Monday, December 31, 2012

Focre on Force Civilian Wip

Some civilian ladies. I can't remember if their head cover was always black or it was some other shade.
 Some civilian demonstrators

Some H.V.A.s and an Elhiem LMG skinny

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Holiday Jam up Ends part I

          With the house now empty and my loving wife's understanding, I have had time to hide in my cave. With the time at work and yesterday I completed 20mm 42 dudes. Painted, based, flocked, and sealed. That rocks!
          All these are Stan Johansen's Jihads. I was a bit put off. As his examples on the web are painted up like ninjas. Bad pictures, bad examples, as they kick ass. A joy to paint. They have enough detail to keep you going.

          Keeping with the theme; "Their heads are covered in towels, like those mugs in the CNN pictures from Syria. I am trying to stick to all earthy business casual civilian clothing type colors. Hoping to get that look of a mug so pissed, with no military training picking up a weapon and messing with his government or occupying force."

Some more mugs

 A dickers with the daily paper.

Not so bad for a dip job!

With the exception of 2 Caesar's 20mm moderns.

          I also finished up my downed chopper. One old GW crater and a 1/72 kit. The kit I put together rough and fast. Next I dropped in a bag, and dropped a brick on the bag. The big bits I picked out and laid about. Then sprayed railroad glue and dumped the small bits and flock.

British small wars 20mm

          A long term project. I brought a ton of Hat dudes to kit out some Black Powder games. I based up a bunch of Dervishes. Just today I got around to painting them up. The Force on Force 20mm painting got my kick started. Clearing off my painting table. While I wait for things to dry. 47 more done!

          I know the dervishes had squares of blue and red on their man dresses. But paint all those squares would kill the project. I went for solid dyed man dresses. They will give the units separation and  I can get away with using them in the Afghanistan dust ups.

2013 Plans and Dreams

          Not in any order, but this is what I hope to finish. I also have 3 commissions booked. All Epic; one city table and buildings, an IG army, and a Titan army. 

Epic city table
     Everything is sitting waiting for me.

Force on Force
     Finish up the skinnies, civilians, trucks, and update my GIs. I just need to find a little bird, another black hawk, and some more technicals.

    I got some 28mm Indians long ago. Dad grabbed me a copy of Muskets and Tomhawks for Xmas. So I got start that up.

40K and Forge World 
    Sell off the rest of my FW left overs/dreams and my 2 IG and 1 SM armies.

Cathagaginian army
    I got to finish this army up. I got side tracked doing commissions.

Refurbish my gaming tables
   I got two GW tables I need to make more historical looking.

Clean out my cave
   There is crap piled up on every shelf ass deep to a tall Indian. I need to sell off everything that has been untouched since the move. And origanize!!!!!

Fire and Fury
   Start plugging away at the 15mm ACW mother load

Attend all 3 HMGS Historicons and play a but ton of games.

Stay well away from ebay. I snatched up so much bullshit this year it hurts.

Sucker in two more fool to game with. Larry and Jack you are in my sights.

Make the Thursday night gaming a weekly happening.

Friday, December 28, 2012

New romans

                                      Warlord, you bastards!

          Well we all know where a giant pile of money will be going this new year. And it is about time someone made Caesarian plastic. I am hoping for the same quality that the greek plastic have. No more of the straight up crap that Wargames Factory makes.

As far as metals, foundry's expensive and not that great.  BTD's are pretty sweet and go on 35A% off sales twice a year.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Jam up continues II

Still more. That is a lot blocked in in 2 days. Hope next week is slow too.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Jam up continues

          The first set of guests are leaving. Its good to have a nice place to hide like work. With all my customers off enjoying the Holidays. I have been watching netflix and painting away the day.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Jam up

          I am all sorts of jammed up this week. The wife is still half broke. Her mom is back with us. Plus two friends are visiting. They leave and my parents arrive. Then they leave and 9 of her friends are coming for Xmas. Short is I am cleaning three times and cooking two Xmas dinners. All the while playing nice with her friends and not painting or touching of lead men. Yeah, yeah its a sickness I know.
          So what is one to do. I say order a butt load of dudes. Then since work is slow and my customers are off burning up the last of their "use it or lose it vacation time."  I'm painting at work. The most I have ever been paid to paint!
Now if I can only get people to stop breaking my tools, its full speed ahead.

