Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Sudan project "status"

Almost half the year is gone. Group photo time and time to define the focus for the coming months.

As I review the stands, it becomes pretty clear there are issues.
          In the beginning I paint small number of dudes. As time went on I switch to the painting block (Tom B.'s strategy). It is easy to see the groups of warriors don't match up 100%.
         The basing was done one or two at a time. Now I am doing almost the whole group at once. The difference in sand color is disturbing. I have been straight up stealing sand from the neighboring construction projects. I will have to steal maybe a kilo from the last place tonight. That should set me up for the project.
         Also tuffs, matching tuffs, will be ordered for the next visit stateside.

The Dervish force as of June. 90% based 60 x 60mm

The Brit-Egypt forces. base on 60 x 20mm

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

6mm Desert terrain part VII

        Being a secondary project this year, after months of on and off again attention a fair amount has been done.
          The last few small buildings. Only an hour or so to go on them. Next up is ConX boxes and Liquid gas balls.
         Then all I have left with me here in Argentina are the target buildings. I am guessing I should be done and done by Aug.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Sudan project "Mulazimiyya" part V

Amazing, 49 done by Sunday. This is it for the Mulazimiyya. I did completely run out of flat matte sealer. Maybe I can find some tonight. That will truly finish them off.
 5 stands completed.
 1 Command stand for black flags
 1 Command stand for the Mulazimiyya
 Group shot
Yearly goal 700 painted for the Sudan project. 219 done. Not close to the 2 a day required to reach the goal. 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Sudan project "Mulazimiyya" part IV

The first four stands of Mulazimiyya Warriors. These are a mix of 4 plastic 1/72 manufactures, HAT, Waterloo, Italeria, and Starlets.

Yearly goal 700 painted for the Sudan project. 173 done. Not close to the 2 a day required to reach the goal. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sudan project "Mulazimiyya" part III

Mulazimiyya WIP
           Hopefully by Sunday I can have them all done. I should have close 10 stands plus a command stand.

Yearly goal 700 painted for the Sudan project. 146 done. Not close to the 2 a day required to reach the goal. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Sudan project "Ansar warriors" part VI

          Short update. 4 more stands.
Yearly goal 700 painted for the Sudan project. 146 done. Not close to the 2 a day required to reach the goal. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

6mm Desert terrain part VI

       The only buildings left are the large target buildings. With this one being the of the smaller buildings. Again it is two glued together, one is too skinny for me.

Con-X boxes. If you have ever been to the desert, these thing are all over the place. Some are storage. The others are apartments, stores, workshops. All are in fairly good condition, with little no no paint removed.

Where I was, the boxes were never high than 3. Most were side by side. That is what I will be going with. Our boxes were painted green, tan, white, and a few blue.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sudan project "wound markers" part III

They have been waiting for attention almost all month.
There are not too many good wounded/dead dudes for the Ansar in 20mm. I have gone with 15mm wounded from Old Glory. The are cheaper and fit very nicely on the counters here. Plus there do not become a dominating thing on the table and look better than dice knocking about.
Only down side is I need to clean off the window for the number. The matte spray coat made it cloudy.

Yearly goal 700 painted for the Sudan project. 120 done. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sudan project "Mulazimiyya" part II

          The Mulazimiyya are moving along. The first grouping is on bases. The second standing by on the blocks.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Sudan project "Sudanese" part one

Starting to chip away away at a few of Egyptain forces. The Egyptain and Sudanese dudes come from the 2 box sets. The Turkish Artillery is a gold mine for special characters or gaming markers. The core dude one needs are in the Waterloo box.
For uniforms, I am sourcing Osprey color plates and the Sudan reference books Vol 1.

So far. Dudes are on blocks. During down time on the Ansar forces, I will be hitting them.

Sunday, May 14, 2017


Weekend in Rosario.
         The Holiday Inn Express is perfect. The rooms are almost the exact same as stateside. My King room was missing the couch. Mine had a chair and a lot of empty space. Breakfast was a feast, both Argentina and American food available. No peanut butter!

We ate and drank our faces off. Rock&Fellers has Patagonia on tap, buy one get one.
Meat Pizza. Subbing the bread for a giant slab of meat with steak fries. It was massive and 240 pesos with beers for 2.

Race day
 Adidas blow up store. Pretty cool, heavily staffed, 4 fitting rooms per sex. They had only running stuff and only the newest. Prices were 80 bucks more than Amazon.
Vendor and sponsor lane.

3000 some odd people running the 21k that day. Who knows how many were running the 5k?

Friday, May 12, 2017

Sudan project "Mulazimiyya" part I

         The Ansar were not all just Dervish square man dress wearing warriors. Nor were they all the tan, white, grey tunic wearing Beja. In an effort to give the Ansar army some character, I sorted through the minis I had left. The selection of towel head wrap wearing dudes came from Waterloo Dervish, HAT Dervish, and Italeri Arab Warriors. The command figure in metal are from Newline Designs
        The Mulazimiyya were a group or warriors within Ansar or Dervish armies. They normally had only red and blue squares with a red towel wrapped around their heads and under the chin.