Friday, January 31, 2020

Warmaster Ancients "Introducing a New Player" part III

          We missed the last two weeks due to sickness ripping through the schools here. Now we're back. Once again Jeremy was free and I was sitting around on phone support. This time we play an old scenario and introduced a different army, Carthaginians.

Jeremy's list


        The scenario was a cross roads escalation battle. The JOs, Cavalry, and Skirmishers are on the table. After turn two we roll for the General and the rest of the army to arrive, starting with a 6 and going down each turn. Once the first general arrives the clock starts, 6 turns or break.
         We rolled for table side. Jeremy got the side without the river. Both forward screening forces and main body roll for what road they arrive on. Once they show up, they start 20cm up the road and can be ordered. 
         The road on the left is 1-3, the right 4-6. Both screening forces arrived on the right. Both armies arrived on the left.


 Surprise I still roll like total shit

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Imperial Fists Scouts

         I got a bug to add onto the IF army. My scouts never had a set of rhinos. So they needed that. Long ago I must have wanted to add scouts. As I had them already on sticks, primed and yellow. It was a small effort to pick out the details and base them.

Scout Snipers

The Bastion got based also and a tech marine added.

Plus magnetize Techmarines for the top

AA platforms

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Cold Wars dates change again.

         These clowns can not keep their shit together. Every year, almost every Con. I understand they are all volunteers. Yet the has to be a degree of professionalism and integrity. You are responsible for a huge event. Pulling shit like this and the crap attitudes is why the membership has trouble growing.
         This ain't the first time. Y'all need to create internal deadlines weeks ahead of the published public dates. This is the last time I bitch about this shit. I am going to hunt down the person incharge and start volunteering for shit. Someone has to lead by example.

New Dates

December 2, 2019Events Submission Opens
January 3, 2020Exhibitor Registration Opens
January 6, 2020Events Submission (PEL) Deadline - Event Submission Closes
January 27, 2020Events Listing (PEL) Published
February 3. 2020Advance Online Attendee Registration Opens (Discounted)
March 9. 2020Advance Registration Discount Ends - Event Selection Closes
Online Registration Available with NO Event Selection
March 12. 2020Onsite Registration Opens
March 12 - 15COLD WARS® 2020
UPDATED: 01.20.2020

Monday, January 27, 2020

10mm Macedonian Hypaspists part II

        The second group of Hypaspists. I used transfers for the shields. It took extra long applying 30 of the little bastards.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Epic Armageddon Imperial Fists Vs Sisters 3000pts

Return of the Anchor

          Finally got my shit together enough to request a game. I haven't seen Kal since Xmas. We haven't played in forever. Once again we are back at 6 Feet under. I am old and the tables are at a perfect height, XX. (My home table will be the same height.) You can stand up straight and not be bent over a table the whole time. It is not so high you that you can't reach across the table.
My List;
         I am going with a couple of old ideas. Bring along a titan. Long ago I took a Warlord. It occupied an area and denied space, but never got its points back. This time I am taking the Reaver. Turn one it will double up and break something. After it will hunt armor and make formations walk. The 2nd idea was Bastions. I even printed and painted a few. They will be my objective holders with the trenches. While providing air cover with +4AA.
        Let's see what happens!

Kal's List;

Table objectives;


 Turn 1
         Kal won the Initaitive. Spacecraft is coming turn one with a drop pod. Terms are chilling. The Planes came in down the right flank, beat up my speeders.
        No Spacecraft yet. I was thinking I had not moved into a trap or into the orbital yet. I delayed and dicked around until the Knights moved up. These little bastards I always have a hard time killing.
         I moved up a tactical and used the speeders to the right of the titan to cross fired the bastards. Those speeders were what was delaying the spacecraft. Their ZOC was covering the drop. This is were I lost the game. I should have moved the titan up and shot the knights.
        In come the Spacecraft. It bombs nothing. The retain activates the pod, daemons summoned, and engaged. I am up by 1for resolution. This is the shit we rolled!


        Kal's 2 ties my double 1s. We fight again. I kill two. Al hits me 4 times. I failed all 4. Re roll for RA.
The anchor is back
I have 2 DC left my titan is broken and remains so for the rest of the game.

Kal's termies come in to grab BLITZ. I prevent TSNP and DTF. Kal wins 1 - 0.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

10mm Guals

          Guals. They came in a collection I bought. They were mounted to steel and bare. It took some effort to pop them free. Easy enough to paint. The shields are always the black hole for time. I hand painted them. I have not painted checkers since my 40K days. Not perfect or exceptional beautiful but they work.
        These were kicking around for a while. All were sprayed white, attached to new bases, and flocked.