Friday, August 29, 2014

City Table Buildings part IV


Dark Angel Statue
          The Traffic circle statue is done. At first I wanted a lady liberty copper look. Then when with copper skin and gold leaf look. I did not spend any effort of time on the base. Later down the road I may revisit it with some weathering.

          Another Forge World building. This one is a copy. I picked it up when I bought the dude in Atlanta's collection. I got all his FW originals and a few copies, plus his DA army. The DAs were cherry picked and pieced out for sale on ebay.

         All of the building will be painted to a gaming standard. I don't or won't have the time to pimp each one. There is going to be a ton of buildings to be painted. 

Forge World Adminstratium
          The 2 FW Adminstratium Building was done along side the Cathedral. Quick and easy, nothing special. They look the same, some building will have to. This will be the standard for every building but the special ones or those created as objectives.

The support beams are different. Can't have every building looking the same.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

City Table "ruins" part III

          The plasma burn building is done. This is one of the special buildings. It will be used in a mission and as objective.

          This is one of four buildings that were busted apart with LN2. (Liquid Nitrogen) All of them were Librariums. Now some of you may cry, knowing I destroyed a Forge World building. I have been gobbling up all the cheap ones off of ebay, purchasing individual's collections. Plus I picked up a shit ton of copies. If you don't have one, your in luck. I stopped buying.
Forge World Librarium
          I used inks and MIG weathering powders to get the look of boiling plasma melting its way down through the building.
          The "base" that the building rests on is the same size as the Tank Factory or the length of the long straight road.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

City Table Buildings part III

          A week of drill put me in the whole. Nothing got done and now there is no school or day care this week. I have sneaked in a few minutes here and there. Last night I gave up some sleep for the church. Lower windows and the tall towers spikey bits. Still a long way to go. This monster has a lot of surface area and little details.The roof tiles, support columns, and the grounds.

Finally Finally

Forge World Cathedral

Forge World Cathedral Side view

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

City Table VI

    Long time no up date. My time has been gobbled up. Plus I had to give up the space I used to lay out the GW board tiles. I got my space back and time is freeing up.
          I want flat backs to the roads with little to no bubbles. Or bubbles I have to fix. I get great detail from the molds. But I wanted to experiment with something other than a gravity pour. The experiment turned into a mess. Experimenting wastes time and gets me no where closer to finishing a tile. This is the last experiment as the KISS and eyes on the prize principals are the guiding force.

          Experiment one; Low height gravity pour without vibration. No surface bubbles. Bubbles throughout. Maybe I failed to stir it up enough.

          Experiment two; Same pour, but a flat plate and weights where applied. This created air pockets and squeezed out some of the resin. No effect to surface detail.
          The upper one is the surface. The bottom the back side.

         In the end this was a total cluster. I pissed a way a whole night's free time. I will be straight up high gravity pouring out the rest. No more wasted time or resouces.

Monday, August 25, 2014

RF & F part II

Disordered markers.


     The dudes are from Peter Pig. I have mounted them on much higher bases. We drink and play and miss things. No one gets mad, but it sucks all the same. The idea is these tall markers will not, not get missed during the endless shit talking, and glass smacking.


           I will finish them off with green flock and tuffs. Yellow for disordered, red for broke, and green (not pictured) for break thru.


          Standard disorder markers. Ebay special.

          Easy to see the difference between the painting My "gaming standard" and the ebay "pro-painted."  Careful what you buy! Sometimes, well most of the time it would be better if they weren't painted to start with.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Epic pill boxes

           I will need a lot of pill boxes for the city table fortified hill. FW of course no longer makes them. The plan is for the resin to go down the wood paths and fill from the bottom working its way up. I hope this will ensure I got little to no bubbles.
           The completed mold broken out of the bricks. Below, you can see it separated. As always I need to clean  it up. Remove the flash, the masters, sticks and clay. Then a wicked sharp knife to to ensure the resin flow paths.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

DAs scouts

Dark Angels Project
Total Point Painted: 1775

          Scouts were kicking about the painting table. Creeping and hiding, I found them searching for something else. They need half hours attention and sealing.

         A few more dreads. Already primed green, an easy score. They took a few days, 5 minutes here and 5 there.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

City Table Ruins part II

          Work continues on the buildings, as I continue to create the molds needed for more and more roads. Which is all good. A city needs building or its just a highway table.
           VV's building spray primed, angle primed, washed, and the first two dry brushes. I hope to knock it out next week.
           The plasma damage was started. Next will be light dusting of MIG's plasma burn blue.
           The windows hopefully appear to glow with the burning damage.

City Table "Buildings" Part II

Forge World Cathedral
                 The church is creeping along nicely. The bronze on the roof edging is done. The bronze all over is done. Next up is the ground floor windows and the tall tower details.
Forge World Administratum Building
          Another FW building, 1 out of six, large square style. Same look as the church. I will pick out the metal looking support beams. Then give it a dark wash. Dirty it up!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

City Table "The Ruins" part I

         Ebay! Sucks, but its a great source for new stuff and wasting company time. This round I found wood 6mm ruins and buildings.

          It can't be all FW, all the time. The bastards stopped making them and they are out of site 2nd hand. Beside it would be boring.

The ruins

The complete buildings

One more goodie, I'll be casting this bad boy.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

City Table "Buildings" part I

         Now, now y'all think I have been sitting around. Another Epic city table failure. Ha!

                    I been painting.

          The FW church! The roof needs its final highlight of green. The upper or stained glass looking windows I am pretty much happy with. The lower ones will be a blue/black. I finished the inset statues on the front two towers. Also the flat roof was blocked in.

Forge World Cathedral

          Creating two buildings with my 3 year old. She has an eye for rubble placement. Can't tell you why but her work is good enough.
         Both have the same foot print as the tank factory. The standard FW building and the tank factory's foot print will allow for a different city each time. As none of the building will be mount to the board itself.
          It is amazing what LN2 and a needle gun does to resin. (I would practice on some BS pieces you have laying around. Also be very comfortable with LN2 before you even think of touching the stuff. Very bad, unrepairable shit can happen to you if it TOUCHES YOU!) The first building got just a very little rested on top. The other 3 well, they were submerged.
         The base is cork with plasticard layering the top and forming the walls. The small little boxes will have trees in them in the end.

           The rubble between the ruins is a layering process. To be completely organic, I will be building upon each prior layer of rubble. In the past, I would have back filled with green stuff or clay. It never ever truly looked real. New technique.