Sunday, March 10, 2019

Warmaster Weekend "Hills"

        All of these are relics from storage. I am 95% sure this will be the ground cover for a Japanese or Samurai table. Woodland Scenics Fine burnt grass tuff with Brown fine dirt. (1:3 ratio). The rocks a simple otter brown prime, heavy dry brush craft paint tan, light dry brush craft paint white.

         The last one is in bad light. Terrible picture. Two different static grasses, dead green and late green with wild tuffs and torn up grass mat. Its a test run. The whole hill will need mounting to MDF. It is way too flexible.

Lastly I had to pack or stage the terrain for Cold Wars. Some bastard blew his back out. And now I got to work. Of course the week before the tourneys, SOB!! 4 Tables worth for Warmaster. 1 Fur grassland, 1 old school forest mat, 1 GW high desert, 1 old school desert mat. Its all villages, fields, rivers, hills. 
For the Epic Tourney, the FW table, desert, drop zone, and old school green mat are staged.

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