Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The last two weeks


        The last few weeks have been a shit show. The shit show of life. Now that the show has moved on to another poor soul. Time for an update. These boys went with me then got abandoned when death came.

Last week I returned to the office finished them up. They all came home and got washed and sealed. I did not have time to flock them. The Iron Brigade took their place next in line to be finished up.
Also the Old Glory order came through. I needed Cavalry and Artillery. Hopefully only one more order will be needed. Once everything is painted and rebased, I will order the missing components.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Road Warrior "prep-ing for next week"


         The bases arrived just in time. I am half thru the second bag of 100 Inf bases that I had. Just about all the Union Inf that needed repainting have been removed from the old bases, glued to new bases, and packed to go. I have half the South soaking for removal.

         35 bases and a bravel Col came out of the mess above. These 35 will be top priority next week. 
         The Iron Brigade is on sticks. Along with Horse Holders.

         A bunch of armor for the Sallies is packed up also.

Friday, October 2, 2020

Road Warrior "Last week's work"

          Continue with the Union RF&F effort. Some new metal and some that needed touch ups

           The 20mm cultist have been traveling with me all year. I got to the point where there was little to do last week. The cultist got the attention 

         I can not count. 8 bases, some how I only took 7 bases with me for the tactical detachment. 4 bases of assault no jump pack dudes got done, and 4 Vinnies.

        I was also able to block in the colors for World Eaters Raptors and Sallie Termies got blocked in.
The bulk order for ACW bases from Litko showed up. 

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Your Momma is a Sallie Part X


The XVIIIth legion

          Part X is brought to you from the depths of the company office. I am stuck here all month. This should make painting miniatures easy. As long as nothing happens, I paint the day away.

          Assault squad. No jump packs, 30K style.

          Vindicators. No flames