Thursday, May 27, 2021

By Fire and Sword "Collecting Problems"

            Collectors have a common problem. Its not the massive amount of stuff we have or storing it or what our families will do with this shit when we die. The problem is at some point you have everything. It is only the super rare stuff that your missing and you know most likely unless someone dies you won't ever get it. I saw this will dad's collection. 

            The last 5 years of his life there was nothing left to buy. He had everything, barring those super extremely rare items. Dad started buying items sort of related. Stuff like art and signatures and primary source correspondence.

            Now I am there. I have everything for Epic and its painted. The same for Warmaster. Well, I am currently painting the Lizardmen and Ancients being Ancients are never truly finished. But there is a hybrid system of the two.....By Fire and Sword!

            You become so use to search and buying shit. When you run out of that shit to buy. Its like losing a friend. What do you do? Your an addict! Well you find a new drug. And I have only play a demo. WTF?

              Yearly goal. No collection buying. Failure. 


Skirmish set box

Reiter Regiment box

Dragoon box set 

x2 National Infantry 

Dice, Order Counters, Banners 


Skirmish set box

Gosiewski Foray Skirmish set box

Pancerni Cavalry box set 

Winged Hussars box set

Polish Cavalry Reg Box set

Dice, Order Counters, Banners

            The original plan was to buy used painted Pike and Shot armies. Then rebase them for BFAS. The plan is there is no plan. I am a horder and an addict. So I grabbed these at 40% of retail. And now I have to paint them at some point.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Regimental Fire and Fury "May's Efforts" part IV

             All last week I had been de-basing, re-basing, washing, sealing, and flocking like a nutter. Easily went thru 100 new bases and 2 cans of sealer. Once this final push was done, all the bases had been done. I would have only command stand flags and the CSA cavalry.
            Everything was going just fine. I would finish Friday. Then the wife came home early from work. The kid had a half day. That school is useless! And I got cheated. I was so close to being done.
            These are the last 35 that need flocking. 35 short of being done.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

By Fire and Sword "Build up"

Skirmish Rules

            Now that the collection has been sorted. I need to get all the minis painted touched up and washed. Then rebasing and flocking can start. First was an order to Litko for 3mm plywood bases. You can order the plastic bases directly from BFAS, but they are expensive. BFaS also sells metal bases. (I was never a fan of the metal base. The metal is too thin and forces a player to pick the base up by the mini.) I got 5x the number for the price of a single pack. Now the 40x40 artillery bases I will get from BFAS as Litko only sells in blocks of 100.

By Fire and Sword
Bases sizes

Artillery 40 x 40
Cavalry 40 x 30
Infantry 40 x 20
Inf Cmd 40 x 30
Div Cmd 40 x 40

            While I am rebasing the RF&F. I hope to start rebasing the INF for BFAS. There they lay in neat rows awaiting bases.

            I sent Staples the "Republic in Flames" pdf for printing. Luckily the company is paying. It was 162 for color heavy weight paper.

            Marauder Industries printed me up some counters. 10 of each for 10 with shipping. Disordered, Flight, and Reload.

Update;  While waiting for shit to happen the dudes got based, washed, and pasted.

Dragoons, Musketeers, Merc Command

Armored and non armored Pike
Italian Mercs

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Regimental Fire and Fury "May's Efforts" part III


            I am home this week on phone support. This is allowing for a rapid rebasing and reflocking of the ACW. When I saw the project during the "Aftermath", I was worried it would take me into next quarter to finish. Now I will finish this week. That will leave only the Cavalry to finish.

Yesterday's efforts.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Regimental Fire and Fury "May's Efforts" part II

            With the delivery of more storage cases and the Aftermath's sorting, something don't add up? I will have to start a recounting of bases. I don't know/think my count is correct.

            All of these are rebases. Some were washed, most. Then flocking.

            The limbers and support wagons all come with and without horses. I chose without horses. As they are not elements in the game. They are only markers. I am not painting extra horses for no real reason. Nope!
Stone Mountain Hasty Works

Friday, May 14, 2021

NashCon 2021 Dates



August 20, 21, & 22
Sheraton Music City
777 MacGavock Pike Nashville, TN

            I will be going. The hotel is pretty sweet. Sadly there are no rooms for me. Better for me I will be staying on points. Even better the family will tag along. There is plenty to do in Nashville for them.

        I requested tables for a Warmaster Tourney on Saturday. It was shot down due to COVID. I again asked after the mask requirement was lifted. Still shot down.

        I know Pat and some of his group are coming from St Louis. I will be there with some armies and and enough terrain for 2 tables. Pat and myself plan on pick up games. I will bring Epic and a Skirmish force of BFAS also. 

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Regimental Fire and Fury "May's Efforts" part I


            Southern Cav is with me this week. The horses are done. I need to bang out the riders while on the road.

