Friday, July 31, 2020

The Road Show "When work returns"

        It has been a while since I have had to actual work. As a traveling dude, you miss the road. That is until it gets in the way of painting minis. My usual babysitting customers has changed into hands on attention. They have all been left alone for too long. Just like children being left alone, they start to break stuff. This is my excuse!

        I have done nothing hobby wise for weeks. I packed up my kit to paint. Never ever once took it out over the last two weeks. Finally I got to a customer where I can paint. I got a spot cleared, opened the kit, and the customers were calling all night. I never had a chance to even go through my new goodie box.

        This morning I am waiting on parts. Finally I get to see what was ordered 3+ months ago. That is all I will get to do today. Next week I am here also. Hopefully next week I can get some painting done.
        ork village buildings
        I didn't have a complete set. These will be masters.

 Scout Speeders
 Scouts, 2 MK III marines
 dead/wounded marines
different style termies. 
????Not too sure I like them????

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Your Momma is a Sallie bases part IV

XVIII Legion

         Back towards working out a final solution for basing. It is time consuming to drill out each base for the circles the dudes stand on. I have a number of infantry bases squared and drilled for dudes. Those are going to get casted.

        The rhino sized vehicles are going on 30 x 20mm bases. Originally I had planned on 40 x 40mm. That size looks too big. I chopped down a bunch of 40 x 40s for the 30 x 20s

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Warmaster Dark Elves Vs Tomb Kings 2000 points

         Kal was free and I am sitting around waiting on a customer to get their collective shit together. I hosted and it was Warmaster this time. Straight up gaming, no developing list, no tourney prep bullshit just Warmaster Original armies.

My list, break point 12;

Kal's list, break point 9;

         I had set up with my Cavalry in the middle, flanked by archers and artillery battalions. Chariots wide out on the left flank. While the spearmen are out on the right. The idea was to pounce on an opening in the middle. Cavalry did nothing all game.

       The Dice Gods ruined the game. Kal's Cold Ones, Bolt throwers, Witches, And Hydras took the day off. If that wasn't enough, two blunders helped the command rolls wonderfully. All of which should never happen so frequently.
        Due to the shit show his dice put on. Tomb Kings win 2.5 Break to 9.

The action not in order.
It wasn't great dice on my part. My normal shooting.

Sunday, July 12, 2020

40K Khorne World Eaters Daemon Engines

         I could not even begin to tell you what half of these things are. More so exactly what they are meant to be. Some where between Ork, Medieval, Dwarf, & Steam Punk technology, and some thing to put more skulls on.
        30 years later GW shits something that is a properly developed idea and is little scary. A dark mech blending of flesh, tech, and warp to create a monstrous insane killing thing. With no God Dam Skulls! I am printing up a bunch of these beasts. Then failure.

Blood Reaper. 
     Another GW concept born from heavy drug use. Either the drugs were use in the design or both in the design and approval process. A cross between steam punk and heavy metal. It is not terrifying. I can't even say what it is meant to be. It is cover in skulls.
     Once again it appears to be powered be a steam boiler. It has wooden wheels again. Or solid metal wheels. They are too small and narrow to support the weight. The massive exhaust stacks are for burning wood? The piston driven arms are to articulate or absorb the recoil from the weapon, and external hoses. Its terrible! What else can you say?
         I got a set of 6 from the primarch load sale. List as pro painted, not so much. Nor did they match. I took the best looking one and repainted them all to match.

Lord of Battle
        Yet again a lost design concept. An ancient Bull God propelled by a track system which is pushing giant scrap metal wheels. There are motorcycle type exhaust pipes one top of the track system, but nothing or no combustable engine. It is an Ork or Dwarf steam punk design feature. The weapons are piston recoil controlled? Massive non-collapsable hoses every where. There are giant hydraulic pistons in back that do what exactly? Nothing representing of flesh and metal infused with a demon. And there are skulls every where.
        Another Primarch load sale item. Each where 50% less than eBay prices. So a two for 1 deal, sort of. I painted them to match the Blood Reapers. The bases will all get done at the same time. I won't be copying the original Blood Reaper bases.

        Forge World originals. I had only 5 for some reason. The come in packs of 3. One has to be lost somewhere. I got another FW single from the Primarch load sale. Then quickly lost that one. Dumb, dumber, and taking pills to be more extra dummy.
        There is a lot going on with these fighters. Overly detailed. I tried to slick it down some.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Photon S LCD issues

          I got my Photon in mid-May. It has been running non stop since arrival. About a 1000hrs and 1.5 liters or resin. The FEP screen was replaced around 600 hrs. 
          First problem was a failed print which cover the build area, like the entire LCD went active. Next some items on the plate half printed. Then nothing printed. Troubleshooting led to this
          The LCD fails the exposure test. As you can see the LCD is putting out, just not the pattern for the test. I ordered a new LCD and put in a service request with AnyCubic as I am under warranty.
          The line look like a connection problem. I opened it up and went to check the cable. AnyCubic looks to have had connection problems in the past. Every connection is hot glued in place. The ribbon cable for the LCD is 3M taped in 3 places.
         After unplugging and reconnecting everything. It pasted a screen test on the bench. I put it back together and moved over to the printing station. Then tried to get a picture of a passing test. Failure again.
        So now I am thinking; 1.) a bad cable 2.) a grounding issue 3.) shit design

But I have stopped, as I am under warranty. Waiting on AnyCubic to reply.


        My thinking was wrong. It is heat related. The printer has sat off for >24hrs. After doing nothing, only turning it on, the exposure test passes. Continues to pass. I am going to upgrade the cool fan.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Horus Heresy World Eaters "left overs"

        Left overs. The things I did not want to finish. They remained in my travel kit, never seeing and love.
          It is a beast. Have no idea what it is called. It does not fit together very well. One side was warped beyond repair. I have another copy and it is the same. I did lose whatever weapon system goes on top. This one is a skinner original.

        I may need a detachment of assault marines for IWC. I printed up two groups. One in Mark III armor and current raptor dudes. The Mark III were scaled down from 8 to 6mm. The raptors were scaled down from 28mm.
       Mine don't look as cool as these dudes. The printed versions are not any where close to as nice as  China Forge. I will have to get some china forge assault marines.
        The demons came out great. These are not great. They will be place holders until something better is found. Maybe the raptors will work. They will be next.