Friday, May 31, 2019

Epic Minigeddon rules


          A fun, fast and furious way to play and learn Epic Armageddon by fighting scaled down battles 1000 points

          Battlefield: 80cm x 120cm (Deployment on the short board edge) 

          Scenario: Grand Tournament with the following restrictions:


     1 blitz and 1 Take and Hold objective which must be placed at least 20cm from each other. To control an objective a unit must be within 10cm of it’s centre instead of 15cm
Goal changes:
     Defend the flag (control the 2 objectives on your side instead of 3) Take and Hold (control the enemy objective - not the blitz)
     All others the same

Rule changes:

Only 1 garrison formation may be placed on overwatch instead of 2 Rally tests: -1 to rally if enemy within 20cm instead of 30cm

400 points maximum for a formation

Max of 4 pieces of terrain

Forbidden formations:

Space units (including free planetfall and drop pods) Avatar 

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Selling my Epic Steel Legion

       I have never played with them. Nor do I ever think I will play with them. I have no interest in IG. The majority of the army came in a collection from a dude in Atlanta. I painted some of it. There is only one special character. The commissar dude from the Armageddon Wars. I would like 400.

3 Tank Companies
6 Bassies
3 Hydras
3 Manticores
3 Demolishers
3 Heavy morters
3 hell hounds
3 shadow swords
1 Plasma baneblade
2 baneblades
4 heavy weapon positions
8 sentinels
1 SC stand
2 orgyn stands
1 ratling
3 commissar
1 commissar hero
39 steel legion stands

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Palm Trees and wall sections.

All multiple purpose terrain. Everything can be used from 10mm to 20mm.

        Trying to finish up the endless repairs and side projects. This past weekend saw the old European walls get the love. They were poorly storage and packed. I don't think they were out for more than 3 games total. Most looked pretty bad, paint chip, and sections damaged. Normally I will just fix what is worked and move on. These were stripped, a complete redo.

        The palm trees tacked back down. Then only reflocked and highlighted.

Sunday, May 26, 2019


        I have stuff. Not unpainted lead tuff, completed stuff all over the place. Everything is in boxes to travel to Cons or in the boxes from storage. The item traveling do wear. As I have been repairing them, tossing them back into a crap box doesn't seem right. While I have been looking for something proper to keep them in, they are stacked in-between packing material.
        It has been a good week for securing wargaming storage. My wife picked these from the trash. Surprise, surprise they were clean and undamaged. Not exactly stackable, but liquid nail fixes that.

         Then there is this crazy couple that buy collections. Mostly stuffed animals from big game hunters. No tiger skin rug yet. In the last collection came with steel part drawers. The short ones new are like 2k. I got mine for 300.
        Over time I will unpack and store the massive amount of terrain still boxed up. 

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Adeptus Titanicus Commission appears

        Last year I handed off my killer robots to be painted. There is a disabled Vet who paints for extra coin. It is not that she took too long. Our schedules never matched up. They had been done since AdeptiCon.
        She charged me next to nothing. The paint job is not showcase. But then I don't really care. No way I would ever finish them or paint them.

I have not played yet and don't know if I will. There are so many other games that have my attention and free time is not unlimited.

Friday, May 24, 2019

30K Horus Heresy World Eaters "Termies" part II

         The termies continue being a pain. I fought with the arms. I lost some during the process. Then knock two off while highlighting. They are time vacuums. After this I am switching to armor.

World Eaters Bare Metal         = 314
World Eaters Armor Based     = 25
World Eaters Based                 = 38
Detachments Completed         = 8
Objectives                               = 3

Thursday, May 23, 2019

10mm "Samurai Ashigaru" and the Japanese horse.

All minis are from Castle Arts. They are closed. Pendraken has purchased the rights. The building will get done. They are hoping to redo their line of minis or give up and use the Castle Arts. Pendraken is planning to restart the line this year. Maybe?  One day?
        Mounted Samurai, yes of course. Samurai Cavalry???? No such thing. The horses were too small. Samurai were too heavy. They didn't fight in mass horse flesh charge.  The horse could not run,  it could bearly jog for short distances.

Traditional Japanese Horse
My head next to its head. I am bent over. At 5'10" the horse stood about Chest high. The horse's head is only twice as big as a human head.
        Yet I think I am stuck basing them out as Cavalry. Originally I was going to do them as mounted Infantry. A few horse dudes with retainers. But there is no way WM revolution community will swallow a non cavalry army. So I will do 2 (6 bases) units of Cavalry. Only two because Samurai armies had only about 5-8% Mounted Samurai in them. (10%-15% total Samurai throughout an army.) A 20 break army would give you 1 unit.
         You get enough for 3 stands. No leaders, no banners.

        This time through there was no flash. Very fine casting. The only item to trim is the support for the spear. The bottom of each was sanded flat with 400. I carry a piece in my travel kit on the bottom.
        You see the dog hangs out with me, in my painting room. That crap gets all over. I don't want him breathing it or licking it from his paws. So I do all my metal/resin sanding in the hotel room.

        Once flat they get stuck to sticks. With a flat bottom they stick well enough to travel. I will paint each sticks horse the same color. Then mix and match when basing.


        I have been traveling with them for a while. Since before the Cold Wars and AdeptiCon. Never could get at finishing them. Of course as soon as I unpack them, I get the call to go again. I was only able to sticker the banners. 
        Regular old printer sticker paper, nothing special. The stickers are far easier than transfers. Every now and then you get a flier. One side won't stick. A little super glue and a toothpick gets it back down.

       Once home the last two stands were finished. Everyone got sealed and touched up. The broken spear tip glued back on and flocked.

        Man I am slow. These are units 3 and 4. I thought I had more done.

       I am using MIG "dry ground" as basing paste with brown ink mixed in for a proper color. Any flat land during the period would have been farm land. As wealth came from rice production, no Lord would miss out on a single Koku of rice. Rice is grown in water. So just about everyone would be in mud.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

10mm Terrain "Cheery Blossom trees"

         Himeji Castle Japan. One of the few originals that made it through the war. We bombed the rest. 

        I was never in Japan for the Cherry Blossoms, nor DC. At the old house in NY I had Cherry Blossom trees. You think of these amazing pink trees. In art/cartoons/pictures they are super pink. They are more white than pink. From a distance and grouped together they do appear more pink.
        My trees will be deep pink. Because that is more what you expect to see.

         I am using JTT scenic 95591. They are cotton plants/trees. You get 36 in one set for about 9-12 bucks shipped. All white dudes that will get hit with the airbrush to create the blossoms. I am using ghost tint "magenta."

         I will got another 2 sets for 18 shipped. 25 cents a tree? The pink will vary in darkness across the sets. I will mix them together for a Anceint Japanese table.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

30K Horus Heresy World Eaters "Termies"

         Some Termies, not a full detachment. Each arm is separate. They are difficult to attach and traveling with them causes arms to pop off. They take a bit longer to get through. Not that the painting is challenging. The arms man, the arms, piss me off.

3 completed
 3 for WIP

        I have started on big loco himself. no pic. And prep up the next 8 bases

I will count them for the yearly total once a detachment is completed.

World Eaters Bare Metal         = 334
World Eaters Armor Based     = 25
World Eaters Based                 = 32
Detachments Completed         = 7
Objectives                               = 3