Monday, December 10, 2012

Calling in Sick

Man if your calling in sick, just say your sick and unavailable to work today. There is no need to talk to me directly. A voice message or email is perfectly OK. I don't need some bullshit story, sick voice, coughing in my ear, nor do I need to know what meds you have taken or what time your doctor's visit is. We give ya all sick time for a reason.

There is sick and then there is sick. I am sick cause I want to stay home. I am sick cause I am actually sick. Cool, great, either way I don't care. I must likely will not even fill out the paper work saying your sick.

The only time I would even ever pay attention is if you always call in on Friday or Monday, after the super bowl/ST. Pat's day, before or after a holiday weekend. Don't create a pattern. Don't call in all the time. No one will know, no one cares!

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