Friday, December 14, 2012


          After moving to no where NY the truth is I never play 40k at all. Clearing out more GW and Forge World that has been sitting around since the move. Kind of breaks the heart to see all those dreams and projects go bye, bye. Does that make me a hoarder? Hell yeah, cause whatever I get I will piss away on more lead and scotch.
         So here they are,


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Force on Force

          More skinnies. I got a cubic butt load of skinnies and zombies. They are all 20mm from Stan Johanson, and Elhiem. The Elhiem are bad ass.

          These are Johansen's Jihad dudes. Kind of cool. Dirt cheap. Their heads are covered in towels, like those mugs in the CNN pictures from Syria. I am trying to stick to all earthy business casual civilian clothing type colors. Hoping to get that look of a mug so pissed, with no military training picking up a weapon and messing with his government or occupying force. They are not meant to be area specific.

 More of the same in black ninjas get ups.

 I got so more in bound from Wartime Miniatures. Mostly US forces and civilians.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Epic Storm Raptor

          Some dude in the EU made these monsters. They are monsters, it is huge and very heavy. I think old boy had it cast in lead. I need two flight stand as it bent the first one. The base will need some supports added the weight is caving it in.
          Very easy to assemble, clean cast. Only part I had trouble with was the transport arms and the middle to front section connection point.

                      The transport arms;  The slots they fit in where too big. Also the part of the arm that goes in the main body was way too long. Check out the peg topper, outstanding idea. Flight stand, Peg toppers
                     The main body; The tail section was perfect, no gap. The cockpit to middle section was not flat. I sanded, filed, pinned it, green stuffed it. Three different times and it still does not look 100%.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Calling in Sick

Man if your calling in sick, just say your sick and unavailable to work today. There is no need to talk to me directly. A voice message or email is perfectly OK. I don't need some bullshit story, sick voice, coughing in my ear, nor do I need to know what meds you have taken or what time your doctor's visit is. We give ya all sick time for a reason.

There is sick and then there is sick. I am sick cause I want to stay home. I am sick cause I am actually sick. Cool, great, either way I don't care. I must likely will not even fill out the paper work saying your sick.

The only time I would even ever pay attention is if you always call in on Friday or Monday, after the super bowl/ST. Pat's day, before or after a holiday weekend. Don't create a pattern. Don't call in all the time. No one will know, no one cares!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Thursday Night Gaming

          This time we were at Pat's house for a game of Force on Force. George and Fred showed up. Both Jimmy and Larry had to cancel. We played the first demo off of page 112. With all of us playing the same game, I doubled the forces and the size of the table. Fred and George took the USMC fire teams. Pat and I were Hadji. We did screw up and Hadji was re-enforced after the first turn.
          Quick game, we were done before 9. The USMC team kick the ever living crap out of Pat and myself. Even with Fred being trashed before the first turn ended.

The night's greatest moment was when George's dice throw completely missed everything, the tray and the table. The dice tray was against his belly!
           We ate and drank more than we played. Which again leads to zero pictures.

Force on Force

          Today some Stan Johansen miniatures 20mm Jihad came. They are just over a dollar a dude. Trucks with skinnies are 8 beans. Great deal. The guy ships the same day as you order. I had mine in my mail box the next day. Very clean casts. Mine had only heavy mold lines on the bottom.

     Here you can see a picture next to a 1/72 Caesar's mini. The Caesar's look taller in the picture, but it is not true. The base of the plastics are much thicker. Which serves me just fine as, in my experience Africians are taller than us and we are taller than Hadji.
     Again I am mounting them to nickles, 5 cents for a heavy base can't be beat. Next the base will be filled in with pink stuff and off to be primed.

     What I like most about Stan Johansen's minis are that they look just like the Syrian fighters CNN loves to take pictures of. Just about all are shooting from the hip and none seem to display a proper firing position.

Some WIPs of plastics I am chipping away at.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

40k Epic

          I continue to add to the Blood Angles as I find the older editions of armor. The older ones of course take twice the amount of time to complete. As each is covered with all sorts of baggage. These edition of armor does not fit with the lighting strike and air cav type deployment of the SM chapters. But they will do nicely for Armageddon/Ork slug fest.

          A couple of Razorbacks and Vindicators. I had stamp cast the blood drops. Most every tank now has one for each door. I have also started to mount them to FOW bases. I saw someone else do it. So of course I had to.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Screwed again

Its 10:30 and nothing is happening. Nothing has happened for over an hour. Pour yourself a glass of some limited crap, grab a book, and collapse into a chair by the fire. Then every MoFo within 200 miles has got to try and retask your ass.
I now understand why the news is filled with people killin everyone.