Sunday, June 28, 2020

30K Horus Heresy World Eaters "Demons"


And I thought I was done.

          30K isn't played by anyone I know. Maybe one dude from the New England group has an army. No one else seems overly interested. There were never painted to actually play 30K. The models were lovely and I had some of the Italian's wonders.
          In the past I used my 30K Eaters as 40K Eaters. Using them as 40K Eaters present a problem. I never bought, painted, or created any demons, or Khorne related stuff. Sucks to be me in too ways. The original Khorne stuff is at a premium. Second, the original stuff is terrible. Everything looks out of place, covered in skulls, and not very pleasing to the eye.

CoolMiniOrNot - Cannon of Khorne by Papy_truc

   Lets use the Doom cannon or Cannon of Khorne as an example. It looks like a giant ancient Chinese cannon. The thing rides on medieval wooden wheels. It appears to be powered by stream. WTF? Who approved the design at GW?

         What is one to do? Print your ass off or go buy expensive toys. I did a little of both. I got some Italian Juggernauts from the Primarch Sale. Along with Khorne assault engines and a Lord of battle. The original stuff in the sale was fairly priced. The Italian stuff was pricy.
         The demons are getting printed. Why because the original ones are huge and look like shit. They dudes must be 20mm tall! 3 times as big as a primarch. The guys I am printing are 10mm tall. All were found for free and scaled down from 28mm. I rotated them 5 degrees off true and printed them standing. The heads are printed seperately.
         I need 16 stands, 48 dudes. With a full build plate, I can get 10 per print cycle. Each cycle is about 18 hours. Some dudes broke during support removal. 6 stands are complete, 10 to go
Image may contain: shoes, table and food

        Of course I needed more bases. OO SmoothOn rubber.
Image may contain: food

Then there was 100ml of rubber left over. It is only half full. As long as you do not spray mold release the next pour of rubber will stick to the first.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Terrain boards, Cons, and the Future part VI

         A6 is finished. A reflection pool was added to the court yard. The roof for the double at the joint was screwy. It got covered with Satcomms. The single Librariums can be removed and parks put in their place.
A5 was completed. All parts are from GamesCraft Minis.
 The space, that triangle of grey will be filled in by a road tile. I need to cut one to fit.

A7 is finished. Both the Censorium and Administratum buildings are removable. There is no pavement, little squares, where the Administartum sits.
The grey space to the left is A/C2. The grey spaces above are A/B1 & A/B2. Those 3 are next.
One 2 x 2 tile (A) is complete. Tile B is next. It only need two insert built. I will be working B & C together.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Frec Epic World Eaters Vs Orks 3500 points

         I was scheduled to cover an engineer's vacation. He canceled it just before going. So I will sit idle all month. Most the other guys are working from home or off for the summer. Best time to get some games in!
        2nd test game was yesterday against Todd. He was willing to help me prep for the IWC in Lyon. We are playing the 3500 points for the tourney. The changes I made from the 1st list are;
* Dropped the illegal Terminator detachment
* 1 Hell Blade for a Hell Talon
* Dropped the Assault detachment and the Brass Scorpion
* Added Berzerker detachment with Rhinos, Supreme Command, & Stalker

Today's list;
Berserkers, Lord of War, Icon Bearer, Rhinos, Stalker  450
Berserkers, Icon Bearer 300
Berserkers, Icon Bear, Dreadclaw 350
Terminators (6), Demon Prince, Icon Bearer 400
Terminators (4) Icon Bearer 225
Predators, +2  275
Cannons of Khorne (6) 325
Demons (8) 175
Demons (8) 175
Greater Demon 200
Hell Blades 200
Hell Talons 225
Spacecraft 200

His list;

        I garrisoned the walking Berserkers just out of charge range and behind the hill in front of the dudes above.

        The Space craft will come two 2. The detachment of 4 terminators teleported. They took 1 blast marker. Summoned a detachment of 8 demons. I won the initiative. The demons failed activation, re-roll. Orks on overwatch shot the demons. The Orks hit something and I failed every single save. Demons break and the detachment is destroyed per Frec rules.
        I retain and charge the terminators. They bounce! Great start to turn one.
         By the end of turn one. I was pretty much whole, with the exception of the predators and a lost Hell Blade on exit. Everything Rallied. Todd's Commandos, and both Storm Boys were below half. The commandos and one storm boy failed to rally.

End of turn 1

Turn 2
        The spacecraft, Dreadclaw, & Terminators came. Terminators took 2 blast markers on teleport. I won initiative. Terminators charge the Ork tanks, eliminating them. They broke from casualties from the assault.
  The Orks went after the Cannons of Khorne. 4 were KIA and broke.

