Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Santa was good to me!

         Nothing like a good long weekend. Finally back from Mom's. Time went by faster than normal and I was able to keep my fingers out of the cookie jar!

         Later report on the haul from old Saint Nick. Good little boy get books for Xmas. Or at least they do in my family. Even my little girl got books! I got 4 new ones. 2 will cycle to the top of the pile right away.

**Force on Force's Bush Wars

         More interesting than I initially thought it would be. I only quickly flipped through it as my daughter was more interested in making me play dollies. (Scale is bigger than I like, but soldiers all the same.) I was taken by the development of irregular warfare in Africa. In actuality long ago my interest stopped with the Zulus and never picked back up. Yeah I watched Blackhawk down, but never sparked enough flame for me to read anything more. Now I will start to hunt down german colonial actions, Portuguese and South African actions.

**Martin Dugard's Training Ground,

        All about the Mexican War. I started reading this one right away. 69 pages into it the first night. Quick read.

** Stephan Talty's Empire of Blue Water

** David Karunanithy's Macedonian War Machine

One more a loaner from dad. Whatever dad pulls from his shelf is unusually good.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Visions for 2015


        #1 HH World Eaters
        #2 Epic buildings.
        #3 HH Emperor's Children

         In the background, finish up the Epic DAs and BAs. Continue chipping away at the 20mm FoF and Zombies. Basing some RF&F and completing markers.
         Way down the list are 28mm Romans, 20mm Colonials, and 28mm M&T.
         No matter what gets done. I want to have more than 400 painted total by year's end.

        #1 Epic city table
        #2 20mm terrain

        Tall order. Vacation time is limited this year. As I will blow it all in the first two months.The challenge, as always is the monthly NE gaming. The weekends always seem to be the busiest. Also establish the NJ bi monthly gaming. New friends were made and there is a strong interest in getting regular gaming going.
        Tallest of the Tall Order. I have signed up for AdeptiCon. Also promised to supply terrain. I can easily support multiple tables with little effort. The Tall Order comes from wanting to supply some completely off the hook tables.

Host game at the house again!
HMGS Cold Wars
NE NetEA monthly gaming
NJ NetEA bi-monthly gaming
HMGS HistoriCon
HMGS Fall In
     *Host a game*

         Try hard to get in some M&T games. This is the most wishy, wish list of the year.

         Clamp down on the hobby budget. I blew a pirates fortune last year. This year I need to park my ass down and paint.

        Move all the lead and plastic collecting dust to new homes. After the remodeling, it became far to apparent how much extra crap is kicking about. Sell off the last of the 28mm 40K.

3D Printing
         Master the software in the first two months. Train my 4 year old to draw her own toys by the 4th of July. Then printing her toys.

         I will stick to not taking any. I am out of the business! The last one about killed my interest in painting.
        There is no time for my own stuff. Also I have no interest in painting armies for others any more. And no one off terrain pieces. I may print items, but that is it.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2014 failures

          What got finish in 2014?   Ha!    More like what was started and never finished. A complete year of half ass attempts. With only 170 painted for the year! Ahhh, its almost 100 less than last year.

          I need a slave driver, someone to ensure my focus is directed at the task. Someone who will help me not look away.

Epic Forge World Table
         Epic Fail; Nothing, not one single tile completed. Progress was made only to discover the FW road tiles are not truly square. Lesson learned; multiple GW boards must be layed out for trule road alignment.
         Only thing done was casting of the roads and pill boxes. 

NetEA Dark Angels
         About average for a work in progress. This is not an army I play with. It was meant to be kitted out as a loaner army, a training tool. Being so it was never a high priority. One of those projects on the side to bang out while others dry.

NetEA Blood Angles
        A win! The storm ravens and other missing units were added. The BAs can come out and play any created list.
        I got the new Italian BAs. The characters and BA specific minis to kit out the current army. 

Horus Heresy World Eaters, Taccmd's Tale of Epic Gamers.

