Monday, March 4, 2019

Warmaster Weekend "Rehabbing Fields" part II

          4 Fields done. There are 5ish more to rehab. 4 of those 5 are packed in a box somewhere.

          First two where from the bargain basement sale. Teddy bear fur glue to MDF with hot glue kitty litter walls. The old clump and kitty litter was stripped. Next time I will soak my clump in glue before building the hedges. They took forever to dry.
          Sadly the fancy upgrades, trees, make them too tall for their old storage box. I need to come up with a new way to store/transport them.

Next two from Battlefield Terrain Concepts.
          The resin was cleaned in the usual fashion. The whole thing primed Home Depot Otter brown. The rocks coated dark german grey, dry brushed stone grey. The dirt part dry brushed brown and tan .99 cent craft paint. The whole thing very lightly dry brushed white. The field parts are grass mats from Scenic Express. The mats are a good deal 12 x 24 and you cut or tear to fit. The Tuffs are left overs (tuff box) from other projects.

The last of the 3 margin basement sale is still WIP. I actually have to go to work.

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