Friday, April 19, 2019

20mm Sudan Project "Sudanese"

         The Sudanese got some love the first time around. Serval units advancing in open order. I won't be packing them as tight as the Egyptians. There are many primary sources (first hand accounts) of the Sudanese enlightening their British officers on how to fight the Ansar. To represent their experience and toughness, all will be based in open order.

         Following the image plate above. The majority of Sudanese units wore Blue. I like the brown jackets more. XX dudes based up. The next step is filling in around the base the dudes stand on. I am not a fan of minis based and looking half assed. The filling is colored wood putty.
        The wood putty was washed with dark brown. I did not bring the flocking sand on purpose. It would have made a giant mess. And if, if I lost it. The bases would never match. It is sand from Argentina.

Army Pic

         The Waterloo set for what it is, has serval dudes that get trashed. You can only use so many officers and dudes swing rifles. 20 out of 52. The 20 dudes left are 12 Sudanese (8 useable), 16 Egyptian (12 useable). Kind of makes Newline Designs 4 for 2 euro look better and better.
                   I do save the Brits. They get repurposed. + 8

 116 done. The goal is 1000  minis for the year, only 422 from the Colonial project. 184 to go. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

20mm Colonial Sudan "Egyptain Inf"


         After the Cons, I have been on the road non stop. There has been little time to prep minis before cycling back out again. Everything getting finished for the next few posts has been all part of the road show.
        The last few Egyptians I have left in stock. I need to find more or wait for a sale. 14 bucks a box before shipping blows. Only 16 line INF. 2 complete stands and 2 stands short kneeling dudes.

         9 Skirmishers or open order advancing. No Bases for these dudes. I can't count, resulting in me not bring all the stuff I needed again.

        I had basing/flocking issue. Once every stand was together, you could see the different shades to the sand/flock. It not different flock. The color below has changed over time.
        When lined up, I want them to match. Otherwise it would be distracting. So using watered down inks I stained the over all bases in ever darker steps until everything matched.

Army pic

Anglo Egyptian Army
        I should do another 12 stands, plus commander stands. Sourcing cheap dudes is tough. These are all from the Waterloo Anglo Egyptian box. Other than sourcing from Newline Designs, there is no other manufacture of Egyptians or Sudanese in 20mm.

        91 done. The goal is 1000  minis for the year, only 397 from the Colonial project. 209 to go. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

30K Horus Heresy World Eaters

         It has taken forever to finish up some WEs. These dudes have been waiting for the love since before Cold Wars. Nothing like painting on the road to get shit done. The shoty green back ground is a plastic sheet cutting board that prevents me from painting the hotel's desk.

          The transfers on the rhinos are from FW's World Eater sheet.

World Eaters Bare Metal         = 334
World Eaters Armor Based     = 25
World Eaters Based                 = 32
Detachments Completed         = 7
Objectives                               = 3

Sunday, April 7, 2019

NetEpic Armageddon pick up game

        I got sent out to Cali to battle a dumpster fire of an installation. Lucky me, I meet an epic play at AdeptiCon and that dude is within 30 minutes of our customers out in Cali. I told him the next time I was out we could get a game in. Little did I know that would be the very next week.
        The Fists are on the road. They are the easiest to pack and small enough over all to travel for work. The Imperial Fists are self contained in 1 chessex case. It is a plus 1 small chessex case for the bunkers and trenches. Those Chessex cases are the most airline friendly, bullet proof mini protectors I have found. My chessex have flown world wide without issue.

         Some how I forgot to pack the Epic marker box. I had no blast markers or any other tokens. I do have tie wraps in huge quantities. So for blast markers I cut the zippy end off 30 orange dudes.

         Today is a pick up game with Bryan. All the terrain is from his personal collection. We are at the Santa Clara location for Games Kastle. I found out that they are a franchise and they are multiple locations in the Valley. Sucks for one who doesn't know where they are or are going. The web site is useless. I had to search for the store's address.

The Table
My deployment
 Bryan's deployment

My list:

IFs  2 - 0  over the Orks. DTF & TSNP. My predators routinely fired everything and scored 1 or 2 hits out of 12 attacks. Maybe the Tau blue dice should be retired?  There is no proper report, as it is a work trip pick up game.  Once again I failed to take enough pictures.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

AdeptiCon Day final day

         The last day is always a bust. Nothing is going on. Most the vendors are out of stock and taking orders. And your beat by the end of 3 days. Up early, eating crap, and to bed late. We called Pat but he was slow that morning.

