Monday, March 30, 2015

World Eater project status I

     I have a lot painted, but no up dates. It is because nothing is based and there by finished. I have orders for the custom bases out of France and Finland. Poor WEs are knocking about waiting for them to show up.

Death of Isstvan III rules

Awaiting bases
Currently in line

World Eaters Bare Metal       = 354
World Eaters Painted             = 30
World Eaters Armor               = ?
World Eaters Armor Painted  = 11
World Eaters Based                = 0

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Net EA IFs Vs Codex Marines Lost 0-1

     Freddie stopped by and we got a game in. He played one of my old lists. I played my IF list from AdeptiCon. Only change was I tried out the "bunkers for rhinos" deal with the Tactical detachment.

    This deal appears broken! "Imperial Fists formations may replace their 'plus transport' with 2 bunkers plus 125cm2 of trenches, minefields or razor wire for free." 125cm is too much. We laid it out. Holy fuck. It no shit covered over half the board. We cut it down to 50cm and it still seemed too much. At 50cm, I had 4 straight (8cm each) FW defense line pieces and 2 curved (5cm each), plus 2 FW bunkers (8cm each). 66cm! A 2 foot by 2 foot section is only 60cm.
Imperial Fists (NetEA V1.2 - Developmental) 

1 Fellblade

1 Fellblade



4 Annihilator

4 Destructor, Hunter

5 Land speeder

6 Tactical units, 2 Bunkers + Trenches, 2 Dreadnought

4 Devastator units, 2 Land Raider Achilles

SCOUTS [200] 
4 Scout units, Razorback LAS, Razorback 

  Any ways on to the game. I lost 1-0. Freddie played well. Again I blew activation roll after roll in turn 3.

Fight at the center

Fell Blade Vs Warhounds
The End. Loss 1-0

Friday, March 27, 2015

Wasteland Bunkers

     O Yeah! Wasteland Game Studio. Fine, so very finely casted resin. Hell I did not even wash mine off. The primer stuck like glue. I got a bunch of bunkers as goodies from the kickstarter. Time to put them to good use.

         Objective markers.
     Details to pick out and washes to lay down.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

World Eaters

     It has been too long. Now with Cold Wars and AdeptiCon behind me. The Time has come to get on with my 30K World Eaters.
     I signed up for TacCmd's TOEG2015 and have yet to bank a single detachment. 500 points or a detachemnt a month is the suggested target for NetEA, and anyone is free to exceed that.
    Exceed it? I am down 1500 or 3 detachments. 

          More dudes cleaned and primed up. Got to find more sticks!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

AdeptiCon 2015 Epic Armageddon Grand Tourney

03/21/15  Epic Armageddon Grand Tournament
Day: Saturday | Start Time: 9:00 AM | End Time: 7:00 PM | Category: Epic Armageddon | Event Type: Tournament | Age Requirements: Everyone (6+) | Experience Required: Some | Location: Schaumburg Ballroom West | Remaining Capacity: 8

"It is the purest folly to believe that an individual can save Armageddon. Wars are not won by heroes, they are won by firepower and force, and the application of strategy and tactics." - Commissar Yarrick

      Epic Armageddon is Games Workshop's fourth edition of their science fiction, mass combat system set in the 41st millennium. Come join us at AdeptiCon 2015 for three rounds of this classic game. Any 3000 point army from the latest NetEA Tournament Pack will be allowed.

      Man I hate this little part "Epic Armageddon is Games Workshop's." GW pulled out and left us to the wolves. I got a special kind of hate toward GW for this act. It is mine and all who still play, collect, and love Epic. GW can go to the shit!

     The Players
     The Armies

     The Results (which I straight up lifted. Thanks Dave!)
Floppy played berzerkmonkey (loss), m_folias (win) and SG (win), taking home the best general

m_folias played SG (win), floppy (loss) and Jordan (win), and took home best painted

berzerkmonkey played floppy (win) and Dustin (loss), and took home the best sportsman

Jordan played Dustin (win in points), me (loss) and m_folias (loss), and took home the "best participator"

SG played m_folias (loss), Dustin (win) and Floppy (loss) and took home the  best all around

Dustin played Jordan (loss in points), SG (loss) and berzerkmonkey (win)

     The Pictures

     I got Best Painted.

     My booty

     Special Thanks to;

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