Friday, March 29, 2019

AdeptiCon 2019 Day Two

        There were clowns lined up 2 hours early just to buy Forge World stuff. Two hours before the doors opened.

        A few cool tables we found. All desert of course.

         The first time out for the Nids. 4000 points Vs 2000 of Orks and Eldar. Elder are a bad match up. They just floated away on their magical unicorn dust. I will need a lot of practice.

        After that we got a demo of "Tentacle Town." What a game!!! Not available for purchase. It kickstarters in April. Would have bought it on the spot. It is a game you can play with your kids that doesn't suck the life out of you. You could play it multiple times, the way kids do. You could even play it with your mates, breaking balls and smashing beers.

        That ain't going to be me. Stand in that line early. Nor was I willing to stand in the all day line 40yards deep. GW & FW had two, count them two clowns running the check out over Wifi.

        We showed up around 12:30. While scoping out the vendor hall and playing demos, I checked even to see if the "big black book 8" was even available. It was. What, stand in that line? Those punters can suck it. 

         I walked up, picked a chump, and paid him 20 to buy the book for me. Then waited for his turn to check out which was next. Scored  Malevolence in less than 10 minutes of my time.

         A pick up game, Tomb Kings Vs High Elves. It would have been a primer for tomorrows tourney, but the dragon got smashed last night. This was a grudge match. I still lost but it wasn't the beating I took last year.

       We returned to the demo tables. All sad sorry games this time. A giant robot smash them up, way too Japanese cartoony. A WWII skirmish, you can't beat BoltAction. A pirate ship game, Sails of glory is better.
       Infinity was a shining star. The action/re-action phase is simple when compared to Force on Force. If you can see you shoot, duck back/dodge, or move. The minis have a D&D list of characteristics that slows play. They should have stolen the quality dice idea.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

AdeptiCon 2019 Day One

        GPS said 11.2 hours. We left at 2:15 and got here before 1 (east coast time). We stopped 4 times in total. Once just to gas, once for gas/atm/food/pee, and twice to pee. 8 old year, VV, was riding with me. Yet she is not your average 8er. Poor her has been traveling with me all over the world since forever. One well oiled machine.

        The MDX got about 24mpg. Not so bad under high speed transit packed with lead. The Tolls! The Tolls! Sweet Jesus 70 dollars. We will ride 80 all the way back. Hopefully avoid half the tolls. And Indiana is a self check out that gives you change in coins. I was fishing coins for change of a 20.
        Midnight drive through Chicago was a breeze. So much easier than the 1st AdeptiCon's 3pm drive. The city almost looks peaceful. Still more people are shot here daily than Baghdad.
         We are at the HI Express just down the street, pass the over pass. Its a pretty shitty Express. Yet the Walmart down the street sells hard liquor! Game On.

          We showed up and helped them load the Swag Bags. 2ish hours of work earned us 30 beans in food tickets and early sign up for next year. The Swag bags sucked this year. In years past we got stuff you wanted and a bag packed with vendor goodies.

The Premium Swag bag. I will sell everything. Only keeping the Cruel Seas boats.

         The line for badges! This is line number two. The line for regular old badges and small swag bag. It has to be 150ish yards long. The 1st line was VIG and that was 2000 deep plus volunteers. By the start of the GW lecture of flashy fancy new shit (8:30ish), VIG could walk right up no wait.

         The GW show lecture was a shit show for their web tv thing. It was packed full as always, standing room only. At least this year they used a big enough room. When I say shit show. They would stop and replay the video or presentation to get the proper cheering/yelling and orkish screams. We cut out of that dumpster fire, right after here is our special mini just for you and this is next year's.

       I played two games with VV. House rules zombie, super hero home brew. It keeps her engaged, feeling included. It is more some she gets the feel of mini gaming. The general steps to get through a turn, closing what is going to to what, and goals for the game.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The road to AdeptiCon 2019

        I spent half the day packing armies and terrain. Also I will be selling off or trying to sell off the last of the 40k stuff. Bunch of old codex, Blue 609th guard army, and the RT guard. The last minute load out will be the cooler. Dew, scotch, sandwiches, and roady snacks. And a few CAO cigars.

