Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Adeptus Titanius.

         I got the rules kit and the big old box of terrain. Downloaded some stl files. Ordered up some filament. Now I got to get home and get to printing. Just terrain no titans. I have firmware titans. I am not buying the new shit. What legio?

          Once I get the rules hopefully there is a way to represent the small crews, black core, small tactical maniples.

The Black Iron Cores seemed to channel the knowledge and experience of fallen Titan crew-members with far more reliable results than the crude foresight displayed by the Eminarii Battle-Automata, allowing the crew to harness a level of skill, co-ordination and tactical prowess that transcended the training of any single Princeps. This new technology allowed the Legio Xestobiax to operate its Titans with less crew than its counterparts from other Legions of the Legio Titanica. Yet the use of Black Iron Cores and the psychic energy they generated also had its drawbacks. Examinations of fallen Legio Xestobiax God-engines and captured pict-records of their crew would reveal that these altered Titans were prone to a variety of bizarre phenomena: mass hallucinations of the crew, violent and unexplainable poltergeist activity and even temperature variance within the Titan's hull, especially within those compartments relatively close to the Black Iron Core's operation.
 Purple/blue and white easy enough.
I am starting off with 2 Reavers and a Warhound. Thats what I took with me. I will have to update the Warlord next month.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Epic ruined building

         There sat a perfectly size chuck of plastic card. All at once I started building a new terrain piece. There was no plan. Two partial days of screwing around.
          No it is not an original Tank Factory. I got a bunch of bust/porked casts from a dude that was trying to cast it. One good Chinaforge warhound went under the knife. Everything else is MIG products.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

40K Howling Griffons

From another life time. Vomited from the depths of Mom's house. Way back to 4th and 5th edition 40K my Griffons. I sold most of them off in 2009. This is all that is left. Which is way more than I remembered.

Once again I have some of the odd ball stuff on eBay. A long with the a speeder. Maybe I will sell the lot or keep them for no good reason.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Epic 30K IFs

         It all started with me wanting Centurions. I needed more Termies too. But I think I will be playing Tau at Fall In........Hmmmm......Almost ordered Centurions. And I had the IFs' character dude from the Italian. So A.D.D. kicked in and this is what I ended up with. Maybe 30K IFs will be coming. Noon! I need to finish the 30K WEs.

         More A.D.D. (no 20mm colonial progress) and I was sitting looking at them. Those 3D printers that were mothballed when I left for Argentina. 4ish years later and the proper prayers, 9 beers, and the use of the company laptop, the FABtotum came to life.
         Feed problems. Got them straighten out just before bed, when the beers run out. The next one was much better. I just need to find the infill within the gcode. Maybe I should reread the manual?
         The other one. The liquid resin is being a pain in the ass. It refuses to see the USB or the wireless. So she will sit while I get the filament one mastered. Then I'm going mount that mule like a cheap lot lizard.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Sudan project Ansar captured guns and crew.

         At one point the Egyptian guns were over run and the crews captured. The Ansar leaked the experience or the knowledge to maintain and field them. So they kept some poor Egyptian dudes chained, chained to the guns. Those boys were not to happy about being chained up and less so about being forced to work the guns on their friends. They did about as poor a job as they could with the guns, or just enough not to get killed taking a piss.

          While painting guns. One more Egyptain gun and some markers.

16 more, + 4 guns, 164 done to date. The goal is 700 for the year, only 536 to go. 

Monday, September 10, 2018

Sudan Project 20mm Baggage train

         Finally get on with the Sudan project. I have been side tracked with Warmaster and Epic stuff.
          I got these dudes on sale about 3ish months ago. They get based up right away. Then nothing.
         The India troopers on the far right carry a stretcher. The two next to them carry game or a cannon part. All were extra fiddlely. Another time.

28 more, 148 done to date. The goal is 700 for the year, only 552 to go. 

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Sudan project The wounded and more Ansar

          British casualty markers. Always a touchy subject, wounded/dead soldiers. It happened, still happens. At least during the course of a game names will be remembered, hardships, struggles, deeds, heroic actions also.
          More Ansar and a dead/wounded dude.

48 more, 120 done to date. The goal is 700 for the year, only 580 to go.