Monday, July 8, 2013

Epic Armageddon City Table

          I think it is everyone's dream to have an Epic city table. Mine too, and like most I have failed to create anything remotely cool and useful. Before there was never a plan or layout, just random projects here and there slapped together. Now there is a plan!
          Today the dream starts, 08 JULY 2013. How long it will take? Will I ever finish the table? There is a tag created to track my efforts.

          I searched for others examples. Because why reinvent the wheel! Hopefully I could learn from their mistakes and great ideas.

          I have seen this dude GW realm of battle table. It is sweet, but gives me the feel of a small town. One main street and a few side streets doesn't reflect an urban conflict. You could move clean across it in a turn. Also there are unblocked LOS throughout. His roads just end. I understand why, but when the sections are combined it looks funny. 
         (His road sections were saved from a past table that was more city like.) I have 14 sets of the FW roads. I will need to make molds of road section.

          The rest of what I saw looked like 40K tables. Huge over sized roads and very few buildings.

         After buying up epic collections and the forumware that is being produced, I now have the resources and materials to make something truly Epic. My plan is for an 8' by 6' table in 24" squares. The entire thing will be covered from edge to edge with roads, parks, and buildings. My focal point will be right down the center  FW church, a reflecting pool, and a large building made from Gamecraft's line. Behind the church will sit the residential area, and to the sides government buildings. From the Gamecraft building the city will creep into an industrial area.

         The first tile up is the Church. It will sit on a hill or raised area. Something like the acropolis in Athens.

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