Saturday, November 25, 2017

Warmaster Weekends "Carthaginians Officers"

Command stands

Officer down. An officer dude with a mis-cast leg. Trash him, no. Lets grab a horseman. Chop time!

The missing leg was the mis-cast. I cut a little higher than His knee joint. He lost is saber case and put of the cloak. The sword arm was bent and the leg bent.
 The rider was chopped off and the horse's stand. From there I dug out part of the horse's back around the saddle.

 Tough to see what is going on here. There is a spear stuck in the horse. The officer is part trapped by his mount. He will get a shield and green stuff to replace the chuck taken out of his cloak.

          You can get a lot of milage out of a 6 by 6 inch cork square. The cork will end up looking like rock out crop. Two dudes taken from the Carthage citizen solder bag. Two more dudes will join them, but they will get painted seperately. 
         All the bases are magnetic except for these 20mm chips. Who knows how I porked that?

Friday, November 24, 2017

20mm Scarecrows

I saw them on Facebook. They came from somewhere in Europe. And that is all I know. Good quality, little to no flash, and holds paint.

         They are glued down to pennies. The dudes are top heavy. These dudes will join the Snowmen, kids, and Zombies for the game I play with my kid.
I had to double up on the pennies. They were too top heavy. I need to get some corn to attach to the bases.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Warmaster "Numidians"

        The second group of skirmishers, +1 base to finish the last group.

        The bases are only base coated. The whole army will get the bases done at the same time.
Group shot.

Monday, November 20, 2017

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Warmaster Weekends "Carthaginians" reference

         If you have not guessed by what has been painted, Carthage is 1st up. Why Carthage? It is the one major player at the time that has just about every other group of state sponsored group involved. That allows those groups painted to pull double duty later on down the line.

         Couple of pictures representing the large number of warriors and style fighting for Carthage at one time. There were Mercs in the ranks also. Just think about the shit storm just trying to getting all these nationalities to line up. 
My references for this part of the project are;
Can never go wrong with a horse markings guide. I keep one sitting next to me as a paint horse. It makes painting faster.
Both of these are from WAB series. Skipping the rules and unit entries, it is a quick read. Some pictures, battles, troop types
These are great magazines.
I have a subscription to AW. Normally they sit until I get 4-5, then I read them all at once.

Friday, November 17, 2017

2018 AdeptiCon 21-26 March

Registration is LIVE.


         I am signed up. The plan is to be there Wednesday afternoon and cut out Monday morning. Been trying to plant the idea of a road trip in the minds of the Epic group. It's a tough sale. I do have points to fly on. Soooo?
         If I do drive out, I could bring the terrain again. Maybe some FoF or Ancients stuff for pick games. 

NetEA Tourney 24 March 9am - 6pm

It will be Imperial Fist or the Tau again?

Image result for Warmaster

Warmaster Tourney 23 March 9am - 6pm

Don't own a single fantasy army. I have requested a loan army from the group.

Desert terrain

Yeah I lied. More desert terrain.
 More 20mm irrigation ditches / 6mm desert roads
 These bugs bunny dudes are for 20mm Zombie action.
After spray the pipe bridge I dropped it.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

NetEA Emperor's Children Vs Imperial Fists

         Once again we played at 6 feet under games. Huge place, cheap drinks, clean bathrooms, and the greatest wargaming tables ever. I am going to steal or get some Amish dude to make me one!
         I did take pictures. A lot more than usual, but still a terrible job.

3000 points Emperor's Children Vs Imperial Fists.

Kal's List

My list

EC Scouts    OverWatch
IF Scouts w/ Bunkers & Trenches    OverWatch
IF Tacticals & Thudds w/ Bunkers & Trenches
IF Shooty Speeders    OverWatch

EC Termies
IF Termies & SC  BTS

Turn 1
Initiative won by EC
EC Hell Talons ground assaults targets the Scouts. 2KIA 3BMs
.........bombs blast spills over the IF Shooty
Speeders. 1KIA 2BMs
IF Scouts marshall targets Scouts 1BM. Removes all BMs
EC Tac LF doubles.