         We finished the morning with a 3 way 2000 point Warmaster game. Dave had 2000 points of High Elves Vs 1000 Tomb King and 1000 Chaos. Once again I failed to take pictures. Tomb Kings being the weaker army advanced the flank and did its best to relieve pressure on the Chaos Warriors crawling across the table. I did get the charges off first and rolled 1s. Smashed.
         When the Chaos got into combat I shifted my priests over. Then raised dead all over the combats. Things were looking poorly for us. Both priests jumped into combat, raised dead. Dave broke us by dishing out 7 hits every time in every combat. Did I say 7 hits every time.?

It took 11.5 hours to get back. The drive thru Chicago during the day is double the time it was at night coming in. Everything is repack, set a side for repair, or stored. Today it is off to Cali for an install. WEs and Samuria are in the painting case.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

AdeptiCon Day four. Epic

         There is no tourney this year. There were 3 independent games. Last year people commented that they would have loved to play but did not want to be tied up all day in a tourney for Epic. So no tourney. We did get more different players.
         I went 2-0 with Nids and 0-1 with Imperial Fists.
My list;
Game 1 was against Pat. Pat also bought everything that was left from my 40K IG, the blue guard and  RT guard. Bugs slamming into super heavies. Well they bounce. In the end he either forgot about the objectives or did not have the units to cover. I won 3-0. TSNP, DTF, BTS.

Pat's list;
 Lictors out doing lictor stuff. Almost as good as Stealth suits.
 The stealers just are not worth it. Speed bumps at most.
Game two was against Bryan's Orks. He took the big nasty DC12 beast. I nearly got a 3-1 out of the game.

Bryan's list;
         My left flank was over loaded and the activation won the game for me. The left had big nasty on it. Unit after unit engaged to bounce, but it kept him busy, distracted.

          I continued with ZOC-ing and engaging big nasty. Bugs kept bouncing and breaking. It isolated big nasty and prevented him from crossing the table's 50. I got TSNP, DTF, and T&H. Bryan got BTS.

Game 3 was Eldar Vs Imperial Fist. Smashed 0 - 3. My opponent asked if I had a different list. Any engage would have seen the Eldar float away from CC and force FF. I had an old dealing Whirlwind list. The down side was my trenches and bunkers were used as terrain. I fought with the extra rhinos to pull the guns. I failed to take pictures. I failed to use the thudd gun special rules. I worked the objective placement.  I had no plan for deployment. In general I played poorly.

Monday, April 1, 2019

AdeptiCon 2019 Day Three Warmaster Tourney

        I will be playing Tomb Kings. The dragon has been repaired. My list;

Game one;  Major Victory. It is easy when all your stuff passes the orders. His Cavalry failed every single order.

 My Cav made one move out on the right flank. After that it stayed there, failing orders.

 Here sits my Cav at the end of the game 30cm from where they started.

Game two;
         Grudge match! I got Dave. In turn one his left flank shifted all the way center. His right flank went from deployment zone to assaulting my. He passed something like 5 orders on one block of Inf and 4 on another. I got smashed! Dave tabled everyone for a prefect 60+ point tourney.

After his right flank ran ran across the table in turn one. All I had left was my Cav chasing him down his left flank. The few Inf units left were stuck way out of position. Them living were keeping me from break. 

         When they caught up and got a charge off, its pay back time. Last chance to stay in the game. I failed 3 raise the dead. The general and two priest jump in. The general gives his +1 to the units. Nope, dice revolt! I roll low. Whatever hits I get he of course saves. I pull my pants back up while crying and sending the bones back to the foam.

Game three;
         I get Eric. Long way to go to play all your local mates. This was a better game. As we both were suffering from shit luck. Great for me, as he had Chaos Warriors. Bones ain't beating down no warriors.
        This was a table quarter game, set up corners. I had planned to draw the attention to the hill in the center. With the artillery pounding the hill. The Cav and birds would take the left and I would bury my 2 blocks of Inf in the woods on the right, deep right.
          Eric got a Dave off. The warrior ran straight up the center. Both of our Cav failed to move on the Left. The birds then waited to support the center.
          I was able to suck the warriors deeper into my deployment zone. While my left center did the end around and raised dead all over on the center hill. The bows in the wood continued to delay, confuse and shoot the dogs.
         Finally the Cav get going and get a charge, raise dead.
         The Warriors continue to eat their way to break. To save what I have kicking about and it better to charge than be charged. The dragon and birds go for the kill, raise dead.
It all looked like the plan in my head. Both flanks worked. The center imploded. Yet nothing stops warriors and knights. I should have buried all the bow men deep in terrain. Warriors broke the army in turn 6.

I went 1 and 2 for the tourney

        Little short for a Chaos Marine! Poor guy was wearing this shit all day. BY the end of the day he was parked in a chair with part of his kit on the floor.