Monday, November 30, 2015

November WIP part XI

          Unfocused, but moving along. Mostly layering folds in clothing, touching up chips, and trying to finish something.
          Individuals bagged
          Tier one Africans, and a dude with a vest
          The Press and another dude with a vest
        Two dudes with tactical flip flopps


Friday, November 27, 2015

November WIP part VIII

         Some Delta force dudes.

          Same dudes, weathered and dry brushed. Maybe another 30 minutes of effort. On to Africa and IEDs


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

November WIP part VII

         Finished the THawk down marker. Next up for the "Forest table" is the  finishing touches on the air defenses. 
         My A.D.D. has got me messing around with this half buried bunker. I think it will be come part of an airbase.
          Two more Administratum buildings. I stole the idea of blue roofs from the French mega epic thingy they had last month. They will be much lighter when finished. I started too dark a blue for the base.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Desert Terrain part III, "The Processing Station"

          With the whole base flocked, I have a problem. I failed to under coat or prime the plexi. I did this so everything would stick and never detach when the plexi flexed. This makes my sand see thru. The sand is not as thick as i would like. I need to spend a few days building up the sand depth and dune like appearance.
       The next group of items will be used for another large terrain piece. I have a small airfield and refinery in mind.
          Some storage tanks. These were painted be angle spraying. Light brown base, desert tan, and finally a high angle white. It is so hard to make them look as they do in the wild. I will add sand and stickers to finish them off.
         And one day the Librariums will get the tan paint job. They need the never ending soak and scrubbing.

       More walls and a landing platform sealed


Monday, November 23, 2015

Trees P-1

         I am doing so many now they need their own WIP posting.

Force on Force
          I need some sort of crops. Some thing to represent poppies, or whatever they grow there. I don't care if it looks exactly right. I wanted to use what I had knocking about. Rows of plants with cotton looking stuff as flowers.
         A few more 6mm palm base done with the trunks glued in. Plus 2 stands of tree for the Epic forest collection. The missile defense batteries got some attention along with a bunker, downed THawk, and radar thingy. Plus a little hill and tree stand.

And more bases getting drilled out for trees


Saturday, November 21, 2015

November WIP part VI

         More Wall sections and two fighting pits. The walls will be used on another project after I finish up the Processing station.  The fighting pits, hmmm? Don't know. I need to search for some artillery.

          These bad boys I should have casted. So sad. I will make a road section with one of them embedded into it. The other one will be made into a wadi wreck or some shit bang up at an oasis.


Friday, November 20, 2015

Desert Terrain part II, "The Processing Station"

          I was home with a sick kid. While she slept, I did the wash and painted. Painted more than did the wash. I got the yellow/white edging on the road done, Sand bags, barriers and pill boxes
          Started to lay down the first level of flock. What I should have done first is build up around the palms, walls, and fuzzy dunes. They stick out too much or are too high above ground level.
         I also think I should have completed painting and dipped the pieces. The dipping will save me from the endless repairs due to chipping paint during play and transport.