IF Tac w/ Thudds sustains targets Scouts. 1KIA 2BMs  *1
EC Scouts marshall. Advance, remove all but 1BM.
IF Shooty Speeders advance targets Scouts. 1BM   *1
EC Tac C double targets Shooty Speeders. 1BM
IF Storm Talons ground assault BTS. 1BM
EC BTS marshalls. Zero BM
IF Tac advances targets Scouts. 1BM
EC Raptors march.
IF Fell Blade RF advances targets Raptors. 2KIA BROKEN   *2
EC Titan doubles targets Fell Blade RF. 1BM
Retains. Fails summoning
EC Tac RF doubles targets Shooty Speeders. 2BMs disrupt
IF Whirlwinds sustains targets Tac RF. 2KIA 3BMs
EC Knights march
IF Devs advance targets Knights. 3KIA BROKEN   *3
IF Fell Blade sustains Tac RF. 1KIA 2BMs
IF melt Speeders march.

*1 Both were placed on OW. Wasted, the shoot Speeders should have been on OW not Tac.
*2 They were feed to me. Sadly in terrain, they failed all saves, re-rolls.
*3 This was a crap shot. Again they failed saves & re-rolls.

EC Raptors and Knights stay broken.
IF Shooty Speeders keep 5BMs

Turn 2


EC Termies drop on my Blitz
IF Termies & SC (BTS) drop on Kal's blitz & BTS

IF won initiative (Both rolled 6s)
IF Melta Speeders double targets BTS. 1KIA 3BMs
Retains on re-roll   *1
IF Termies engages BTS. ELIMINATED   *2

EC Termies engages Tac w/ Thudds. 7KIA BROKEN   *3
OverWatch IF Scout targets Tac RF. 1BM
EC Tac RF engages Shooty Speeders. ELIMINATED
IF Fell Blade RF sustains targets Titan. No shields, 2DC BROKEN
EC Hell Talons ground assaults Tac. 2KIA 3BMs
IF Tac advances targets Scouts. 1BM   *4
EC Tac C engages Tac. 7KIA ELIMINATED
IF Whirlwinds sustains targets Tac C. 1KIA 2BMs
EC Tac LF doubles targets Whirlwinds. 3KIA BROKEN
IF Fighters  FAIL
EC Scouts sustains targets FB RF. 1BM
IF Devs advance targets Knight. 1BM
IF Fell Blade LF advances targets Tac LF. 2KIA 3BMs

*1 1st time ever a SC points pays off
*2 HUGE BTS & Blitz
*3 Playing Tau for the last year....One would think I would guard myself against such thing. Really how many times did Dave pound my ass over the last 2 years with this lesson?
*4 I gave this detachment up. Big Dummy!

EC Titan, Knights, Raptors, & Tac C broken
IF Tac Thudds  recover 1BM

Turn 3

IF won Initiative (Both rolled 1s)
IF FB RF advances targets Tac RF. 2KIA 3BMs   *1
EC summons Great Daemon
OverWatch Scouts. 1BM on Tac RF   *1
EC Tac Rf engages FB RF. ELIMINATED  
IF Storm Talons ground assault Scouts. 1BM   *1
EC Hell Talons ground assaults Scouts. 1KIA BROKEN   *1
IF Tac Thudd doubles targets Scouts. 1BM   *1
EC Termies advance targets Scouts. ELIMINATED    (Blitz)
IF FB LF doubles targets Tac LF. 2KIA BROKEN   *2
EC Scouts engage Tac Thudd. ELIMINATED   *1
IF Devs march for the objective   *2
IF Melta Speeders advance (T&H) targets Titan. 1BM
IF BTS marshall. (Blitz)

*1 Huge fight over the right flank objective my side.
*2 Left Flank objective my side

Emperor's Children 1   Imperial Fists 3
Blitz                              Blitz, BTS, T&H

Lessons form the Day;

Storm Talons are well worth the points!

Nothing changes and I created a situation that did not exist. I feed my tactical detachment to Kal. Which which properly gang banged off the table. I got a BM and a KIA for my troubles. Also failed to focus fire and isolate detachments.

Left two units on Overwatch and forgot to use them.

I left my Blitz wide open to Teleport. Quickly giving away a detachment and the Blitz thud guns vaporized.

Kal's scouts were the MVP. They ate fire all day, broke unit after unit, sucking up activations like they were free.

Kal's luck went right on the window. The titan lost it shields and failed every save but one. The knights failed enough saves in turn 1 to stay broken all game.

I dumped my BTS onto Kal's BTS, which was sitting on the Blitz. Then I won initiative and gang banged poor Kal's BTS with termies and melt speeders. BTS & Blitz

Desert terrain is GamesCraft Minis or Battlefield Terrain Concepts.