Sunday, November 29, 2020

Regimental Fire & Fury "November's Office efforts part III"


         Rebasing the south continues. It is easy enough as long as your not sitting there watching it happen. I got roughly half the Confederates off the crap bases. The next quarter is sitting in water waiting to release. Hopefully no one used super glue.

Union rebasing

Union dismounted Cavalry

A few more of the Iron Brigade and some rebasing dudes

Union Artillery

Once home everyone got washed, and sealed. No time for flocking. 

Monday, November 23, 2020

Regimental Fire & Fury "November's office efforts part II"

         Just like last week I am off on the road. The plan is to finish up the Iron Brigade. Got cheated out of free time this past weekend. These dudes need a final wash, seal, and flocking.

Friday, November 20, 2020

HMGS' Cold Wars 2021 Call for GMs "Gaming submission is open"


         Thats right. The staff at HMGS is planning on running Cold Wars. After HistoriCon and Fall In being canceled.....Fall In was actually never even planned. Cold Wars is back!

         20 November was the first day to get your game scheduled. HMGS needs games for the convention. It is all about playing games. Man up and host a game. Sign up here

        I will be running the Warmaster Tourney on Friday starting at 9am. Warmaster Revolution rules, all optional rules with the exception of scouting. There will be 3 rounds at 2.5 hours each. 10 bucks to play, plus a swag bag.
        Epic Armageddon tourney is set for Saturday.

Cold Wars. Last in person convention of 2020. 
First in person convention of 2021.
Cold Wars 2021 is charging forward.
Theme: War at the Shore: Battles on Beaches
Obviously, things will be a little different. 
HMGS, Inc. Cold Wars must comply with all Maryland State Health Department Covid-19 Requirements for events in order to hold the show. Masks will be required in the facility. There will be hand sanitizer available for all. There will be mandatory temperature scans to enter the convention. There will be UV units available to sanitize shared gaming materials. We must be able to provide contact tracing to the State of Maryland after the event if necessary. Any and all state event requirements are subject to change. 

Game submission requirements have changed.
- Games are limited to 4 participants, 1 GM and 3 Players
- Table Units are set to 5' x 6' - no exceptions
- Table Unit must be set apart for social distancing and may not be moved
- Current HMGS membership and game submissions of 3 players x 4 hours= Free GM Badge 

If you normally run a large game, consider breaking it into smaller sections which will allow for social distancing. 
We appreciate your patience and creativity.

We know it may feel a little weird but these changes allow us to get together as safely as possible, roll dice and push lead around. We have room to spread out in our new home, the spacious and lovely Roland E Powell Convention Center in Ocean City, Maryland. 

If you have any questions, please email me at

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Regimental Fire & Fury "Rebasing the south"

          The 1st group from the south has been rebased. There are 20 more or so that will join them. No painting done.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Warmaster Weekend Big game

         HMGS' Fall In was canceled. The virus and Prince Wolfe doing their best to keep us down and poor. Can't stop me. I got a player base to develop, games to play, and a home table. This is the second game for one new player and a second dude came by to watch. The second dude Bill, wants in next game!

         It is WM Ancients this time around. We are building on Torro's demo. Kal and Jeremy are coming over for a 2v2 big game. The plan is for Kal and me to be on opposite sides and play a minor role. As Torro and Jeremy have limit exposure to the rules and their fun level is directly proportional to player base building. 

         Initially I thought about Rome after Jugurtha. While driving for work I came more into a Pyrrhus Vs Rome. Nothing bring ancients to mind than elephants, phalanx, legio. Everyone wonders what system Macedonian or Triplex Acies was superior. History only tells us it was a total meat grind at the first battle. 

280 BC Battle of Heraclea

         It was fought on open ground chosen for the Phalanx to function properly. North of the river is flat land and south a few miles away some hills. The Siris or Sinni river plays an opening roll. Rome is on the southern side and Pyrrhus on the north then. 
        Roman has maybe 45,000 troops and Pyrrhus around 35,500. The sources a few and incomplete and contradicting. We will go with these numbers.

