Saturday, April 25, 2020

HMGS HistoriCon 8 July to 12th "UPDATE"

Important Announcements
Exhibitors: The early bird pricing deadline has been extended to June 2, 2020.
Gamemasters: The PEL deadline has been extended to May 13, 2020.
HistoriCon link

         The CCP virus can't stop HistoriCon. Well for the most part. The HMGS Con staff are planning and moving ahead as if the CCP virus restrictions will be lifted. And if they are not refunds will be issued.

From Jody Miller;

          "As the PEL Deadline has been pushed back, Attendee Registration will NOT open on May 13th as originally scheduled. The new date for Attendee Registration will be communicated in a future update."

          "As with the Exhibitors, pre-paid Attendees will be eligible for a refund/credit under the following circumstances:
1 If Historicon is cancelled due to government restrictions, all pre-paid Attendees will receive a full refund.
2 If Historicon proceeds but a pre-paid Attendee cannot attend due to restrictions local to the exhibitor, they will receive a full refund.
3 If Historicon proceeds but a pre-paid Attendee chooses not to attend due to medical concerns regarding COVID 19, they will receive a full refund.

An Attendee can take the refund as a refund, OR as a credit on their account (that may then be used for future HMGS purchases), OR they may have their payment designated as a donation to HMGS Inc."

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Containment Lock Down part VII

           I am salary and considered on call, meaning my pay continues to land. Still we all worry about our utilization numbers. I have done zip all nothing for over a month. Not even phone support or on line training.
          This week happily I travel. Being a traveling dude and not traveling makes for a boring life. Plus I am not earning the crazy reward points. I will not make my Airline reward level or level up.      Some customers are classed Essential. DOHS says we are Essential. (Company bars us from
international travel.)

         We are only allowed to fly if and only if driving to the customer site is not possible. I would fly to Cali, but drive to any site East of the Mississippi. Or hotels are unavailable. There was only 1 of 8 hotels open at the customer site.
         At least Delta still loves me: "When you’re ready to fly again, we want you to continue to enjoy the travel benefits you love. Knowing that Coronavirus has impacted travel for many of our Members, we’re extending Medallion Status and other program benefits, including select Delta SkyMiles® American Express Card benefits and Delta Sky Club Memberships."

         PA state liquor stores are closed. Gov Wolfe is a ballet puss, close churches got close liquor. I was going to make a run to MD, but I am traveling. NY is expensive and has little to no scotch. VT state stores are 20% cheaper than NY and they are well stocked in scotch. I smuggled;
2 Craig's
2 Woodford
1 rock gut liter of vodka

On the road work.

         The Holiday Inns in Burlington, VT are closed. Half the hotels here are closed. I am at the Double Tree. It is empty even with half the rooms under construction. Only real difference between IHG and Double Tree are the in room lights. The double Tree has filters on all the lights. Painting dudes in the room is by candle light.
       After moving all the lights, I still could not see jack. All I got done was blocking in the skin.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Containment Lock Down part VI

       Back to painting eBay trees. They came from a US seller. Still??? Most likely from china. I am part of the problem.

       This week's offering, more Afghans. Now that the paint scheme or paint colors have been identified, I am painting faster. I expect the next rotation through the stick to be even quicker.                      The 20mm Afghans were never part of this years painting plan. I chose them as a short side thing to get me back into painting ancients. As I finished up the first few, I got excited. The idea of finishing all of them start to solidify. Then with the 1st rotation of stick completed, the project of an Afghan force seemed too easy. And next week I should be done with everything but a few civilians.
Afghan Techicals. The dudes are Elhiem. The trucks are from Stan Johansen.
Weapon teams
Support weapons
Dudes with AKs
         There are some dudes and injured primed up. I have to travel for 3 days this week. Then the next rotation of the sticks has more interesting characters, not just AK dudes. Dudes on bikes, dickers, heavy weapon teams, sniper teams. I got a total of 2 more cycles through the sticks and they are done. Not including civilians.

3D printed IFVs. 
         Because they are filament prints and the way in which layers are laid, it creates a surface that would not take washes. The washes would show off the layers of printing. So they are what they are. I would not buy again due to this single fact. I would print them on my SLR if I could get the file or another.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

1st Quarantine game. Zombies

Quarantine violated. 
         Today I hosted a 20mm Zombie game with a neighbor. And his kid played with my kid.

         Set in small town America. A plague has broken out. Initial reports of violently sick children at a school. An active robbery at a gas station. Police and EMS respond. The plague quickly spreads through the hospital.
        I am using 1950s plasticville houses, and DZC battle boards. The minis are form Elhiem, Force 20, and someone who produced 18mm zombies.
        The core rules and human are controlled by Force on Force's Ambush Z. The zombies react as guards do in the fan produced 40K Killteam rules. I used Zpocalypse dice to determine rounds fired, out of ammo, and jammed weapon.
 All units responding to an armed robbery at the gas station. They get pinned as the hospital ruptures and zombies pour out. One officer gets turned, 1 officer and a dog KIA.
EMS is turned on the way to the hospital. SWAT responds to the school. They clear it and save the right wing's students.

        I suck at taking pictures. Or at least remembering to. Sadly this is all you get. The game ended with 3 of 4 roads secure, 3 buildings cleared, and half the school kids saved. Zombies; 2 officers and a K9 KIA, EMS and 1 officer turned, town over run. 

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Containment Lock Down part V

        FB market place score. Some dude was selling a double stack craftsman tool roll around for 125.  It will increase storage within the paint room. My original Cratfsman roll around stacked on top the new bottom. The floor is not level, nor were they meant to be stack able. Some scrap wood levels and creates stack ability.
        The top part is for my tool and gun parts/tools.

Cheapo china eBay trees. 

         Jesus, never thought the CCP virus would get me. What I am going to do without chinamen trees? I will have to buy more expensive ones. It is time to cut china off!

Caesar's Plastic Agfhans??? Maybe. 

         I shell them to go with me to Argentina. It was easier to pack them as individuals than to take them in the box. Any ways I can not say who makes them. This is two boxes worth. The dudes  themselves are typical plastic dudes. Some with huge mold lines. Some perfect, some deformed. I tossed about 15 unusable dudes. (The donkeys I set aside for use with the Anglo-Egyptian baggage train.)
         Afghans and the Mujahideen source their cloths and gear from the same source. (Mujahideen, of course are tacti-cool with gear.) Surprise, its a local source. They are all pretty dressed the same. Those without gear pick the dead.
         So their all the same and I won't be painting different groups. The colors are muted and the dress in a riot style of irregular warriors.


      All my Moderns are 20mm dudes on nickels. Nickels are cheap, heavy, and normally readily available. Its Easter weekend, and CCP virus lock down. I am out of Nickels. I do have a huge number of MDF square bases left over from a commission in 2012. Every Afghan dude will get these with the exception of 7 dudes , who got nickels.
         After this lot. I got some metals to crank through. 70ish, but then the paint scheme is in and I can push thru them speed painting. Then Afghans are done.

1 more sniper dude

Tire pile.

Clump flock smoke markers

        This is the end for the 6mm desert table. Last of the Gamescraft houses. These are based up and
flocked to go with the Osama compound. I forgot the windows and the building need to be a lighter color tan.

        Every project is getting the love during Lock Down. Resin Sudan market slaves and Slaver.