Saturday, September 28, 2019

6/10mm Scatter Terrain part 1

         Fall In is looking to be huge this year. The New England group is coming down in force. PA group will be near 100%. The New Jersey group always shows. I want to support the TOs with as much terrain as required.

         At one time a wanted a Greek, Egyptian, and Assyrian/Babylonian tables. (Never played or thought about Warmaster at the time. I was thinking purely historical) One board or mat and the terrain to support said period. All interchangeable. It was never a focused effort. Something in the back of my mind. Things I looked, not searched, for to completed the concept. Nothing was purchased this year, about half were prizes over the years. Everything was in this box or that. All sorted and awaiting time and motivation. This week time appeared. 


        Yes I should be painting World Eaters and Samurai, but work interfered. A possible 3 week trip came up. I needed to prep minis and pack minis to paint while gone. 3 weeks worth! While waiting for glue to dry, space to free up, primer to dry, I began working on generic scatter terrain to support a desert themed board. Egyptian theme just happened to be what seemed fastest and easiest. All will fit in with 6/10/20mm. Either for the GW desert board or the desert mats.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

NetEA World Championships day 3

         No drunk-ness morning issues. The day started at 11 and everyone was pressed for time. Something to due with when the train for London left. No idea why we started so late. The time issue created a situation in which I either cheated myself or was cheated out of the last game.

Game One

         First game of the morning I got my choice, Orks. It was a drop Ork list. Two landas, one loaded with bikes, the other empty. My Orca was loaded with Suits. I won initiative and the rail heads blew away the little Stompas, stripped the shields, and blew the head off. The Suits engaged. We were tied for the roll off. Puta Madre! Snake eyes!
        That was the highlight of the game. The past day's luck returned. 0 - 3.

The Ork army was mostly custom.

Game Two

         Again I got my choice, Death Korp. They dude had 3 Mech Inf in Gorgons, 2 single shadow swords, 2 AA batteries, 1 grenadier, 2 T-bolts, and 1 Rough rider. Chose corners, his objectives were center board and my table edge. Mine were off center left. Path finders garrisoned in cover dead center. 

         My Cudas and skyways scared his planes into Cap. One stealth had in reserve keep the AA batteries and Grenadier busy. He double forward and remained stuck through turn two. I had range and marker lit. The 6 gorgons were down to 3 missing 1,1, and 2 DC. The shadow swords were missing 1 DC each. I lost 2 path finders, one stealth detachment, Orca, and one Cuda. With 5 activations left total in turn two time was called. I failed both my activations. He past two of three. The left flank mech inf crossed my half. The BTS moved between for defend the flag. 0 - 1

        Here is where I got cheated. No else stopped playing. I asked him to check with his captain, my captain said continue. Everyone continued to play out their games. TO said play on, he started picking up. But because some how "we", what is this we shit Custer, called it and he had 1 objective. I got doublely cheated. The loss was recorded as 0 - 5.

         I lost every game. The US placed last. The US won more games than any other team. If I had been able to tie once or win one. The team would have placed better. 

         I single handily sunk the team. Due to this a new award will created, The Honorary Matt Liddic Anchor award. It will be given out for to the one with no wins or the least wins.

Monday, September 23, 2019

NetEA World Championships day 2

        The event's start time changed. The TO forgot that place opened later. We could have slept more. I was still good and drunk when we got there, 2 hours early. The staff let us in. I slept in a chair and then moved tot the floor. Jon was in a chair or walking about.

         We found our Aussie player. One great dude, Norto. Your name and army goes on a card. Teams choose a champion and two options to face the champion. Champions are flipped over and challenges hand to the opposite team. That team selects who will fight the champion. Then those not selected face off. Odd men out face off.
         I would be the champion for the tourney. I got my choice for the tourney. Only game 3 against Chris was a sacrifice. He was the best on that team and would mostly beat any player he faced.
        The day started off ok with a hard fought 0 - 2 loss. Then went straight to the shit as I continued to lose 0 - 3, 0 - 4. First game was IG, Sister next, and Chaos to finish.

Game One

        No real tactical mistakes. Maybe I should have put the Stealths suits all in on turn one. One activation down with them out was a disadvantage for sure. The real problem was multiple failed activations and rolling 25% of my saves. I lost BTS and Take and Hold.

         The armor failed to activate 3 times in game one. Yes, I had a SC.

          Rolling great saves all day.

Game Two

         This was against Sisters. The match up I wanted. I play Kal's Sisters all the time. The dudes list looked like an easy win. In turn one I lit his ass up. The Tau were hitting 90% of the time, marker lit, cross fired. It should have been an easy win.
        UK Sisters are different. They get an Inv Save for minus one to initiative. This dude made every fucking save turn one. I killed one rhino. Turn two 8 others joined that rhino in the foam. His dice were hotter than Dave's. I couldn't kill anything. At dinner it was a huge joke.

