Thursday, December 31, 2020

2020 Yearly Plans and Goals "End of the year review"

This year was a mixed bag. Lots of highs and lots of lows. 
        I got armies painted. I got armies on the table. There were new players developed, old players introduced to the local group, games were hosted, and a pig roast tourney was hosted. 
        France, AdeptiCon, HistoriCon, and Fall In all got canceled. Along with all the vacations and cruises. Worst yet we lost dad.

Paint, Sell, and stop buying collections or armies.

        **** No buying terrain. Only painting what I have.
        **** No buy armies or collections.
        **** Sell off the dust collecting items

    This was a total failure. I did buy terrain. I bought 3D printed Epic buildings and trees. I did buy armies. 2 of them. But I did sell two armies. No collections bought. I sold off next to nothing.

Year's Goals


Build a Wargaming Table     Completed
Paint 1100+ Minis                  Completed
3D printing                             Completed
Tables                                      Fail

Painting Project Priority

1.) 10mm Ancients                      About half way
2.) 15mm ACW                           Delayed start, about a 3rd of the way
3.) Samurai                                  Never started

Secondary projects
Warmaster Chaos                         Sold
20mm Modern                             Full Afghan army
20mm Sudan Anglo-Egyptain     Never Started

Monday, December 28, 2020

Regimental Fire & Fury "December's efforts part VI"


40% of the Union horses. Just the horses, not the riders. The painting of all the straps is a giant black hole for time.

I found 3 cans at lowies and bought everyone.
On Monday morning I ordered more bases. I had only 100 Inf bases left, 2 " rounds, no 1" rounds, and I was out of 3/4". Which was a lie. I had 3/4s of a bag of 3/4" rounds. Now I got about 175 3/4s.

With bases in hand, dudes had to be glued down.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Xmas Booty.

    Books man Books and I got socks. owww a meat grindered too

Monday, December 21, 2020

Regimental Fire & Fury "December's efforts part V"


    Started this week with rebasing efforts Sunday morning while the girls were at church. 

    The Union Confederate Cav have been rebased. A long with the Confederate horse holders.

    The Southern Inf stands that need reflocking have been set a side.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Regimental Fire & Fury "The Wheat Field"


         The Wheat Field scenario straight out of the scenario book II. This is one of the few that do not take too many stands to play. My number of stands is raising rapidly. By next month I should be able to play any one of the scenarios and field enough stands for battles not covered by the books. 

        160 stands in total. Geo-Hex is giving us the 3d battlefield. The Wheat Field is a little too long. Also I am still sorting out the snake fencing. 

Confederate lines

Union lines

    Jeremy will be taking on the command of the Southern. I have the North.

    Here we see the Union's largest regiment in action, the 140th PA. Poor them. Every die went a against them. Two Southern stands sent 12 Union stands running from combat. The 140th had a plus 5 and rolled a 1. The Ga boys rolled a ten.

Friday, December 18, 2020

Regimental Fire & Fury "Vacation"


        Two groups are here. Those returning from work and those rebased at home. The guys getting rebased do not count toward the year's painted total. Both 10 and 15mm are helping me post big numbers this year. The are another 110 dudes here.

        Washing them all is pretty easy. The flocking and sealing take the most time. 
The rebased South
New Guns
Repainted South
Dismounted South
The end of the Iron Brigade and 1 Brave Southern Col

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Your Momma is a Sallie "Part XI"

        It has been a long time with no Sallie action. All by design. This year, in the back half I was to work on 15mm ACW and finish them. I had avoided the ACW like the plague. Yet I had to start and when I did. The Sallies took a seat.

         Not much. One Tactical detachment. All heavy and support weapons are meltas.

        A Vinnie and ??? Laser destroyer whatever. No flames!

Monday, December 14, 2020

Regimental Fire & Fury "December's efforts part IV"


Last week saw a lot of action. Dudes getting rebased. Dudes painted and some Sallies saw the love.
Union & Confederate Inf. Confederate Artillery & dismounted. Union Artillery & Iron Brigade Cmd.
Whirlwinds, Rhinos, Vinnies, Land Raiders, and INF. Then some base work.
I am off next week. One would hope everything will get sealed and flocked. Humidity will have to support those efforts.

Friday, December 11, 2020

Regimental Fire & Fury "December's efforts part III"


This week saw the Confederate Artillery and dismounted finishing. The Union Iron Brigade Cmd stands are ready for sealing and flocking. A bunch of Sallies also got some attention.
        I have to end Friday early. Next week I am off. Everything needs to be packed up and cleaned up for the next guy.