Friday, March 30, 2018

20mm Egyptian Infantry

Hey now!!!!!!

New 20mm & 1/72nd

Sikh War
SKW47 - British Light Dragoon Command - 3 cavalry = £3.75
SKW49 - Bengal Light Horse Command - 3 cavalry =  £3.75
SKW50 - Bengal Light Horse with Swords  - 3 cavalry =  £3.75
SKW51 - Bengal Light Horse with Lances - 3 cavalry =  £3.75

SUD45 - Egyptian Infantry Command - 4 figures = £2.10
SUD46 - Egyptian Infantry Advancing - 4 figures = £2.10
SUD47 - Egyptian Infantry Marching - 4 figures = £2.10
SUD48 - Egyptian Infantry Loading - 4 figures = £2.10
SUD49 - Egyptian Infantry Firing - 4 figures = £2.10
SUD50 - Egyptian Infantry at Ready - 4 figures = £2.10

AdeptiCon 2019 & 2020 dates

2019:   3/27/2019 through 3/31/2019 

2020:   3/25/2020 through 3/29/2020

Plan ahead. Save your coins. Schedule that time off.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Egyptian & ancient terrain.

         I had seen the tables Paul of the UK was playing Warmaster on. I had gotten bit by that bug.
Games Workshop Egyptian Table

Then I saw these at AdeptiCon........

          If you have ever seen them in real life, they are huge. These are 28mm scale. But are too small. The guy is the size or bigger than the head. Where the picture below shows a person to be the size of the beard alone.

Related image
You can see a person in the background.
         The DUST boys had none with them. eBay was like 60 bucks. They kick startered for 25 (in 2014). The lads said I could get one later in the week for 40. They have a bunch of other stuff. 
AdeptiCon vender hall goodies
         I have this bunch of shit from years ago. All can double for Force on Force, Indiana Jones, Warmaster, and the Sudan (kind of sort of). 20mm gator and a stand of Citizen spear.
Its a little small for 20mm. Pretty close for 10mm scale wise.
All of these will get molded up. So no painting or flocking. Oh SmoothOn.....

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

AdeptiCon day 5.

         Not much happening. Saturday is the huge party. The morning is full of the hung over and people scooping up the vender hall. I bought nothing, nothing. On Sunday. The bags were jam packed. I left the fake blood bowl game behind.

Epic again. This time Imperial Fists Vs Marines. Dave's marines. I had screwed up and packed the trenches. So IF toys, no trenches. Dave's activation count had me by 3. I deployed poorly. The terrain and my choices limited the available lines of fire. Then his goddam BTS would not die. There is no way those little plastic bastards don't have PSTD and shell shock.
 The start of the abuse.
 That is the BTS hiding in the background. Dead in front is Dave abusing the hell out of me. I lost 2-0. If I had the trenches, I would like it would have gone more my way.

 Cowboy action. That is one cool ass game. A demo is like free crack.
A dino and United club. The end of a great weekend.

Monday, March 26, 2018

AdeptiCon day 4 Epic Tourney

         Tau again. This time the experimental big boy suit list. I will be running the trial Manta with reduced price of 575. I spent the extra 75 points on  xxxx.

        The plan is to stuff the riptides straight down their throats. While the Manta and AX-01 support. Cudas on CAP and everyone else waits for T3.
        Objectives, The Blitz will get slung out to one side. While I deploy opposite. Looking for BTS and their Blitz. Take & Hold will be all the way back by their Blitz. **Unless the army is super slow, then every objective is spread out.

My list

Tau 2 - SM 0

          First game Tau Vs Codex Marines. I took the cheaper Manta and used the point to increase the size of a recon detachment. Dustin took cheaper Whirlwinds and used the points to add chaplains.

Tau 4 - Orks 0

The second game Tau Vs Orks. Eric is a long time Ork player. The Riptides received the focused hate of the Orks.

