Sunday, March 29, 2020

Containment "Lock Down Work" part II

        Last night was going to be game night. My mate said his mother inlaw may have the plague. She got tested, no result. Still he believes they were contaminated. No Force on Force.
        Dog walking I ran into another preacher dude walking his dog. He is interested in wargaming. He said he would call for a demo.
 A lot going in in this mess. No focus just getting stuff done.
       Back to painting and building. Nothing else to do. I mowed the yard. Then shot the bunnies and squirrels. The little bastards were eat my flowers.
       The last of the 20mm buildings got finished. 20mm police, EOD, and medics. I started on the cars and technicals. Epic is always there in the back of my mind calling me. The IFs got another Devastator detachment and started to look at the AT buildings.

         The OCP came out wicked dark. Maybe I failed to mix the final wash properly?
Pjs or Navy Docs
 Navy EOD
SWAT breachers

 Imperial Fists Devastators

         Finally back into painting 10mm. There are a few more units on the table to complete. Then I have to count up and see what is needed to get an army on the field.

Numidian or Cartho citizen spearmen

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Containment "Lock Down Work" part I

        Just like everyone else the plague has us on lock down. Work is semi closed, but I don't do jack anyways. The only issue is I can not force myself to get behind the brush to do ancients. Any thing but ancients!
         Onward to that which is getting done. Force on Force is getting the balk of the attention. Mostly because I played a game in which I couldn't find things. Which resulted into finding stuff to do.

4 more 20mm MDF buildings.

20mm African Government forces

Downed pilots
Scout Sniper team

Makeshift barriers. A truck and trash. School bus and trash.

Japanese house

Trees, bamboo.

         36 Nappy trees got based flocked and sealed. 17 pine and 19 leaf type dudes. 9 stand of bamboo. They are a twice too tall for the 10mm Japanese.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

InHouse gaming table part IV

         I was 230 in. The wood and hardware purchased was 120. I also got cup holders for the sides 24 buck. The drills battery died, 40. Today the total stands at 414.
         Next will be the 2nd half's storage. I have all the wood. I only need to buy a set of rails. Then if another set of draws pops up for nothing I would pick that up. That is only if.

Cup holders! 

         Off table drink placement is a must. Ever since the days of Danger Planet and the rule of no drinks on the tables. The rule has become a commandment. 6 feet Under has cup holders on their tables. I used their tables as a guide for mine. So same cup holders!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Trees and other stuff purchased

        The trees are from Nappy. The medium and small ones are perfect original Epic size. You have to buy the whole bag to get them. 15 a bag ain't so bad.

       The eBay palms needed repairs from ColdWars. The taller palms are for FOF. I got them a million years ago.

More Stuff

All is from Cold Wars. I thought I had lost it all. It disappeared. Then magically I found them. When I cleaned out my car. Soon dummy!
The resin Camel Korps. I had wanted these bums since they came out. They were sky high upon release. Now it seem they can't be sold. Both boxes were 40% off.

        More rice paddies. They will be added to the Japanese/Samurai table plans. 5 paddies for 7. I will most likely be buying more.
No I don't need more rivers. I do need this size. Now I am done with rivers. truly done

Monday, March 23, 2020

1st game on the new table

I ain't scared of no plague!

        I can't believe it either. Force on Force! Man that stuff has been in storage since NY. I think the last time I played was 2014. I bought a collect of US Desert Storm dudes in 2017. The collection was unpacked, cleaned, and restored. Other than that, nothing. 
        It was a rough start. I had forgotten how to count defense dice, Moral checks, confidence checks. I had no problem with reactions. But I did take the book to bed with me. Next to Epic this is my favorite to play. 

        Jeremy and the family came over. Pizza and game night. The girls did girl stuff. Jeremy, his boy, and me were wargaming. The boy a total of 5 years old performed better than expected. He plays the Star Wars fighter game with his dad. He ran the Blackhawk and Rangers. As the game got deep into the metal hitting the meat, he got bored. One day the boy will be a War Gamer!
        No scenario. This was Jeremy's 1st putting with Force on Force. The terrain and objectives were set to teach the mechanics of the FoF. We focused on movement, reactions, and cover. How to count dice for attack and defense.
        No pictures cause I suck. Jeremy said he enjoyed Force on Force. He is also not doing shit and wants to play again.

       The 1st game in a long time got me digging through the mountain. I knew there was more stuff around. But Where? I found more than I remembered having. Two boxes full of unbuilt houses. A box of Technicals and Afghans. A box of up armored Russian SUVs. I started building the houses.
       The houses/buildings are GamesCraft MDF. They are easy enough to do. Super easy to assemble and paint up. All the buildings over there look like shit anyways. Not a lot of effort to paint. So they are first.

The last 4 MDF buildings getting the tabs filled in with wall paste. After it dries I will sand them smooth.
        Two of the rare resin buildings he did. A shop and the same building blown up. They have buried since 2014.
      This resin one, I don't know where it came from. It is from someone's Africa series. As you see it is exactly how it has been since I got it. I refused to paint it. I couldn't get an idea of how I wanted it.
       These are the first two done. The square dude is foam core not MDF. I would never purchase a foam core again! it is extra shity.