Monday, August 31, 2020

Warmaster Barbacue Weekend

        The Samurai had a hot and cold day. First game Shawn suffered from Blunders and failed command rolls. The second game I could not get out of my deployment zone. I Blundered and Failed my way through a complete turn.
         Shawn lost as I got into terrain first. Tim got there in the second game, masterfully, and I couldn't get any weight to push him out.
        Man good choice to host inside. It rained on and off all day. And rained like a cow pissing on a flat rock. I had moved the grill the night before to 3 feet in front of the garage. The charcoal and wood, apple,  was pre staged.
         Lunch was Burgers and Sausages
       I got a little wet cooking. The Boston Butt, 10 pounds/bone in, took 6 hours to smoke. All meat supplied by Applewood Butchers in Strasburg.

I butt ton of pictures.

 Lime green beer frig.

 Strategic ground circle

 That is not my Dew. I kicked the Dew. Now I am straight Whiskey and beer, because fish shit in water!

 turn 4 left flank stuck in the deployment zone.

 Right flank on 5 stuck in deployment zone. The Sammy never even got close to getting in.
 Thats my sammy at the end of the game STILL in the deployment zone!

Friday, August 28, 2020

Warmaster Barbeque prep day

We started with 6. Then got up to 8 and are down to 4 players now. Hurricanes barreling down on us. 


         I will be playing the Samurai or Nippon list. The Revolution Rules Committee has put the V1.1 list out for testing. I have a painted army, all Castle Arts stuff left in the world, and the trail list is broken bullshit. I will try to prove how it can be abused.
My list;
2 Shugenja
3 Ashigaru Yari
2 Ashigaru Yami
4 Ashigaru Teppo
5 Ronin
9 Samurai
1985   Break point 5 (9 Samurai + 1 Ninja)

         Saturday looked wonderful, 84 and sunny. Now they are saying pounding thunderstorms in the afternoon. Which changed to maybe Storms in the evening. The deck is covered by a 24 x 20 gazebo. When the rain drives you are going to get wet. The roof is metal and leaks in places.
          The other issue is the terrain and tile type gaming tables are made with PVA. When water hits and sits the PVA will go liquid again. My minis and based with PVA also. I am not looking to rebuild/repair terrain or rebase an army.
          This event should be played indoors. I have asked the group if they care about indoors or outdoors. I have to decide to risk the weather and clear the furniture from the deck or not, wash the deck, etc.  Or set up indoors. Indoors is easy, next to no work. The pig roast is easy once the fire is started. Cooking in the rain is no sweat.

We will be indoors. We can alway go back under the gazebo. It would only be moving four tables!

The indoor problem, my light sucks over the in house table. One circle shity light, leaves half the table at nearly lit. Upgraded the light to two 4000lum 4 footers. Now the table has light and will tan you as you play.


Thursday, August 27, 2020

International Warlord Champioship 2021 CANCELED

        Just like every other event this year the CCP Virus forces the cancelation of yet another annual event. France's big event the IWC has been canceled. The first year I could go. Dirt cheap airfare, hotels on points, and its done.

Thanks China
         In the back of my mind I knew this would happen. Or it was my wife saying after two Disney Cruise cancelations that France was next. There was light shining. The CDC opened the US for international travel. They canned the 14 quarantine for international travel. The EU was and is still closed to US travelers.
Due to a complicated health situation, no IWC 2020 this year. Thank you for your participation and for being the first player to give me your list, I hope you can keep your motivation for 2021, thank you for rallying Richard.

Hope we meet each other at an epic table one day!

        If the EU opens by November, we are still going. France is beautiful. There is something for everyone. The wife likes WWII. We can go see the beaches. The wife likes the Facebook look at me, you sad ass bitches, pictures. We will get her, I am here, Where are you?, pictures. I like Roman and Egyptian stuff. Plenty for Rome left to see and they have enough Egyptian to fill a small city. And there is Football. Hopefully they are playing, allowing fans, and I can get tickets.

       Then just maybe I can meet a dude or two and get a game in.

My 3500 point IWC World Eater list;
Berzerkers, Lord of War, Icon Bearer, Rhinos (BTS)   400
Berzerkers, Icon Bearer, Dreadclaw                              350
Bikers, lord of Chaos                                                     275
Assualt Marines (6), Demon Prince                               275
Terminators (6) Icon Bearer                                           325
Assault Engines (4)                                                        275
Predators, +2                                                                  275
Cannons of Khorne (6)                                                   325
Hell Blades                                                                     200
Hell Talons                                                                     225
Space ship                                                                      200
Minor Demons (8)                                                          175
Greater Demon                                                               200

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Your Momma is a Sallie part V "bikes"

XVIII Legion

         Been slacking off. No Sallie action. I did originally think I would be done by now. I am a lazy distracted boy. In reality this army may not get finished this year. Also I may keep it Vs selling it off.
         The bike bases are the same size as the Inf bases, 40 x 20mm. They were primed black. The walls base coated in Italeria German Pz grey. Then dry brushed model color dark sea grey. The ground was base coated in model color med German brown. Then with a heavy dry brushed of Foundry 45C. This was followed by a light dry brush of Foundry 10A. Any damaged section of the wall get Army painter dark tone. The ground was coated in Army painter soft tone. The whole base gets a final dry brush of XXX. Then a double Matt Vanish.

        The bikes are like FW Tau. So many chains words were broken. I printed some assault marines and took their chain swords.

        I thought about painting flames on the front of the bikes. The individual flames are so small that the results are a mess. No Flames!
        And just like the Space Wolf army I did way back in 2010 or 11. I will do all the Sallie heads on the shoulders at once over a couple of days. I will take those days off to do only that.

         The 40k list has limits on fast attack detachments. You can only have one. I would want all of the options available to me. I will paint up one of each; bikes, speeders, assault marines. In 30k you do not have the limitations, but the chance of actually playing 30K is about zero. Still the 30K minis are way cooler than the 40K dudes.