Rome's 45,000
 4 Legions  (4-5k each)
 4 Allied legions (They are record as under strength >4k total each)
2,400 Cavalry

Pyrrhus's 35,500
20,000 Macedonian Phalanx
6,000 Hopilites
4,000 Hypaspists
4,000 Archers
1,000 Slingers
4,000 Cavalry
20 Elephants

         How will I break these numbers into Warmaster units? I think I have enough Romans to do 1000 dudes per base. I don't have enough phalangists do to it. Any way I cut it I won't have enough miniatures for Phalangists. 20 units would be 60 stands at 16 dudes a stand is 960 miniatures. What will happen then? I will be using blank bases to back fill the missing stands.



         The game started as per historical record. Pyrrhus' archers and slingers were guarding the river's fording places. We had 3, the sources state more than one. The Roman Cavalry is 30cm away.
          The rest of the Roman army will come on two two with a free, no leadership check, move. Pyrrhus attached to the Cavalry will appear 45cm behind the slingers and archers initial position. The rest of the Pyrrhic army will arrive turn 3 with a free move on. The elephants will only get that free move. Turn 4 they can be ordered.
Pyrrhus blunders and runs

          The battle went as history said it did. The Roman Cavalry charged the skirmishers, pushing them back. Pyrrhus' Cavalry engages, stops the roman cavalry, but failes to prevent the Legions from crossing the river. Pyrrhus in epic fashion blunders the order to his attached unit and runs away. Pretty much what actual happened.
          The legions come on and push the Pyrrhic army back. The Phalanx slams home, driving back the legions. The legions push back. And then both armies break. Again pretty close to what was said to happen.
Legions cross the river

Friday, November 13, 2020

Regimental Fire & Fury "November's office efforts part I"

         The company still has not found a replacement for the guy that resigned. I am not that replacement, but my sorry ass is here all November and December. We had a couple of dudes. One straight up lied on his app. The other I never got the call to interview. So who knows. 

         The job is slack and there is an office with a door. Which I needed or the ACW would never have gotten done. The only positive to this shit is I am painting my ass off.  

         I started off with a failure. Normally I do not unpack my kit. Well I did and in doing so I left the wet palette at home. Yeah I will be painting from the bottle this week. In an effort to correct his situation, next week I will leave one here forever.

Iron Brigade

    Man it was rough painting these dudes. I even split the job lot. It was way too hard to get into a rhythm. I struggled the 3 days.

North & South Artillery

    Cannons are easy. I never did look up what the carriage would have been painted. I don't really care. The Anglo-Egyptian guns just magically ended up the right color. I picked 3 colors from the kit and had at it.

        I am reading both "The Blood of Heroes and Betrayals. Betrayals at work and Blood of Heroes at the hotel at night. I am more into the Blood of Heroes. No one bothers me at the hotel. It seems every time I pick up Betrayals some fuck calls or emails me about how retarded they are.

    Betrayals is the better book. Only because Blood of Heroes jumps back and forth with the time line as personalities are introduced with their back story.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Regimental Fire & Fury "The Rebasing part II"


         The 1/3rd of the collection was based for another system. There are 11 or so Union bases with dudes unwilling to pop off. And that is all that is left of the Union. The Confederate bases are soaking in water with those few Union. I am a month away from finishing these Union. After which I will start on the South.

        These Southern boys will get touched up or repainted just as the Union dudes did. I expect a good 3 weeks to complete them.

         The first of the 2/3rd of the armies getting rebased. They will take longer as I will do them in conjunction with those that need the most help. These are being rebased from Jonny Reb or for uniformity. Everyone will be on Litko 3mm plywood bases with the same flock. 
          The Confederates need a final coat of matte spray. I had run out of time before having to hit he road again.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Regimental Fire & Fury Union INF stands


        This group were painted before dad died while I was at work. It took all this time to find a few hours to finish them up. All they needed was Flocking and sealing.

Same group of dudes

        The start of the Cavalry. I for some reason have little to no cavalry for either side. This is more than likely because I hate painting horses. Cavalry is pretty expensive to buy painted. I started ACW long long ago. Since then I have developed a reasonable or acceptable to me paint job for horses.

Union Horse holders

Dismounted Union and Rebel cavalry

Union and Confederate Artillery
I have also started the Iron Brigade. Blocking in colors takes forever.

Finally enough Union are done I have started on the Confederates. 

Foundry Paints resupply

New paint racks from Games craft