            All of these misc pieces parts have been inked and sealed. I normally don't take the flock on the road. I am just not finding the time on the weekends to get it done. So I am going to make a mess in the hotel room!
            In the wake of the "Aftermath," the rebasing has kicked off again. I got this bunch rebased and sealed. They are nly waiting on flocking.
            The next group is on the table for basing. There is a problem. Some, well half of the little bastards are leaning forward. They are leaning so much so that I need to create some thing to support them as the glue dries. Otherwise they fall over right away.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Regimental Fire and Fury "Snake Rail Fence part V"


    Back at the fencing. I had run out of material for the base of the fencing. I was using wood. Then I switched to 3mm plastic card. It was user to cut and stronger the longer the pieces got. Amazon finally dropped it off. 

Pendraken MDF

            After the rails were cut in half. It is a matter of laying them out to create that initial templet. 

            These are Stone Mountain resin hasty works. I should get them finished this week.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Warmaster Weekend "Lizardmen"

            Not so much a Warmaster thing but wicked interesting and closely related. It is a Celtic Wolf helmet recently preserved and on display now.
            They have been painted and seal for a while. I needed a morning to get them based. When the girls left for church on Morther's Day I got my chance.

            All have had their bases leveled up with MIG eastern mud paste. I think there is only one more unit of Saurus to do. After which its characters, flyers, and 4 skinks then the army is done. At which point the flock will go down and all the bases will match.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Barrage 2021 Dates Sept 24-25

September 24th and 25th at Havre de Grace, MD in the community center. Its just north-ish of Baltimore. 

Registration opens in July!

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Little Wars 2021 "aftermath"

            The caulk mat held up well. There are a few places that need touching up. The same with the hills. Which in part is my fault. That and the weather prior to leaving. I was never able the seal the whole lot in PVA. If I get a sunny day this weekend I will touch it up and soak everything.

            All the ACW needs to be sorted and ready for storage. Lucky none were damaged. There are house keeping things that must be done. Many command stands need flags or flags replaced. I was shocked that 30% still need to be rebased.

            These tasks are those completed at home. Now that the new guy is getting some seasoning in. I won't be on the road so much. Then maybe all this shit will get done by the end of June.

            The final dudes to be painted remain the Cavalry for both North and South.

            The rules have taken the best mechanics of Epic, Warmaster, Kill team, FOG, and Lasalle, and Napoleon. With experience playing all, it should be easy to pick up. As I read thought the rules, I can see them reflecting the Warring Period in Japan. 
          The purchased collection is getting sorted. After ACW I will start to chip away. Firstly touching up, sealing, rebasing and reflocking those painted. 
           Once everything is counted up and I have an idea of the total forces available and some research completed, I want to do historic battles. I won't be kitting out the bulk forces from BFAS. They are 3x more than Old Glory. 
            I would like to have a skirmish level tourney army also.

            Never fear the Lizards are moving along. I need to paint bases and added some filler. Some quick highlights here and there. Then 5 more units will be finished. I have one more Saurus and then it is on to supporting units and heros. This should be done by June also.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

AdeptiCon 2022 dates released

             AdeptiCon will be 23-27 March 2022. Same venue. There will be a Warmaster tourney. I don't know if there will be an epic tourney or 3 events. Manzey at By Fire and Sword said there will be events and a tourney.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Regimental Fire and Fury "GMing at a Con" Little Wars 2021 part IV


            I am running an addition slot for the RF&F game. The "By Fire and Sword guys wanted to get in. Both are wicked cool. Karl is a no shit doc. Manzey freely shared their kickstarter experience, getting fucked by china production/covid, and general operational business bullshit. Very interesting to see the darker side of miniature and game production. They gave the By Fire and Sword Polish movie now in English! 
            (The Warlord dudes said they have sold, sold 8 million sprues of the ACW game) They had no fences. Plenty of brigade boxes and game sets. Asked about my fences and were shocked at Pendraken's price, 20% of what they charge for that length.

Awarded the show Game Master dude for running 7 events.

Oriental Naval combat
54+mm Western game.
Belfest game
French Foreign Legion

Battle of Stones River 12/31/1862

            Karl wanted to get in on the RF&F game but with the vendor schedule the Friday games were not going to work. Also as a vendor he couldn't get a spot as a player.  I had saved him a spot for today's game. It was going to be only us. Then I had 6 players! HMGS supplied prize support and a metal for best gamer. Karl won the prize and John took the metal for capture/destroying the most guns.

        I got 2 back to back pick up games of Epic in. One with James dude, Orks, from some where. He had about 1k points with me. Then a 2k game with Matt, IG, from the AdeptiCon tourneys. Both games were refreshers. They said they were luck to get one game in a year. 

                I played a demo of 1666. I wasn't going or interested, but this dude that play in my game Tony was like hey dude. So, well, shit. It fun and quick and I understood jack all by the end of it. Best part was the minis and artwork on the cards. If you have watched the BBC 3 Musketeers or the spanish series El Capitan, the characters are in it. I was El Capitan and 2 other extras.