators

        I think they are wartime minis. Just can't remember, they had been kicking around for so long. I love the boonie hats and sunglasses.

       The camo pattern came out way too dark. The tan and pickle green is swallowed up by the darker colors and ink wash. Next time I will scale down the darker green. They will still work out as SFs.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Conquest Indians part II

         Dan Troiani's brushy Run hangs in my bedroom. The print is what I have always pictured in my head while reading the Wilderness War. This is the reason why I painted the jacket with the highlander green.

           I love this mini. The fact that the bastard picked the dead and wears the jacket as a trophy resonates with me. As soon as I saw him a had to clean and get him primed. Once I started, I could not put him down. Usually I painted 3 to 6 at a time. This time I was only rotating between two.

           I used all Foundry paints, P3 flesh wash, and Army Painter dark tone wash. His bag I choose to leave the bead work off, another equipment item picked. War paint was required for this badass. His hair I am going to have to came back and retouch. I did stick him to a 25mm GW round. He will be move over to a 40mm round to represent a leader/officer.

          The other mini in the rotation, the little girl or lady. Surprisingly it was this female mini. I never paint the chicas, because must female miniatures some pent up pervert's fantasy. Its just not me. How do I paint dresses? How does light Vs folds in cloth Vs body type effect color? I was intimidated.
           With any mini that I don't know what to do with I start chipping away, by blocking in the colors. Before I knew it, she was coming a long nicely. At that point I was zoned and hell bent to finish her.

           Same deal. All foundry paints with the exception of Vallejo for the hair and fresh. I used P3 fresh wash and GW's Gryphonne sepia on the face. The hair was washed with Army Painter's strong tone wash.

      Another thing I usually never do, unless a customer requests, is the eyes. The reason is at the distance and scale you would not know what color the eye were.
       It was raining and I was have a great painting day. The eyes started off primed with a dark tone wash. I then took a Vallejo light blue centering the pupil. A water down white for a reflection. Then black lined were the eye lashes would be with GW's Babad Black.

            The fierce Indian on the run, out to brain some one got very little attention. His shirt and leggings are in the final steps

Galloping Major's Rogers Rangers Characters Finished

          Finally based and sealed. They took me forever to finish. Then I had to wait 8 days for the rain and humidity to be right for the matte vanish. They got a standard double coat. This time I used GW's matte spray.
          The miniatures are impressive and I enjoyed painting them. So much so I ordered more Rangers and Civilians. On to the picture show!

Robert Rogers

Junior Officer "Old Puffy Face"

 Jacob. The famous Black Ranger.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Conquest Indians

The M&T craze is back. With Rogers' group leaving the painting table, I pulled out some more Indians. I switch from the rangers because of the indian in the Regular's coat. He is full of detail.

Also a little girl, or lady was found. Actually a bought a pile of them. She looks period and is loading a musket. Either way old girl won't be going down no indian trail without a fight. I don't know the manufacture, but I think she is 25mm. The top of her head just crests the shoulder of a Conquest Indian.
         A Conquest Indian running. I picked him out of the pile mainly because of the war club. Some one is getting brained!
         The standard method was used. They are primed P3 white. Then each gets a wash of army painter strong tone ink. I am at the next step in each picture blocking the base colors. After which I will start layering on the next color.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Galloping Major's Rogers' Rangers part IV

          A sick day. My voice is shot and my head is full of green-brown stuff. Perfect time to catch up on my minis. In advance apologize for not listing the paints used. I used a P3 wet palette and blending each layer on the fly. All were Foundry or P3 colors.

         I went with a dress uniform look. All the color pictures and art work depicted Rogers in a heroic light. I didn't find a fighting, on campaign example. Besides the mini will represent that heroic dude we love to read about and he is carrying his dress sword.

           The dress look gained him a white wig. The sword came out better than planned. Not too sure on the face. I will have to check him out in sun light. Otherwise I am very happy how he turned out. Mr. Rogers has been removed from the cork and based on a 40mm, 3mm MDF. I changed the procedure for basing my M&T forces. Now its a sand grit over all base, tuffs added, and finally the ADK fall theme.

          JO puffy face. He stayed on a GW 25mm round. 30mm didn't seem to make a lot of difference. Those puffy cheeks turned out great. He was a blast to paint, terrific mini!


  Jacob turned into a head ache. I painted his pants and face twice. His musket is almost the color of his hands. For all the effort in a sick man, I could not get his tomahawk looking proper. I even went and pulled out my reproduction. Which I made my wife hold as he was. Nothing would work today.