Tuesday, April 30, 2013

20mm Force on Force

        Some infected dogs for the zombie project. Same 10mm giant wolves I used for the police dogs. They look good, but I don't know how infected they look.

         Some Elhiem Navy Seals. The DEVGRP green camo came out surprisingly well, but the coyote equipment is way to dark.Which of course I used on the weapons. Next time the weapons will get a sand color.

28mm M&T Terrain 

          I continue to punch out terrain with zero progress on my rangers. The 4Ground buildings were getting expensive. I saw another gamer had used WWII terrain. These are some 1/72 Russian cabins. They cost 4USD from ebay with shipping. The roofs were replaced with 4ground roof tiles. I mounted them to plexiglass again. Then continued with the ADK fall theme. The addition of new tuffs and flowers are from Scenic Express. The split wood and trees were taken from the dog's sticks again.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

20mm Force on Force

          Another GameCraft building. This one is resin.I flat out took someone's idea with the printed out rugs for the roof. Don't know why the building is all jacked up but the roof top rugs look new.

           Next up are some 20mm for a zombie game. 3 everyday LEOs or mall cops, one gun happy stripper, and 2 SWAT team dudes.

        Lastly 2 German shepherds as police dogs. They are actually 10mm giant wolves. Who knows where I got them. I found them digging around for square 20mm bases.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

M&T Cabin

          With Drill weekend and little to no time available to paint during the week, I have been finishing whatever I had knocking about.
          4Ground Cabin is pretty sweet. The interior is detailed and assembly is quick. I didn't even paint it. I will have to get maybe 2 more.

          I based it on plexiglass to give the terrain piece weight and hopefully a degree of toughness. Both the cabin and the flock were attached with wood glue. Then I continued with the ADK theme.

          I flat out robbed the dog of a stick. It was sawed into 20 to 24mm chunks. No injuries, but this whole idea had bad things just waiting to happen. I split each one with a hobby knife and a hammer. The split wood was stacked and super glued in place. It looks cool!
          Just because my wood stacks fall, these did too. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Britannia Miniatures

        Man from the pictures on their site, I thought they would suck. All the ones on the web were too far away in pictures. Or the painter applied paint as if icing a cake. But they had a UAV and a TV crew. Also they were fairly cheap coming from the UK with a SOG discount. I ordered a pile of Afghans, some bits and bobs.

       Britannia's service rules.
  • I got an email reply directly after placing my order. After hours, informing me that my order was in stock, would be picked and shipped the very next morning. Andrew Grubb is the man.
  • My order was in my hot little hands state side in 13days. Which includes Eastern weekend! Crazy.
  • If that was not enough, extras were tossed in. Not just one or two half ass mis-casts, but 12 dudes. 12 extra dudes you would actual want and be excited to get, casted perfectly. 
      The minis are much more than expected. Fine casts with high level of detail. There are casting lines and some flash on the bottom. No more than any other manufacture currently. The pictures you will find are bull, these minis are sweet. I can't wait to paint them. So much so I was cleaning them up in my office at work.

      I also got a resin building. No bubbles, no rubber mold stuck in cracks, and a sanded bottom. The thing smells horrible, I left it in the bag.
     The afghan market has lift off roofs and all sorts of wares littered about. No assembly required! Other than the smell, it is comparable to GameCraft's resin buildings.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Force on Force SF operators

          Now that the weather is nice and the yard is dry, I no time to paint. Owning a house blows, having a large yard blows. What little time I got to paint over the past week has gotten me no where. The M&T zero progress, Zombie minis zero, and with all the terrain in the bank just one piece was finished.

         I was able to push thru a 20mm Elhiem SOF fire team and two Johansen weapons crews. They all need to be flocked. Sorry for the piss poor pictures.
      Very happy with the way the mole gear turned out. I have them in RIVRON flight suits, but maybe a digi camo would be cooler.

      Based on FOW large bases. These are the last of my colorful foreign insurgents. Next up will be afghan foreign fighters.

          The ADK late fall theme continues with my M&T terrain. This time a different supplier's snow was used. Also I did the snow by the directions. It looks too fresh. I will be returning to my old ways.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Terrain week part V End game

3 day weekend looked so good to finish Terrain week strong. Well, not exactly on to Plan B. 

Scenic Express showed up Friday with my fall birch leave foliage. I continued to add bits and pieces until my fingers were too sticky to be of use.

2nd package of 20mm walls. Same recipe. WIP

20mm foam core 3 story had all the holes filled and the walls textured.It needs to be sanded and a second coat of filler added.

The Blockhouse's walls were cleaned and primed. There were dry brushed and wash with the same recipe. I want this to be a focal point on the table. So a base was built from foam core and 3mm plastic card. It is all resin and heavy. This is the reasoning for the plastic card reinforcement. The structure's placement was marked off.

The outside edge was cut down. I did not want a huge lip at the starting edge of my terrain piece. Also the Blockhouse will appear to sit on a raised knoll. To create the knoll, wall spackle was used in thin layers.

4Ground cabin assembled and based.I will hopefully get it sanded, tuffed, and snowed in tonight

        Another 20mm compound, WIP. This one is made from Resin. Much quicker prep to prime. They are not exactly square true. Some hard thinking and sanding to get a some what normal fit. Bricked in and washed.

         A 20mm Walls package 1 done.I changed the way or order in which the exposed bricks were painted on the second group. There was a lot of redo and touch ups with the old order.

          20mm Compound done. I had to put it on a base. It was not strong enough free standing and I want it to last for a while before repairs.