Thursday, September 27, 2012

28mm Roman Auxilia

          Group shots of the tan tunic group. All are BTD minis, except 2 in the command group. I know no shields or bases on any of these. The shields and basing will been completed by the client as per his request. That made the job much easier to complete.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

28mm Roman Auxilia

          This is the last unit of auxilia. I was smart and saved the easiest of the tunics for last. They will all have brownish tunics and green details. But I am starting to itch to paint something else. So this time I went straight to the command group. They are all Warlord minis. I have been holding off on this group as they are more dynamic in stance and the detail is a bit higher. On to the WIP.
          The first group is blocked in. Their tunic have been completed. Some washes have been applied to the armor. I may finish the skin and and armor highlights this week.
          The second group is cleaned and awaiting primer. It has rained both night after work and it is going to rain most of today.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Astral Claws Project

          At long last I will start to chip away at a new 6mm Epic army. About 6 months ago I commissioned a Lugft Huron, chapter master of the Astral Claws from a guy in Italy. The figure base is a GW metal termie. I think everything else is green stuff and plastic card. It cost more than a Vegas street hooker.
          As far as references go for color and details, I will using Forge World's Imperial Armor 9 and 10. The 10th volume has Lufgh Huron in it. Volume 9 only has tanks and marines for the Astral Claws.

          He arrived an sat in the box for months. Then I got him mounted to an old scotch bottle cork last week. Sunday was a good day for priming and last night I started with his armor.


          From behind you can see the GW termie used as a base. Plus a closer look at the shoulder details. I will have to come up with his back banner later.

          He was washed with a watered down black ink. An light armor wash and I started to pick out the blue. Yeah yeah, I know work from the inside out. On 6mm I work by surface area down to the details. 

           I will be trying a NMM for the shoulder guards. The base of english boot is down. I don't know how much will get done this week as I have a commission army that is one detachment short. Also I have to complete another two wound markers.

Monday, September 24, 2012

28mm Roman Auxilia

          The birthday week, gutters, doctor's appointments, and apple picking sucked up just about all of the free time. I did manage to get one night of painting in and cranked out a few minis. First up is another stamina marker.

           I finished up the tan Auxilia. Well sort of, I have just one more to go. Why, you ask? Because I can not count!

Crumb snatchers

The demands of crumb snatchers, family life. VV's birthday week and apple picking. Its is what, it is!
But let us not forget that I a got a problem.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gettysburg, Day 1 Oak Hill

My finger is pointing to the peace monument on Oak Hill. We are looking at it from the extreme Union right flank on Burlow's knoll. Below the opposite way, Oak Hill to Burlow's Knoll. Burlow's Knoll to reference on the map is were Blackford's sharpshooters are at, sorry the map is later in the day.
The looking at the XI corps strung out going south from Burlow's KNoll to Oak Ridge along the park road.
After 4pm the Union collapse back to Oak ridge. The Union flank anchored on the ridge just right of that tree.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Road trip

I am off with my school yard mate, bobby 2 beers, to Gettysburg. We pulled stakes at 7am, fought the NJ traffic, and stopped to piss more than a van full of preggoes. Our guides are my all knowing and published father and cousin Howard a battlefield guide to be.

The first day's action.

We started off taking a look at the Cashtown Inn. It was closed. The road to the left is Lee's into Gettysburg.
 Next up was McPherson's woods and the epic struggle of the 24th MI and 26th NC.

2 Beers and Dad
McPherson's Farm, the house is gone but it was to the right of the barn.

McPherson's woods
Here I stand in Willoughby's run. I asked 2 Beers to get a picture for reference to the depth of it's banks. I should have asked 2 waters to do it. Any ways the banks are about hip deep with ankle busters along the sides. At a run one jumping in would not pause, but to leap up you would.
Willoughby's Run

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

28mm Roman Auxilia WIP

          Tan cohort, take 2. These were the guys I porked at the start by drinking and painting. About half of them were correct. The rest got soaked in brown ink. It was easier to cover them in blue.
          Here I go again. Everything has been blocked in the cloth has its first highlight and the armor has been washed.

