Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sudan project first whip of 2017

         This year is starting off like trying to get a camel moving. I got all the pre-work banged out. The  cleaning, washing, and priming. Then smuggled it all into Argentina. Only to sit for days as I did jack all nothing. 31 days gone with zero finished minis!
         The old engine needs to build up some steam to get up that hill. (Summer vacation is cutting into my painting time as I am playing a lot of legos and minnie mouse)
With some better time management and not drinking a river of beer each night at BQs some progress is being made.
         Now that the bases have been recover from storage all the low hanging fruit can be finished.
         The green guns and white dudes are Egyptian. with CMD stand, low ammo, and broken.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

War Game Collection Calculator

          Their deal is to help you determine what your collection of toy soldiers is worth. Why? Like your sorry ass is ever going to sell the whole lot. With all the IP violations, recasts/prints/renegade FW items. Your ass is facing fines or you'll roll over faster than a fish.
                  I am no rat bastard. I will copy just about any god dam thing. We all know I am getting fucked.

          Secondly, why must my sweet ass register? What the FUCK! Are these fuckers casing my collection? Waiting for me to die? Accident? Are they waiting for my wife/girl friend to turn and sell that shit. Not too hard to develop that point of contact with social media these days. Hell I should be building files on all you bastards to bird dog/cherry pick your collections. You just know they can turn the wife/girlfriend's sorry ass when she is most pissed, only to sell your tin men.
          Hey, Jane. Your man has been pounding your BFF, sister, babysitter do you want to make him pay? Nah don't leave him. Nor screw with his ride. You want to get him GOOD, make him feel your PAIN? Yo sell me his soldiers! Do you know what that shit is WORTH? Check this site! I got cash bitch.

Now I am a lazy bastard. My 28mm roman army is worth 800 pounds. This is where the lazy bastard part comes in, there is no way in the seven frozen hells I am listing individually all my epic shit. So you make the rough guess, Epic, FoF, Sudan, Roman, 40k, and on and on.

         Old girl catches me doing some shit. Which I am prone to do from time to time. Whether it is real or not real does not matter in her mind. Some bum from this site turns her. And there goes my little men!
Your going full, FFUULLLL on somali on a motherfucker

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Duty Free

         It is that time. Score some cheap scotch before hitting the waste land of scotch, Argentina. One would think with all that tasty meat, hunting, no limitations on cuban cigars, scotch would be widely available. Fuck no. The place is retarded. When you can find a single malt. The prices are pulled from thin air. Cardhu cost less than Glenfiditch by 35 dollars? WTF!
        Chocolate----NOPE, straight to the good stuff. Now my ass is state side so no cigars. I got 18 with me. General run of the mill, cheapy priced, perfect with meat, great smoke got to go CAO.

         This year's selection in Houston. 

Which of course include every bottle of shit John Walker, they  can piss out. One whole bookcase of that piss. No pictures of that over priced Cardhu.
          Macallan is there too. Almost as big a whore as Mr. Walker. The 18 and 21 are the only ones worth the price on sale. The rest is overly sweet piss. Duty Free is taking full advantage of the gift shopper. Macallen's are 15-20% high.
          The highlights include a huge selection of Singleton. Singleton was the choice grab for under 38 bucks. Availability was a problem. (makes me think some blender was soaking up every barrel they could get their hands on. Much like Cardhu in 2004-05) Terrific with steak or cigars or apple pie and bacon. Way better than Fiddich or Glenlivet. Which has always been 10-15 more. Drawing a tear from my one good eye, Singleton started, started at 61. Fuck me! Duty free is funny that way.

         I took two Glenlivet "Disttiller's Reserve" at 55 dollars. 10 dollars below the run of the mill bar Glenlivet? As tasty as the French Cask. It was the cheapest single malt one level up. All the very good shit was 350.00! Those two, plus 2 litters of Bailey's and a 14 dollar purple cow chocolate. Then Military discount 130? The scotch was 110, so the Bailey's and chocolate were 20 beans.

Fly United!!!!!

           Like it says. Fly United!

Military boards 1st........Before 1st Class.
Beers free
United Club Free
United club has showers and beds, tooth brushes and tooth paste.

Delta Skymiles has none of that. And I have rode Northwest/Delta for 20+ years.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Priming day III

         It is all over now. There is no more time. Only bag packing. My roll on suitcase weights 67 pounds.
I hope the over head bin does not pop open on the flight. If that heavy bitch comes sailing down out of the bin, some poor bastard is going to die!
         Last bits primed. BoneShop! They are wonderful. A lot of prep work. (not shown 2 new Orcas. Thanks Dave)
         The mother load.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

1st Game of the Year

          Little rough. I have not played in a long time. I normally do not play my Tau. I bought the army 5 years ago and have played 5 games with it max!
         My list for the day.
          Kal's List

         My 12 activates to Kal's 10. Never once took the initiative. Kal and myself both suffered badly from units failing to activate in the first turn.

