Thursday, November 29, 2012

Force on Force

          The Skinnies were based and dipped last night. The trick with dipping is to stay calm. They will look like crap painted. Then paint your dip on, don't do the soak and shake method. Still be calm, as they look like better crap. Matt vanish and holy crap they are not too bad. Best part they took about a night or 3hrs to finish 20.

          Some more US infantry. I chopped a few for SAW gunners. As every SAW was a laying down position. Then glued them to nickles and color primed. No Pictures yet.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Force on Force

         These are 20mm plastics from Caesar Miniatures. Painting these soft plastics is a PIA. I wash them in purple power to free up the mold release on them. I don't clean the mold lines as Force on Force is a drinking and shit talking game for us. Just about all of them get super glued to a nickle and wall spackle is use to smooth out the difference between the nickle, the base the dude is on and his feet. After that they get a very light uneven shot of white primer. I go uneven and light as the plastic is flexible and will fall off before they get dip when handled too much.
          I got the skinnies all blocked in. They look like crap now, but a swim in Army Painter's quick dip and they will be mint. The dip does two things. One it seals and keeps the paint on the other is that the painting process is faster.
         Child soldiers, messed up huh? But it is true. You could not pass a day without seeing one and 9 times out of 10, he was high.
         Why does not one single skinny wear flip flops? That is all those bastards wore when I was there, tactical flip flops!

Basing is tomorrow night.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Epic Titan WIP II

          A quick up date on my Customer's project, a Warlord and Reaver Titan. The Morning Star Titan's hazard stripes are about done. All that is left is black lining them.
          Today I got the eyes on the Reaver and a base coat the head. The weapons were picked out in red and old gold. The rivets were black line and picked out. I also started the laying in lighter reds on the power cables.

          The Warlord got the laser sights finished and the weapon details highlighted. The brick work in the ruins was picked out.
          Being at Mom and Dad's for the holidays, the eyes will have to wait until Monday.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Epic Titan WIP

A customer's project.

          He was never very happy with his titan's paint job. He sprayed them dark green like you would see in the Armageddon rule book.

          I was given total freedom with the redo. He only wanted about 3 hours on each. I choose the Astraman, Morning Star Titan, Legio. This way I did not have to strip them.
          I have rebased the warlord and added some ruins.Then I  started on adding the Legio stripes and detail the weapons. After which I will highlight and pick out the detail.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Back from the land of 2 year olds

          The wife's collar bone is healing. All this means I am no longer chasing my two year old all over the place. She has a touching problem. Any thing that is not hers or may cause injury, she has a need to touch. I am proud that after roughly a month I have not killed either mom or daughter.

Epic Space Wolves Terminators

          Finally I was able to get back to painting. The first thing up was some Space Wolves Epic Terminators I agreed to paint.
          This detachment is a mixature of forumware, GW metal termies/characters and the classic plastic GW termies. The Space wolves chapter badge was painted, but I did not paint the great company badge on this detachment.

          The second detachment was done as Brad Redmaw's Great Company. The Redmaw Wolf's head and Space Wolves chapter badge were done.

 Epic Blood Angel Termies and Dreads
          These dudes are about done. I should be finishing them up tonight. The hazard stripes on the power fists and the helmets are all that is left.
          I tried a BS assault cannon conversion. By chopping off the front of a couple of storm bolters and adding a plastic rod for the assault cannons.

          I am slowly filling out the armor for the BAs. I am trying to get all older versions of the tanks. These have only been blocked in.
          Green stuff blood drops have been added to the doors and other places of interest.

Force on Force

          With my A.D.D. kicking in at full speed. I finish up 2 US troops in the 3 color DCUs and a pile of barricades.The sand bags I am not feeling so much. I think a few should be done field green or black.

          I also based up a bunch of skinnies to get smoked.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Epic Dark Angels Loaner Army

          Epic Armageddon is a gaming system hanging on by the community. I have started a Dark Angels army to use as a teaching and loaner army. The drop pods paint up nicely.
          I have molded up the GW drop pods. They want a retarded amount of coin for 2. I poured out the bottom. Assemble the top part and poured each one separately. By using a Smooth On rubber that stretches 250% before tearing and then having very thin wall to the mold. They pop right out.
           Yeah, Yeah the rules do say one drop pod per detachment. Our house rules are 1 pod for every 2 stands. It does clog up the board but we think it represents the drop pods far better.