Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Tau going to Worlds

       I have not thought about what my list would be. Maybe something from the past. No Manta. No repeat of the Mirror list. Something more flexible and no one trick ponies. The first was an alpha strike. That list was tore and repurposed into the 1st primer list.

        I played against Jon's Nids. This game was no game. I had a plan. Never followed thru. I left a quarter of my activations doing nothing. I gave up my railheads. Jon made every save in the first turn but 2. One on the shoot WE and I sniped his SC. And then I shit the bed. The game early as I pork my self proper with nothing left to achieve a single point.
       After which Jon and I had a conversation about our list, flexibility, and changes that should occur.
       Plus my list was also illegal. I had 2 core and 7 support detachments. When I repurposed it, I made the error. I can't remember to take pictures.

      I need practice. It has been too long since I played. I made dumb mistakes. "Epic Times" is the local group. Kal responded to a last minute call out for a primer. We were out at 6 Feet under Games. It ended in a tie at the end of turn 3. The store closes early on Sundays and we sat around bullshitting for an hour or so before getting into it.
My list

Kal's list. All the penitent engine were tough to deal with. The sister high the best Fighter in the game.

Turn 1

         I lost the initiative turn one. We tied 3 times and tied once for initiative in both turns 2 & 3. I had sent both Stealth suits in. Hoping to roll the flank. They both got smoked right away, but ended up causing the right flank to never accomplish anything all game.
 The Stealth suits landed and when right back to the foam.

 The other Stealths were engaged. I rolled skulls for resolution and they followed the others to the foam.

 Just about every other activation is photo by photo.

 These two failed following each other.

 These jack nuts also failed. Both armor detachments failed. So now I will dick around with the list to find room for SC.

 This is how turn one ended.

Turn 2
         The skull dice get canned. I went to the car and pulled out the Warmaster travel dice.

And then I stopped taking pictures.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Warmaster Weekend "Samurai Cavalry"

Samurai Cavalry from the Samurai museum Kyoto

       Long time coming. I hate painting horses. Which now I have learned ain't so bad. I got a system that works well. So well with the stick I am thinking of painting all the 15mm ACW R&FF cavalry.

       Two units of Takada Cavalry, based long wise.

       Why, cause well.......nerd rage. The US TO for warmaster is on Chris' Nippon developmental board. Which means now there will be no flavor special army characteristic unit/army rules. My cavalry will stay base long wise. They will get more use in historical games than warmaster.

Hojo archers.

All minis are from the OOP Castle Arts.