        This year I will be playing Nids and Imperial Fists. In the Warmaster tourney Tomb Kings of course. Never got the samurai ready. I am bring four tables for Warmaster and Epic. The Warmaster Egytain desert, GW Desert, rolling hills, and fields table. The Epic Fw table, both desert tables, and a forest table.

     The car is loaded.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

AdeptiCon 2019 and Epic Nids

         The road to AdeptiCon. 4 days away! We will be driving out Tuesday afternoon. It is about 11 hours. Towards the end of the school day I will grab VV. She will miss school Wednesday - Friday. The drive at night will be easy for her and me. At some point she will pass out and I will get to listen to podcasts. And there will be no more pee breaks every couple of hours. Then we can sleep in Wednesday morning.

         Saturday is the Net Epic event. 3 independent games. The TO went with 3 games instead of a tourney to hopefully increase attendance. Last year people were conflicted, had to chose Epic or something, and did not want to piss way one day with Epic.
         I have shelved the Tau. My mates are sick of playing them. The Tau were the only army I had available while my stuff was in storage. Poor bastards faced Tau for 5+ years. Out of the 8ish armies available, I chose the Tyranids. They are rarely seen on the table. Mine have been in a box since I bought them. It may take all year to be able to effectively field them.

         There are two rules I did not have a clue about (both on page 35) tunnelers and expendables. Tunnelers are basically a cheesy self planet fall. Expendables just don't add blast markers.

          I know nothing about the Nids. Once or twice I have played against them. The only mini I can recognize is Genestealers. So what is one to do? I broke out the old school Nids book. Between the catalog in the back and HeavyMetal painting section, I was able to study what was what.

         It appears two or three people independently designed the army. One third looks like sea creatures, another looks like the Space Hulk Genestealers, and the last bit a cheap combination of both.

        In the collection is a fully painted army. I got it many years ago along with an IG Army. (Chris something or other sold off his collection) There seem to be a butt load of them. It is bigger than my Tau army. Hopefully there are enough. I am not buying more or repainting any of it.
         Now I need to count this mess and see what kind of list I can make.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

General Terrain "Bridges"

        I think maybe they are old glory. I got them 7 years ago. Finally broke them free of their boxes. All were sprayed Home Depot light grey. Dry brushed dark grey, Stone grey, and another stone-ish color. Nothing fancy.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

NetEpic Armageddon at Cold wars

I went 2-1 over all. Zero pictures were taken.
      First game was Orks with special mission Strike. This one went pretty much as planned. I won 4-2.
      The 2nd Game was fixed. This was the other special mission. In it you had to hold objectives. The pre plan for this mission went exactly as planned. I had Brady's Iron Warriors. Earlier we got a primer in at 6 feet under. I knew his list and what to expect. The only change was a larger Artillery detachment and all dreads in the drop. The game was over at the end of turn one. We played two as a mopping up action and never played 3. 
          Not playing turn 3 was a mistake. Those turn 3 points were points towards tourney placement. I was not thinking of the tourney. I was thinking about my mate having to suffer my bullshit for another turn. So we called it. Some how I ended up playing for first.
     Game 3 was standard tourney gaming  I lost to Andy for 1st place. Another Tau player. (he won last year) Our armies differ in Inf Vs Armor. Both rail gun heavy. I think we were even activation wise. Andy's Tau had superior range and mobility. I was found lacking. It took 4 detachments to get his BTS. My right flank Path Finders failed every activation for the game. I got BTS. Andy had TSNP, DTF and T&H. 1-3
the "69-er"

Some Tau dirty tricks. 

     Surrounding enemy units with recon forces or scouts develops an enveloping action which upon breaking the enemy means they auto kill.

     Pathfinders have the sniper ability. Which is a -1 and you can pick out a target. Using sniper and the crossfire ability you can place a double negative on the supreme commander's save. This usually means of the supreme commander is smoked.

     Stealth suits in a double envelopment where both teleport in and surround the enemy will cause them to break by the disrupt ability once they break they can not escape and are eliminated.

So this is the end of my Tau days. I am moving on. My mates are sick of facing them over and over again for the past 4ish years. Next I will be bring out the Nids and World Eaters. See ya at AdeptiCon.