 Game Three

         I was against Chaos. I played the famous Chris from Germany. I think his handle is Largo. He baited me with his BTS, garrisoned way up front. I took the bait. Won the initiative and jumped all over that shit. Both Stealths went in with combined fire. Tactical error 1, the shit was on Overwatch. One set of stealths lost 2. The Orca landed, 19 shots, 8 disrupt, and 2 remained. They broke for cover and he would make every save there after.
        The rest of turn one was even. The Rail heads failed to active. The Suits smoked a unit. The path finders got broken and would stay broken. Chris popped the Orca on the ground to prevent the Stealths from reloading.
         Turn two everything went straight to the shit. Followed by turn 3.  I only saved my BTS from him. 0 - 4, Chris is most likely the best I have ever played.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

NetEA World Championships day 1

        Day one is actually two days, Thursday and Friday. It take a full day to get there including a red flight. No night, no sleeping equals one day.
        I rolled out at 1300 for my 1900 flight out of EWR. The 3 hour drive to EWR took 4. The car was dumped in day parking, bags checked, and thru security by 1hr 20min. EWR's security has to be the worst in the nation. The TSA pre check was as long as the regular. 
        20 minute raid at duty free for booze. Then chilling in the United club.

Duty Free

         The people were nice and friendly and they were on time for the flight. That was hard to believe. I got two bottles of Scotch for 112 bucks. 
         One 18 year old for 58 that should have been a hundred easy. The second a 15 year old for 54, that one is about a 65-70 dollar bottle. Everything else was grossly over priced.

United Club

        I fly so much for work. Airline free shit comes every year. United throws 2 club passes my way every year. Perfect time to burn them. The year is ending soon and if I fly again I will fly Delta. The passes are use it or loss it. Jon just happened to be kicking around. Which makes it harder to miss the flight if I am smashed in the club with my buddy!
        Except, United is a total shit show at Newark. This is the worst airport I ever flew through.  They own, own, 2 of 3 terminals at Newark. With 5 clubs, 1 Polaris, 2 full service, and 2 crap circus pop ups. The only full service in C terminal was full. No purchase passes, they say we are full. I had to breach with military ID. Then got a seat right at the bar. No wait. 
        The club is following the trend. It is busted. Sky miles are the same way. Draft beers are free, limited mixed drinks are free. The food was high quality. Now its is somewhere between shit and hippie, gains stealing junk.

United Airlines

          United is a shit airline. Maybe it is just me? Maybe I am spoiled by Delta? WTF United, I have flown with y'all before, a lot, and it was nice. Now your a budget airline? Upgrade, piss off. Military love, piss off. The seats are jammed into the plane as tight as they can. On Delta my knees never touch the seat infant of me. The dude in front of you leans back and he is in your lap. I was surprised the toilet was not coin operated! 
        Once there customs and security were easy. No wait for a cab, straight to the hotel to drop the bags. I was the guest of the day, +5000 points. And that was the biggest win of the weekend. We dumped the bags and walked to Queens station. 40 minutes later we were in Stirling.

        We went to the castle, Wallace monument, and Bannockburn battle field. The regimental museum was closed. There is nothing at the Battle field, even less than I remember. We walked 11-13 miles there.

        Then jumped into the train back to Glasgow. The train was full of teen girls dressed like hookers. Some rapper dude was preforming near the hotel. Once back in the city we jumped a cab to meet the others. There we proceeded to totally smashed. Beers were 2.5, but the Scottish chase each Scotch with a beer. I bought one round and had like 7 bought for me.

Monday, September 16, 2019

Epic World Championship "packing"

          I have multiple painted armies. Most never see the light of day. Those that do, I would not have the skill to play or knowledge of the rules. Big surprise I am bring Tau. They will travel in my carry on within a chessex case.
My List;

       Being in Scotland in the Fall, the weather is always questionable. I expect chilly and the Scottish rain. The load out is running kit, and wet/cold kit. I was still able to pack my normal roll on. Even with double sneakers the zippers are not popping. It is an international flight, 2 free bags, but I am not humping 2. Everything else is in the carry on. My army, dice, whippy stick, cigars, combat roll, rain coat, and toothbrush. 

        Bags and Cigars packed, almost forgot the dam cutter and the army list. 
         I will hit the duty free on the way out of EWR. Unlike the states, the UK measures every glass down to the drip. Pre game tailgating will help warm up my dice.