Saturday, November 30, 2019

OJP Short Weeks part 2

On the Job Painting

Tuesday & Wednesday

          I finished the Samurai dudes. 4 sticks of Ashigaru, 2 sticks of peasants, 1 of monks, and one of Ronin.
        I did not bring enough bases in my kit. I will be sealing, basing, and flocking for weeks now.
         Monk & peasants. 3 more ronin off to the side.
         Carthaginian Vets got based last minute.

No picture
         All the World Eater armor and fliers are completed.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

OJP "Short weeks" part 1

On the Job Painting

        This customer gives us an office at this site. The local dude is off for the short week. Just about everything is completed here for the week. I quick took over the local guys desk. All his stuff is piled on the floor. I took a picture, he'll never know I moved anything. Which doesn't really matter. I trained him years ago and painted at my desk back then. I even got him into Force on Force while he was training with me.

        I have World Eater armor and bases, Samurai, Carthaginians, and Macedonians with me. Sunday night was all prep work. I cleaned the Mac's phalanx. Two bags of Old Glory Macs, mounted to sticks. Each stick is a base.

       One bag was labeled command, but was not. All standard dudes. Old Glory's are classic strip based 10mm dudes. About 2 units per bag. One had to be chipped off for basing 20mm/short end. (Warmaster bases) 4 strips equal one base. 9 bases or 3 units out of two bags with extras. The extras being the dudes clipped off and 1 set of 4 strips. In total you could get another unit of 3 base.

        3 baggies of Cartho got cleaned. All Magister Militia one command bag, one unarmored citizen spearmen, and one armored spearmen. One got mounted to sticks

         Monday; All the World Eater armor got blocked in. All the bases were completed. I finished the Carthaginian/Hannibal's Veterans. The Vets were the biggest sink hole for time. I washed all the samurai. Also the sphinx from Fall In were completed.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

HMGS' Fall In The loot

        This year I had self-control. Not one, zero 20mm Sudan items bought. Zero from the basement sale. This year was poor allotment of junk. Maybe one guy's 15mm ACW at a buck a stand. But an 8 year could paint better. I got 3 books. Two desert buildings and another box of rice paddies all were 40% off!!! Two little baggies of Sphinx.
House and paddies

Mig Pencils

AT counters and 3rd party stuff was all ordered prior and pick up this weekend.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Road Warrior

Back on the road. Another soap sandwich trip. They requested training and can not find time in the schedule for the training. Over half of the day I am free. And it snowed. No snow brush, but at least I remembered a jacket.

I got back Sunday around noon and had to leave early Monday morning. Sadly coming right out of Fall In, I had no time to prep minis for the trip. Only 4 sticks of samurai were ready. Being stuck with what has been kicking around for years. I do have stuff I can prep while out.

Monday was cleaning and mounting more samurai. I got a ton of forumware at Fall In. All that got cleaned and assembled. The khorne world Eater bikes were finally painted. More Juggs got blocked in.

Tuesday was World Eater blue and engines on a THawk and the giant transport thing. The Carthro that have been looking for love got washed.

Wednesday I paint all the spear shafts, spear tips, and banner poles. The samurai Yami everything but faces. I started to mount up some Macs and one command stand. Painted a 20mm werewolf.

Today I finished the samurai and mounted, the Juggs, and werewolf. All the Macs I had painted were mounted and touched up. I put some more time on the THawk. The Carthro dudes got skin, armor highlights, actually everything but the shields.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Net EA at HMGS' Fall In World Eaters UK AAR

        I played against Karl's Steel Legion in the first game. After turn 4 it went to points. I won 1225 to 1100. I could only take DTF all game. Karl hard nothing but contested objectives.

        The 2nd game was against Coach's Black Legion. This was the best game. I got slaughter 2-0. Blitz, TSNP. At the end of turn 2 my juggs, BTS, daemon engine retinue, artillery were all broken. They all failed to rally. I was ready to call it. He had me 4 - 0. He wanted to continue. Coach failed to kill my BTS and then moved off of T&H and DTF.
         How we got to that point is he tellied in his BTS. I jumped on the bait. Turn two he bombed, dropped, and tellie right on to those units killing the Last stand or so of the BTS.
         Coach is a great dude and we were ball breaking the whole time.

        Game 3 was against Lou's Blood Angels. In the middle of turn two he quit. The Juggs slammed into a unit and wiped it. He said he was done.
        This has only happen one other time. At AdeptiCon with the old Tau Riptide list. I hate to see someone said fuck it and pick up their toys. Its not fair. I owe him an apology! This is the last time I will play the UK list. I will have to find another list to use the World Eaters in.

Game 1

SC reroll

I can roll some ones
Game 2

 Game 3

Monday, November 18, 2019

Warmaster at HMGS' Fall In Samurai After Action report

        I took the Revolution Samurai draft 2 trial list.
4 Ashigaru Yari
4 Ashigaru Tempo
4 Ronin
4 Samurai
4 Samurai Cavalry
2 Ninja
1 Shogun
2 Daimyo
1 Shugenja

          I won one and lost two. First game was against dwarfs. They resilient and the cannon put the Sammy in a tough spot. You don't have a counter to artillery. It is just hide in terrain and weather it. The Ninja created all sorts of problems. They did little if anything, other than draw unit away.
         The second game was rats? I don't remember much, but I won. Maybe too much Sake.
         The third game was against Dogs of War. The Ronin were the stars. Lucky I had no command problems with them. The Ronin hit the pikemen and pushed them into impassable terrain. Again the guns chewed me up. It came down to a half break each. I would lose that half in a locked combat in his next turn. I sent everything, including the shogun, to kill a unit down a stand. And the dice went straight to the shit.
         Looking back now, I completely failed to play the Shogun rule.


Ninja  3/1  15cm  3  6+  70 points and the Infiltrate special rule

         The Ninja are a great tool. I think you have to take two. The threat of them causes line units to be place in defense of artillery and refusing the flank, rear guard actions. Once on the table the -1 to command penalty create havoc.


Ronin  4  3  6+  65 special rule -1 to command
        The -1 to command was troublesome in games 1 & 2. In game 3 the dice were with me for their orders. I knew this going in and deployed as Hannibal did at Cannae. The ronin being my questionable troop in the center flanked by the heavy reliable.
           Cavalry-Samurai-Ashigaru teppo-Ronin-Ashigaru teppo-Samurai-Cavalry
                                                             Ashisharu Yari

Samurai & Samurai Cavalry

Samurai                4  3  5+  80
Samurai Cavalry   4  3  5+  110
        They are not the killers you hope for. They are good, but not so good they smash everything infant of them. They are not the game winners. Being the focus and the killer elite of the army, either I need better dice or they need a little something extra.


        This is too powerful. I only had one. I did not think they would do what they did. Maybe only one spell went off all tourney. You should take two every time. 50cm range. Two could cover 200cm of frontage projecting 70cm forward. Hahahahaha

Tourney Pictures. Not in any order.

The first bottle of Sake.
Making Saves was my biggest problem.