The Spacecraft missed. The Dreadclaw threw blast markers everywhere. The Stormy that rallied were broke again. I retained, summoned the Greater Demon, and engaged the garrisoned Boys in the center. I lost 4 Berserkers and gutted the boys.
 The Ork BTS went after the first teleported terminators and broke them. I started stacking BMs on the Ork BTS
My BTS went after the Ork buggies and cleared them out.
End of turn 3. 
         The Orks were shattered. Everything was broken with the exception of the BTS, Stormbots, Fighters, and Mechanized Boys. The Commandos, Stormboys, and Tanks failed to rally. Everything failed to rally for the Orks. This is what seal their fate. Only my Predators failed to rally.

Turn 3
           Orks win the initiative. The Mechanized Orks engage my BTS. Orks take BTS and Take and Hold! Orks retain with the Fighters. They fail and fail the re-roll.
         My 2nd teleported terminators engage the Ork mechanize. Todd moves into base to base losing Take and Hold. Terminators are eliminated. I retain with the garrisoned berserkers, engage the BTS. World Eaters take BTS and Blitz.
         Ork Storm Boys march for Take and Hold. The Orks are out of activations. Dread claw berserkers move for Take and Hold. The Hell Talon break the storm boys.

3 - 1

World Eaters  Blitz, BTS, Take and Hold
Orks   BTS

Monday, June 22, 2020

3D printing part III

         This beast runs 24-7. I had a few mis prints. All due to the build plate being level. The plate is secured by a set screw into a ball joint. Which is easy to level. Yet if you get a print that does not pop right off, you can apply enough force to shift the ball joint. Every time I a print that does not stick I re-level the plate.
         I had one other print failure. The whole print area cured. The FB group had the solution. My file had gotten corrupted. I pulled the thumb drive, re sliced, and it printed.
        No more IPA. I don't use it. Some youtube clown said this stuff was the best. He was right. Nothing removes liquid resin easier. Once you dip your print the uncured resin start to behave like liquid Mercury. Little balls are formed.
        I use a primary and secondary wash followed by a clean water ultrasonic bath.
I printed up some speeders for Kal, legion marines, assault marines, and now demons, blood letters.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Frec Epic World Eaters Vs Death Watch 3500 points

          I am going to the IWC in Lyon, France this November. The French group found a team for me to join. I will be playing with Hannibal, La Duc, & Casinius. They are play Eldar, Imperial Guard, Marines, and needed a Chaos player. I will be taking World Eaters.
         The French group is like any other. They have there own lists and adjustments to the core rules. I spent a day or so translating and studying the list. Any questions I had were answered very quickly.
        There is not a lot of difference between the US and French World Eaters lists. The Predators & Vindicators have RA, only one type of minor demon, 2 types of summoning, and terminators are cheaper.

        Kal hosted this time. It is only fair. He always comes up to my house or the game store. His house is about 50 minutes away. An easy drive through the county. He is the army champion for the Death Watch list development. We play 3500 points Vs our normal 3000 as the IWC is 3500. Al use his 500 additional points to take Bikes and Speeders.

My list;
Berzerkers, Icon Bearer, Dreadclaw
Khorne Assault
Terminators, Lord, Icon Bearer
Terminators, Demon Prince, Icon Bearer (BTS)
Terminators (0-2 limit exceeded)
Major Demon
Cannon of Khorne
Predators +2

Kal's list;
3 Blackstars with 5 Veterans
3 Backstairs with 5 Veterans
Tactical Veterans with Rhinos
Tactical Veterans with Rhinos
6 Blackshields with rhinos and a dreadnought (BTS)
Warrior Acolytes with chimeras
Warrior Acolytes with chimeras
Land Speeders Tornados
Thunder Bolts

         12 activations straight up. Kal's terminators and Blackstar were off board. My 2 terminators were off board. 9 activation to 10. I brought on a Demon detachment when teleporting for 11 activations turn one. Al won turn 1 and 2 initiative. My demon detachment was shot off. The terminators broke on his retain. I failed to retain with the dreadclaw. My BTS failed to activate.  Turn one looked like this was going to be a shit show.
         I canned my gold dice and continued on with the red.  Kal kept the Blackstars to turn 2 and 3. My Teleported BTS shook off a double retain and broke Kal's BTS. The Predators came in and finished the job. The activation advantage was rough end of turn 2. At the end of 3 the World Eaters had 5 activation uninterrupted.

World Eaters win 3-0 BTS, T&H, and Biltz

Pictures are not in order and I continue to forget to take pictures.

Lessons Learned;
* I forgot every time to summon demons prior to charging. 3 times
* When a demon detachment breaks, they go back to the warp.
* I should take a Sup Cmd.

Summoning was a problem. I thought I understood it. I had a copy of the translation with me. The questions from the game were;
* Is there a difference in summoning a greater demon Vs minor demon detachment during teleporting?
**** No. Both land within 15cm of the Icon Bearer
* Can only minor demons be summon while on the table? (not teleporting) Are there points toward summon demons, like in our system?
**** You pay for them and pick what you want.
* The Demon detachment arriving, with the teleporting Terminator detachment, does not roll for teleporting mishap?
**** No