Thursday, September 25, 2014

City Table part VII

          Not much at all has occurred with the GW realm of battle tiles. I have been dragging it out. First I needed to create more road sections. Then there were 2 weddings and an AT. What I was able to complete was buildings. Can't have a city without buildings.

         In actuality I got lost for a bit. I wondered how flexible the city would be. Would I lose interest in playing the same lay out? Would the board soon be mastered? How can I avoid these issue?
         Also the fact that the end product would not match my vision. I needed to redefine and write down that vision. I needed a goal! "Cold Wars" I will finish the table in time for Cold Wars and have a scenario tested.

          What has been done? The first "Hill" section is layed out and glued down. After I sink a few pillboxes into the incline, the painting will start. The first "Flat" section is layed out.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

City Table "Buildings" part VIII

          Librariums!!! I have a large number of these to paint up. 3 More

         As all the roads are attached to the tiles. The idea is that the buildings will be mounted on 4 different sizes. The roads are laid out for the four sizes. Single road tile, Long straight road tile, Double long straight road tile, and Cathedral foot print. The idea then is to be able to move the buildings all over the place, changing the city for each game. Add in board orientation and I should have never ending possibilities.
         The plastic card order came thru. I can start to cut the different sizes out.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

City Table "Buildings" part VII

          One more Librarium. This one is also a copy. Hell everything today is a copy. This time it was a black spray primer, then two quick dry brushes of gray.
Forge World Librarium

          Next up are two FW columns. Copies, you can tell by the bubbles. Another black spray primer and dry brushing. Now it gets interesting. I used a technic wall painters use. The last color was a watered down brown that was lifted off. Wall painters use rags, I used TP.
Forge World Column

Friday, September 19, 2014

City Table "Buildings" part VI.5

          An update on the Ebay buildings. The roofs dressed in. Only the tower remains, ran out of materials.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

City Table "Buildings" part VI

          These dudes are Ebay specials. I got them for 30 each plus whatever shipping was. Small type  Big type I made one large "T" building, a tower, and long skinny. I guess the "T" building is worth it. The smaller set is just not as cool.

           I need to trim the roof decking. Then back fill and dress out the edges. Same for the tall one below.

          Don't know why this one refuses to upload rotated.

Monday, September 8, 2014

City Table "Ruins" part VI

          Everything thing you need is right here. Go ahead click it. The rules, tourney pack, and all the lists are available for download. Its in PFD and IT IS FREE!  And make sure you get the "EPIC TOOL."
         Don't be afraid. The total rules are roughly 26 pages.Epic lives on, updated, play tested, and free!

          The other 3 Librariums that were smashed in LN2. They are placed together in the original Epic building pattern. The building is based on the Tank Factory foot print. (The foot print STD will allow for building lay out a little different each time.) Chunks of plastic card was used for the tile. The fill between the 3 buildings is white glue and flock.

          Initially primed dark green with a light green angle spray. The rubble inbetween was turned into another sea of boiling plasma. This time it was inked blue, yellow, dry brushed white, and finished off with MIG weathering powders. Some details were picked out and the roof tiles painted.
Forge World Librarium

Saturday, September 6, 2014

City Table "Ruins" part V

          Two of the laser cut wooden buildings from ebay. They are not the greatest of cut jobs. All the sides are off, over or under sized. Plus you spend 20 minutes punching out all the little bullshit chunks. They are also a total pain in the balls to assemble. I am totally spoiled by Gamecraftminiatures. So spoiled I would not order them ever again.

Friday, September 5, 2014

City Table Buildings part V


          I have not been sitting around. Cleaning Forge World resin crack is a full time job. If you move and push thru it. The primer never sticks. I washed those bad boys like 3 times. Sucks!

         All have been cleaned , washed, and primed. With one copy in que. These white copies blow. The yellow copies are much better. Too bad those dudes are out of the Epic. Hopefully I can finish them all up this weekend.

          3 Forge World Librariums primed up and a another Librarium copy in que.

         2 FW City Monoliths. Both copies.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

City Table "Ruins" part IV, ebaying

          Two set of buildings, both from Ebay. I got 2 of the resin sets and 6 of the wooden sets. The resin sets are complete building. The wooden set are all ruined. I had thought I ordered wooden ones that were complete. Can't remember.

Got Wood?

Wood 1

Wood 2

Wood 3 & 4

Wood 3 close up. I think its done. Maybe a touch of MIG weathering? A dry brush of metal?

          Also gobbled up a set of 5 FW painted buildings. In truth its 3 complete structures and one that has been sawed in half. Original idea sort of. Still at 150 for 5 cleaned, primed, and painted it was a steal. It would have taken maybe a weeks worth of time to complete them. I don't have the time.