Elder win the initiative.
Avatar never selected
Void Spinner Sustains, targeting the Mechanized Firewarriors. Two FW and a Devilfish KIA. 4 BMs
Barracuda Ground Assaults, targeting the Shining Spears. BM
Phoenix Bomber Ground Assaults, targeting the Fusion Heads. Two BMs
Barracuda Ground Assaults, targeting the Rangers. FAILED to Activate.
Guardians March, into the woods.
Recon (L Flank) Advance, targeting the Guardians. 4 KIA, 5 BMs
Falcons Advance, targeting the Recon (L Flank). 2 KIA, 3 BMs
Recon (center) Coord Fire targeting Falcons, FAILED to Activate.
Asspect Warriors (BTS) March, into the woods
FWs & DF Double targeting Rangers. 2BM
Guardians Advance, FAILED to Activate.
Fusion Heads Advance, FAILED to Activate.
Falcons (L Flank) Advance, FAILED  to Activate.
Suits Double, targeting Rangers. Eliminated
Shining Spears Advance
Boardsides Overwatch
Recon (R Flank) Advance. FAILED to Activate.
Stealth Suits Double, targeting Guardains. 2 KIA, broken
Orca & FWs (BTS) attack Aspects. 4 KIA, broken

Elder win the initiative
Avatar never selected
Shining Spears Assault Stealth Suits. Eliminated
Eldar retain
Guardains Assualt FW (BTS). FW win! 2 BMs, Guardians broken
FWs (BTS) Advance on Broken Guardians. FAILED to Activate.
Void Spinner Sustains, targeting Recon (L Flank). Broken
Recon (center) Advance on Shining Spears. 1 KIA
Tau retain
Boardsides Advance on Falcons. 3 KIA, Broken
Phoenix Bomber Ground Assaults, FW & DW. 3 KIA, Broken
Barracuda Ground Assaults, Falcons. 1 KIA
Falcons Advance on FW (BTS). 1BM
Aspect Warriors Assault. FAILED to activate.
Barracuda Ground Assault, targeting broken Guardians. KIA 2
Orca Ground Assaults, targeting Shining Spears. Broken
Fusion Heads Double, targeting the Spears. 2 KIA
Suits Double, targeting Aspect (BTS). Eliminated
Recon (R Flank) Doubles on Guardains. 1BM

TURN 2 saw the L Flank get rolled up and the center solidify.

Elder win the initiative
Avatar never selected
          I stopped recording per activation. I did manage to take at least one picture. That of the very end. From the picture and my shot memory these are the details;
My BTS eliminated
Void Spinner eliminated
Falcons (R Flank) eliminated
Falcons (L Flank) broken
Recons marching for objectives
Guardians eliminated
Suits broken

5-1 me! First win against Eldar in 4 years. Kal killed my BTS.

Looking back. I followed my plan. Hardly controlling that "go get them" feeling. I got very lucky 1st turn! Two Eldar units failed to activate, three units doing nothing, and Rangers getting eliminated. 7 of his activation did fuck all nothing. The Avatar never showing up all game helped.

Thank you Kal! Without you being a driving force in Eastern PA Epic gaming would be difficult. See ya at HMGS Cold Wars.

Pictures from the wife

Pictures from Kal

Saturday, January 21, 2017

COLD WARS Get your pre-registration done!

COLD WARS March 16 - 19, 2017
Convention Theme:
 "A Good Day to Die Hard
Photo, Mitch Osborne - Historicon 2015

         I am in for some RF&F on Friday and Saturday night. Black Powder on Sunday morning. And........... The Net EA tourney all Saturday! Bring the Tau to rain the pain.

Cold Wars Registration is OPEN

Friday, January 20, 2017

HMGS down?

         The fucking web page is down on opening day?

                              What the fuck?

Your still retarded!

A gaming day???

          Holy shit! I am actually going to get a Epic game in. Sunday 12:00, we are playing at Showcase Comics, with Epic Times Facebook group in central PA.
        I am bring the Tau of course. It is currently the only choice I have access to. The others being buried in storage. These are the Tau that will be showing up to Cold Wars and AdeptiCon.
        I have requested a tourney primer against Eldar. The Eldar always smash my Tau.

Looking at one of two:

2500 POINTS 
Tau Third Phase Expansion (6.8 Approved) 

6 Fire Warriors, 3 Devilfish, 2 Pathfinders, 1 Devilfish

6 Fire Warriors, 3 Devilfish

4 XV8 Crisis Battlesuit, Shas'el


2 Barracuda Fighters

2 Barracuda Fighters

4 Tetra, 2 Piranha

4 Tetra, 2 Piranha

6 Tetra

6 XV88 Broadsides

4 Hammerhead Gunships (Ion- or Fusionhead), 1 extra Hammerhead Gunship (Rail- or Fusionhead)


2 Tiger Sharks


2500 POINTS 
Tau Third Phase Expansion (6.8 Approved) 

4 XV8 Crisis Battlesuit, Shas'el


2 Barracuda Fighters

4 Tetra, 2 Piranha

4 Tetra, 2 Piranha

6 Tetra

6 XV88 Broadsides



4 XV8 Crisis Battlesuit, Shas'el

4 XV8 Crisis Battlesuit, Shas'el


12 Fire Warriors