Wednesday, June 19, 2019

30K Horus Heresy World Eaters

         The World Eaters are not packed as tight as the other armies. The WE bases are larger. I am out of storage slots with this group. Which means I need to order another big giant box full of plastic jewelry boxes.
         First detachment of 5 speeders. A second detachment of bikes are getting prep-ed up.
        This guy took the second to last set of World Eater doors. I must have more? There is no way I didn't order enough?
        Six bases of daemons. The dogs were a prize from Cold Wars. The goal of everything being dual purpose, 30k to 40k is easy with the World Eaters.
         I had to go dive into the big Black Book I. And then III. I should sit down and read these! What the hell are Red Butchers? Well Now I know. Next up is the Red Butchers, Khan, and the Primarch.
        Some Imperial Fists dual action. I can't be sitting around waiting for paint to dry.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

North East Epic Armageddon tourney NEAT 2019

        Neat was held at the Time Machine's "portal?" gaming space across the street. Huge place. We had 18 players this year. 3 or 4 from the NJ group. 2 from the PA group. The rest  from the New England group. A few people said at AdeptiCon they would try and make it, but as always it is the way of things. 18 dudes is one short from last year, I think? Some of the list below;

        Of course I took Tau 3rd sphere. No time to practice another army. All drop or tellie Tau. My initial list is above as Folais. The army champion requested I test the Manta. "Mind testing that Manta at 575 for me? Also, twin heavy rail cannons, two shots at 3+ instead of 1 at 2+." With the extra 75 points the Kroot were upgraded for 4 extra stands. They now would set up in garrison every game. In game 2 and 3 they were the MVP.

The list

         My plan was to give up all my objectives. I will always place my Blitz on the opposite side from the opponent's Blitz. My objectives in their half will be as close as possible to the opponent's Blitz. This will make it easier to get two objectives in their half "T&H." I will have to take out the BTS and grab the Blitz no matter what.
        This is a high risk operation. It will work amazingly or get smashed. Timing is everything. Only one detachment will be on the board. If the spaceship fail to activate, the game is lost.
         I need to tellie and drop on the same side of the deployment zone as the BTS. I don't have the ability to chase it down. Also all 3 units popping out of the Manta have to shoot at the same detachment. I have to hope it is a threat detachment, not an activation bumper.

1st turn has to go down in sync!
         The 3 stealth suit detachments will tellie onto the BTS. They will ZOC, set up cross fire, surround the BTS, and provide marker lights for the spaceship. The Spaceship will kill war engines or lay blast markers on the BTS. The Manta will land on the left or right flank. Once down it will smoke one activation. Hopefully it is a good one!

        I went 1 and 2. I won the first game against Blood Angels. The 2nd game was ,Tau on Tau action,  against the army champion with the big suits. The 3rd game was ,Tau on Tau action, against Andy. Grudge Match, I lost Cold Wars 1st place to him.

 Game 1 everything went right. The suits smoked and broken most of the BTS. The Manta landed and started to roll the right flank.

Game 2 everything went wrong. The Spaceship failed to arrive and the Kroot and Stealth Suits get hammered for a turn.

Game 3 went to turn 4. I dropped on turn two, got the Blitz and BTS. Turn 1 and 2 the dice went against Andy. Turn 3 my dice took a shit and I lost the Manta. Turn 4 was high valve target and maneuver warfare at it's best. Andy's had the ability to get to where he needed. 2 - 3, Blitz & BTS Vs BTS, T&H, BLITZ