Friday, November 30, 2018

NetEA Tau Vs Sisters

         Back from Japan and Honolulu. This week I am on phone support. It was planned as my inlaws flew in Wednesday. I request a comp day for it and that shelved my ability to travel for the week. Lucky me Kal also has nothing to do.

         I got me a Tau space ship. Just had to take it out for a spin. And why not planet fall a Mantra full of big nasty suits.
My list; (failed to get a shot of Kal's)

The plan; 
         Tellie the stealth suits right straight up the center into his face and drop the Mantra on a flank. Then the big suits jump out for melt party. This would be quick or a total tabling. With only 10 activations the big suits would easily get gang banged.

Objectives and Deployment;
         Objectives went down as predicted. Kal's Blitz in the center and his other two in a wide triangle near the 50yd line. My blitz snuggled the left flank and the other two off center to the left as close as I could to the Blitz. 
         One Pathfinder was garrisoned. I left the right flank and center empty, castling around the Blitz. Kal just about filled his deployment zone. Then plan "A" seemed doomed. I was grossly out activated with 6 activation off board. 

Where the meat hits the metal;
        The plan quickly changed. Everything would come in turn 2. Kal's army being a up close and personal, in your face, punchy sort. I prayed he would advance. Which meant the 4 units on the board were bait. I would give up my Blitz, Defend the flag, and TSNP points. (2 for Kal, minus 1 for me). Which meant I had to take his blitz, BTS and T&C. While deducting his TSNP. 

         Turn 1 the Tau were under performing and taking a smacking. The garrisoned Path Finders and the Riptides were beat up (down 3 dc)  and broken 1st turn. One PF and the Riptides rallied. R'vanra never shed the blast markers.
        Turn 2 the Spaceship blasted the BTS and broke it. The Mantra planet fell onto the empty right flank. The suits remained inside. One stealth suit went after T&C. The other the BTS. I lost my deployment zone with only 2 broken Riptides hiding by my blitz. The stealth suits were down 40% but bounced a couple of assaults. 
        Turn 3 I lost my blitz and DTF. Everyone back there at the start were slaughtered. I bearly smoked Kal's BTS. It took the last stealth, fighters, and mantra. I took Blitz and T&C with the Y'vahra and the Mantra. Everything else was died or broken.

I won't ever play the list again. It is a one trick pony with good dice. It plays itself. By design your trading victory conditions. Just as long as you smoke the BTS, the game is won.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

AdeptiCon 2019

AdeptiCon 2019 Registration
         I am in Honolulu laying on the beach. Holy fuck today is registration day. 5 hours after the open many games are close. I am on the wait list for 6. In solid for warmaster and epic.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Japan and painting finished.

        It has been a month. A very long time in Japan. I missed Fall In, Halloween. In my bags sat a Tau army, some 10mm Romans, and 20mm Colonial Brits. I could have painted so much more, but tourist shit, company dinners, and drinking multiple beers didn't help.

          I did complete the Tau army.
Once back stateside, I will put it up for sale.

The list, 4200+ without all the upgrades

Completed army pictures

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Japan and Painting part II

Everything is no painted. I have 5ish days to finish basing the army. Then They will be up for sale by black Friday.

    I should get full army shots up by Saturday

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Japan and Painting


So slowly the rage and butt hate dies. Only to have gasoline poured on it every time some twat on Facebook opens his bitch mouth.

         Half way thru the trip. I have done more drinking and cigar smoking than painting. Some tourist shit on the weekends doesn't help the cause. Along with a heavy dose of being lazy.

         What little effort that has been applied has resulted in;
2 SkyRay detachments
1 Rail head Detachment + upgrade
3 Recon detachments + 3 upgrades
2 tiger sharks
1 Objective

          I got me some sun sharks, cudas, 2 objectives, broadsides, 2 detachments of suits as WIP on deck. There is a small chance I will finish this shit before I leave.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Yo yo yo Snitches get Stitches



           I had like a true real post. An update to some shit I was doing. Interesting and all. Then I woke up to some bull shit. Some unnamed fan boy fucktard sold out china forge aka iDesigns to GW. That little bitch sent the fucking catalog to GW legal. 

          Seriously? What the fuck? I am a stock holder and I never said fuck all nothing. What makes a person go and tell? There is no financial reward. There is no bone thrown your way. You are just askin', askin' to get scalped.

         What makes it worse is some other asshole to most likely, to get street cred or show how cool he was, give this little bitch the catalog. And further, I am willing to bet the unnamed fan boy fucktard was an AT fucktard. Some little bitch boy who never experienced the initial ass rape GW throw the Epic fan base.

       And now Taccmd is down. Net epic is down.

         So I pray, no prayed to Jesus. Look here sonny, don't let your boy's name slip. I am the monster under the bed, the fucker in your closet, the bump in the night.