Friday, July 23, 2021

Regimental Fire and Fury "The recount"


            The last group to be re-based. 13 Texans, 22 general CSA Inf, 1 Brave Col, and 2 Cmd Stands. They have been done for a long time. 2 months waiting. Life prevented me from finishing them with flock and a seal. 

            Now that everything has been rebased or based properly I can see where the collection stands. What scenarios can I run? What is left to be fully playable?


    201 Inf stands
    32 Cmd stands
    27 Cav Stands
    6 Horse holders
    10 DisMounted Cav
    5 Brave Col
    8 Brigade Commanders
    2 Division Commanders
    16 Artillery


    213 Inf stands
    25 Cmd stands
    2 Cav Stands
    3 Horse holders
    9 DisMounted Cav
    5 Brave Col
    10 Brigade Commanders
    5 Division Commanders
    12 Artillery

A ton of game markers
2 Supply Wagons
14 Limbers

            I need to work on the CSA Cav and some Union Brigade Commanders. Also most every Command stand flag needs to be replaced.
            I can run any game in the Scenario books and main rule book.

Everything to date

Saturday, July 10, 2021

By Fire and Sword "1st game"


            Well that was easy. I said BFaS and Kal jumped right in. Now I think at some point he may have tried to get me into BFaS. I was too pig headed, mean, or dumb to actual check it out. Now that I have, I am the asshole.

            I am hosting the first game. The FPs were close enough. No advantages either side. I think we played on too large a table. I ran with 6x4. It should have been something like 100cm by 100cm. Or a 4 by 4.

My List

      I continue with my standard of taking little to no pictures.


The shit we missed or cheated each other on;

            * Table size, gaming area, it should have been a 4 x4. We played on a 6 x 4. This larger area screwed with the ability to command our armies. The command range and number of command elements created situation where unit remained out of command for most of the game.

            * Both of us are long term NetEpic players. So when it came to the end of combat resolution, we wanted to dice off. There is no dice off in BFaS. The cumulative result from combat is all that determine who wins.

            * MM and SM penalties. We started off charging 10cm. It should have been 5cm.

            * Command Range; We started with only 20cm radius. It should have been 40cm for the Gen and 20 for the Lt.

Questions during the game.

        1.) If an enemy charges through your line of sight and you have a charge order, can you intercept (with a counter charge)? The unit counter charging is not the target of the charge.j

                    So when you have a charge declare a target for that charge...if that target for your charge has a charge order, then it may counter charge as a response.  Now that isnt to say that a unit of yours with a charge order could not intercept on its turn a charging unit that failed to connect with a charge on its initial move before the additional charge move that turn. 

                        Counter charge can only be done by the target of a charge, if that unit has a charge order and did not yet start its charge. If another unit crosses your front to charge another unit, you can then charge that unit. If you contact it before it contacts your other unit, and it can not partly move on (only open order) then that charging unit will not contact its original target. If you contacted the unit in flank or rear, then the charging unit's (initial charger) order changes to movement.

        2.) A unit of Dragoons shoots a unit of Gonullu, armor 2 Vs effectiveness 3. Save or no save?

                    * No save

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Warmaster "lizards on the road"


            I had mounted the Skinks, Commanders, Saurus, and guards to sticks. Weather held and they were primed to go.
            The Springhill does not have the best desk light of the hotels. Little rough to paint by at night.
        Even with the shit lighting I was able to get something done.

Thursday, May 27, 2021

By Fire and Sword "Collecting Problems"

            Collectors have a common problem. Its not the massive amount of stuff we have or storing it or what our families will do with this shit when we die. The problem is at some point you have everything. It is only the super rare stuff that your missing and you know most likely unless someone dies you won't ever get it. I saw this will dad's collection. 

            The last 5 years of his life there was nothing left to buy. He had everything, barring those super extremely rare items. Dad started buying items sort of related. Stuff like art and signatures and primary source correspondence.

            Now I am there. I have everything for Epic and its painted. The same for Warmaster. Well, I am currently painting the Lizardmen and Ancients being Ancients are never truly finished. But there is a hybrid system of the two.....By Fire and Sword!

            You become so use to search and buying shit. When you run out of that shit to buy. Its like losing a friend. What do you do? Your an addict! Well you find a new drug. And I have only play a demo. WTF?

              Yearly goal. No collection buying. Failure. 


Skirmish set box

Reiter Regiment box

Dragoon box set 

x2 National Infantry 

Dice, Order Counters, Banners 


Skirmish set box

Gosiewski Foray Skirmish set box

Pancerni Cavalry box set 

Winged Hussars box set

Polish Cavalry Reg Box set

Dice, Order Counters, Banners

            The original plan was to buy used painted Pike and Shot armies. Then rebase them for BFAS. The plan is there is no plan. I am a horder and an addict. So I grabbed these at 40% of retail. And now I have to paint them at some point.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Regimental Fire and Fury "May's Efforts" part IV

             All last week I had been de-basing, re-basing, washing, sealing, and flocking like a nutter. Easily went thru 100 new bases and 2 cans of sealer. Once this final push was done, all the bases had been done. I would have only command stand flags and the CSA cavalry.
            Everything was going just fine. I would finish Friday. Then the wife came home early from work. The kid had a half day. That school is useless! And I got cheated. I was so close to being done.
            These are the last 35 that need flocking. 35 short of being done.

Sunday, May 23, 2021

By Fire and Sword "Build up"

Skirmish Rules

            Now that the collection has been sorted. I need to get all the minis painted touched up and washed. Then rebasing and flocking can start. First was an order to Litko for 3mm plywood bases. You can order the plastic bases directly from BFAS, but they are expensive. BFaS also sells metal bases. (I was never a fan of the metal base. The metal is too thin and forces a player to pick the base up by the mini.) I got 5x the number for the price of a single pack. Now the 40x40 artillery bases I will get from BFAS as Litko only sells in blocks of 100.

By Fire and Sword
Bases sizes

Artillery 40 x 40
Cavalry 40 x 30
Infantry 40 x 20
Inf Cmd 40 x 30
Div Cmd 40 x 40

            While I am rebasing the RF&F. I hope to start rebasing the INF for BFAS. There they lay in neat rows awaiting bases.

            I sent Staples the "Republic in Flames" pdf for printing. Luckily the company is paying. It was 162 for color heavy weight paper.

            Marauder Industries printed me up some counters. 10 of each for 10 with shipping. Disordered, Flight, and Reload.

Update;  While waiting for shit to happen the dudes got based, washed, and pasted.

Dragoons, Musketeers, Merc Command

Armored and non armored Pike
Italian Mercs

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Regimental Fire and Fury "May's Efforts" part III


            I am home this week on phone support. This is allowing for a rapid rebasing and reflocking of the ACW. When I saw the project during the "Aftermath", I was worried it would take me into next quarter to finish. Now I will finish this week. That will leave only the Cavalry to finish.

Yesterday's efforts.