Sunday, March 24, 2013

Galloping Major"s Rogers' Rangers part III

          Not Much progress. We were turning two all week at work. Plus visiting engineers from Japan and an install crawling along I had little time to paint.
          Old Puff face's leggings got the 2nd layer. Also the Jacket cuffs and lining are up to the final highlight.
          Rogers leggings are waiting on the final highlight. His jacket lining and cuffs are blocked in. I finished his face. Then quickly chipped it.
         The weapon's stocks got their initial base layer.

Jacob got the most attention. His legging and ties are awaiting the final highlight. The pants are blocked in. Along with the weapon stock. The jacket has been completed. I wanted a very sharp highlight on the jacket. I am trying to show the heavy use and long time service of the jacket.
           To do this a very light highlight was used along the edges and at the wear points of the garment. Then a bright green Vallejo ink was applied. Just as the green ink was about dry, I coated the whole thing with Army painter strong tone wash. The idea with the strong tone was to make it appear dirty.
           You can see the difference in a side by side comparison.

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