         The only picture from our game. The Riptides soaked up activation after activation. They became Eric's focus. He could not kill them and when they were broken. They rallied. The leader is too much for them. It must be removed.
           The Tau Vior'la list is busted. I played V1.9. With double Riptides, my opponents were abused, abused by them. The problem is Tau is a high risk, high reward army. If you apply the Tau's overwhelming firepower, you risk getting prison raped in an engagement. The Riptides can apply the firepower without the risk.


         The Manta. It had total freedom. (riptides got all the attention.) It was unable to break a single unit. As a bus, suits jumping out erased ork gods and burned others so bad the foam they rested in was toasted.

I took 1st. The plan worked out for once. Mark lights and cross fires every where. The AX-01 performed above avg. MVPs riptides.

          I gave up my last game. Dave was TO. He gave 4 demos. 2 of the people had to have eaten paper chips as kids. It sucks when a no show benches you (2 year in a row he failed to show). It sucks to sit around all day long watching everyone play. Fair is Fair.

Eric and Dustin's 3rd game.

Friday, March 23, 2018

AdeptiCon day 2 & 3

          Well its wheels up tomorrow morning and it is snowing like its free. My flight is still on time, but the plane is in Chicago. If it gets in tonight, I should be good. They say the snow ends here at 3 or 7 or maybe tonight. As long as that plane gets here.
        The plane got in. I got out no problem. I was off the plane and picked up curb side in
20 minutes. Check in was quick and easy. The swag bag had a fake ass blood bowl game, 40K SM, Blood & plunder dude, coupons, BL books, BL calendar, some bases, and chump bullshit bits.
         Tau pick up game Vs Dave's SM with predator test. Manta did fuck all nothing. Ghost suits are badass. 

         Running double Stealth with ghost suit upgrades are way cool. Only thing, they are AVs and move 15, Stealths are INF and move 20. That 5cm difference fucks up movement. AV & INF detachment turns them into a Thunder Bolts favorite meal. 

Played in the Warmaster tourney. I got a loaner army. I think Matt was nice enough to loan out his dark elves and build me a list. Chris and Ruthie were my first two opponents. Being my first time out, they taught me the game. (or differences between Hail Caesar) 

Cold Ones ran the flanks in a classical style. They are very tough and won the first two games for me in a cavalry true to life performance historically.

Final game was against Dave. Champion for the last 100 years. I double box car both wizards and a hero. The general killed them. My left flank refused to move. The Cold ones took the first two turns off. Dave crushed me proper. There went my chance to dethrone the king.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Sudan project "Blue Jackets" part VIII

        Ah ha! Here the lads are wearing all blue jumpers. 
Naval Brigade 1890s?
          Here again, white jumper top and white pants. Officers in all blue or Blue jacket and tan pants. I will have to do some all white jumper dudes. It is near impossible to determine exactly what they 
truly wore. I am thinking what they wore was determine by their ship or homeport.

The gun crews are all HAT. (One or two dudes in dixie cups are Newline) The rest are Newline Design.
         This group needs tuffs and gold highlights. Both of which I have to find. One of those items you put somewhere special so you would know exactly where it is when you needed it.

Army shot
Naval Brigade

What's left?  Another group of sailors shooting, one more officer, 2 more wounded markers, 5 more low ammo markers, 3 gun limbers, 3 damaged gun markers, 2 destroyed gun markers.

61 done to date. Goal is 700 this year. 639 to go in 276 days. I need to bang out greater than 2.3 a day.

AdeptiCon Packing and IF rebase

         A lot going on. Mom is watching the kid. She thinks I am working. Work thinks I am off for military training. The wife knows nothing, nothing

Hopefully I will get a loaner army for Warmaster. I am bring Tau. Of course. But testing the Manta and riptides, and ghostkeel loving. Tagging along for the ride will be the Imperial Fists. They need a good dusting off and refresh. 

The Tau

The IFs getting rebased. They were a combination of desert, ruins, super green flock, rubble grey. I went green, really green. Green and yellow are not friends. So I am hoping the Ifs stand out.
New additions for the beginnings of a 30K HH  Imperial Fists
My pizza box double as a priming/sealing surface and a target holder for the Air Arms  S410.
IFs loaded

Tau Loaded

my bag