          I have no more optios or can't find one. This optio has crest and feathers added from the Victrix greeks.

          Today dad sent this a link to the new Strategy and Tactics gaming edition #277.  He is always on the lookout to add books and material on to my reading pile.
          Popabear knew that I would read the rag every now and then. Dad also used to get free copies as a history professor. I am not a huge fan of S&T. The rag makes me mad. Most articles are half assed, 4th grade level drool, and 30 beans for a game. I normally pass.
          But this time it is Ticonderoga, New York State action. They got me and I can't wait.
          Being just a few hours away, I love the Fort Ti. Not because they have military discount and dogs are welcome. The whole park is beautiful. We go there every fall when the leaves change and I snowshoe there at least twice each winter. In the winter it is much easier to get an idea of the exact lay out of the french position as the black watch charged.
          Check it out!


Monday, September 10, 2012

28mm Roman disorder markers

          Following on the heels on my wound markers. I cranked out a few disrupted (one dude) and fragmented (two dudes) markers for FOG.

28mm Roman Auxilia

          Auxilia update. The blue Auxilia are finally painted. The group is awaiting shields and transfers. First up is a shot of the command group.

          Each auxilia will have a signifier, optio, centurion, cornicen, and an imaginifier.
          Group shot, followed by each row. None are based yet. I still have not pulled the trigger on 60 x 60mm or 60 x 30mm.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Wound / Stamina markers

          I finally got around to finishing the markers. I am happy with them for the most part. Anything is better than the gems stone things. The tuffs, I think are just OK. I may put it apart and give another go, add some rocks.

          The wife has my D60 and I got the work camera. It is a Kodak and its junk. It takes AA batteries and will not focus. Sorry about the quality. More pictures to come, once my camera is back.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sad Day


        The warp has swallowed yet another. A good friend and magic man producing 6mm miniatures was C&D by grandma wendy. This horrible event will be felt throughout the EA community. I will be awaiting your return, sir.

 May Chapter House slaughter granny.

Only reference to Specialist games.

 "Specialist" refers to our specialist games which includes titles like Blood Bowl and some other game titles that frankly we don't sell that much of. We lump them together and call them "Specialist titles".

Q; And "Specialist", those are unrelated to 40K?

A; Actually, we have a game called Necromunda, which is only related in as much as it is a game based on a planet set within the War hammer 40,000 universe, and we have another game called I think "Inquisitor" actually, funnily enough. In fact, yes, the game was called -- I had forgotten about that earlier, thanks for that, it is called "Inquisitor" which was in terms of the registered trademark there is another product which was a kind of a -- not quite a role playing game but it is a skirmish level game or the scale is bigger. So while as in our table top hobby war game Warhammer 40,000, an individual character might be about 30 mm, 35 mm tall, an Inquisitor, they are more like 54 or 60 mm tall. So those are specialist games. And then "Hobby" is our range of paints and scenery and paint brushes and pliers and modeling tools and glue, range rulers,
 dice, all that kind of stuff that we sell as well.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wound / Stamina Markers

          I am not a fan of the gems being used to mark wounds or stamina of a unit. With the dial guy MIA. I have been using plastic blood drops. They look retarded. Last week I found these examples of wound counters. The idea jacked directly from;  Roundwood's World

          Great idea, right? So I started to create my own set. I used greenstuff and some poor die floating around my table to create the square hole. Than some basing material and cheap craft store paint. Tonight I will knock out the finishing touches and attach some dudes.
          Next up will be copies of the disordered markers. Another idea jacked, from someone more creative than me.


          I was cleaning out one of my many boxes. In that box I found 3 Epic Tau drone turrets and a package of Hammerheads from Forge World. Who knows where I got them or when. So they are up on Ebay for a buck each.  
                                                         Tau Ebay items