Regimental Fire &Fury Army Purchase
        Winner winner chicken dinner. I have all the terrain and 90% of the InF stands. With only Cav, and markers to add. There are some that will need rebasing. This is something that won't stop the show. It is for my personal preference.

3D Printing.
         Epic fail; teaching my daughter and printing the first toy by Xmas. The printers finally arrived. The last one coming a week before Xmas. The software has been downloaded. Both of us are monkeys when it comes to using it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Finally they arrived

          It seems like for almost a year I have been waiting. Which is a blessing, because I am still not done with the room. Early Christmas for me! My 4 year old's first 3d class will be tomorrow.
Fat guy not included

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Flocking and sealing

Those projects that get lost in the shuffle. I am always working on more than one. I say it a way of maxing my available time. Doing this or that while this or that dries. What ends up happening, things sit and get forgotten about.
         Until found. As I pack and organize my new space, those forgotten projects pop up. These few were a 10 minute job. White glue and flock. Next off the get sealed.

Space Wolves & Dark Angels & Hesco barriers

Horus Hesery World Eaters update

           This is the last group to come in. I had just emailed, bitching. Only to return home and find them sitting in my mail box. So much work to be done.

World Eaters Bare Metal       = 354
World Eaters Painted            =
World Eater Armor                = 40
World Eater Armor Painted    =
Total Points Completed         =
All the way up n the top right you can see the man himself. 
Bolter WEs
Command Squad dudes
No Red Butchers, just Termies

Monday, December 15, 2014

Game Table storage

          Done! Well sort of. The table is finished, everything is out of storage and back into the house. Only thing to do is get it sorted.
         You can see the clamp in the lower right. My head 1, table zero. But it hurt so bad I cried out in pain and not the normal avalanche of MoFos and BOSs. Did not black out but it was a standing 8 count.
          The second bench has become a landing pad for everything that I don't know what to do with. The lower left of the table I have set up to start casting and the upper left flocking. I had like 4 projects that were waiting on flocking,       A.D.D. overdriver. This is why nothing ever gets done.
Little help to stay focused
        As I am sorting the mess, I keep finding things that must go or I over bought. Check ebay and TacComs War Gaming trades! The stuff must go, find a loving home.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Table build continues

        So close to being finish. It is the little bit here and there. Glue the last support beams to the bottom of the gaming surface.
        What a door? It was the old door to the space. By code a fire door, nope the new door is a fire and security door. Metal framed and lined with a 2 hour burn time. Too bad the sheet rock's burn time is less.
        Hmmm where the hell am I going to put that? The workers should have taken that piggy with them.
        Lesson learned; I didn't properly set the table's edge lip high enough. I wanted it high enough up that it would stop the hex tiles, double stacked, from shifting. Total fail! I will get have a hex's height.
        Lesson number two. I put those furniture moving disc under each leg and the center support. They are attached by screws because there is no way in hell once it is load up I would be able to lift it to put back under. The whole table now slides, with good effort, across the flooring

        The storage options underneath will be an ongoing development. I had a plan, not any more. I will create custom parts as the year goes on. The first will be the buildings and fields in 6/20/28mm. Once they are safely packed away space will open up.

Next will be a way to store the GeoHex tiles. There are a cubic butt ton of them.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Game Table

          First off the rest of the flooring tile arrived. The floor was completed last night. I got an extra package to cover me in the future. I am more than willing to bet a tile or two gets damaged!

         The table will sit 38 inches high. Mr Bookwalter said his was such. And he has had his table for years and years. In the end it will be 6 x 8 with all sorts of fancy storage underneath.

        What a ball breaker. Between twisted and inaccurately cut boards. Man, if its says 6 or 8 feet premium hard wood, why the hell would you give me an extra inch. Piss and Blood! In Duck Dodger's 21st and 1/2 century with have CNC tool sets. Why is nothing square? What are we chinese?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

For sale

There is the 1000 Sons army. Then these beasts.

Fan made Leman Russ tank company.
Super Heavy 1
Super Heavy 2. This lot can make all the different variations.

Eye Candy

A fan made 1000 Sons army. I have had it for years and done next to nothing with it. Its for sale!