Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Argentine Package delivery returns to service

         Like the man said, "package service returns." It took shorter than normal. About eight weeks was the normal transit time. Then the customs dudes would or would not allow your package to go through. Most of the time it got lost, 15% of the time they want four times its value in customs fees, and 2% of the time you actually received it. Sometimes after being cherry picked.
       I got it, with everything inside. The box looks like the Pet Detective delivered it. Plus customs opened the box. I guess X-rays have yet to be discovered here. There was maybe 35.00 of shit in side.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sudan project part VI

           British dudes. I got carried away and painted them wrongly? It was not to afterwards I took notice that their helmets were different from the Camel Corps. They will hopefully get base coated again and finished this week.

          It has been written, that a few individuals refused to were the tan or blue.
           Some british sealed
          Awaiting airbrush parts. They are stuck sitting around in customs at EZE in BA. Update: Someone tried to deliver them while I was out running. 
          I did amazon these parts. But I used a mates address in the states and then had them sent to me here. So far the promise of package deliveries returning to Argentine is true. They were shipped on the 19th, in EZE by 23rd, and delivery tried on the 26th. No customs bullshit, no money paid, no friends used to by pass the bullshit!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Dipped and sealed

Army Painter haters run! I use this shit all the time. It is an evil bitch. It requires gloves, an open space, the sacrifice of a brush, solvent, and a big dip area. Yet it dries harder than diamonds. Anything I have ever coated in this shit, has never ever chipped. Those minis have been stepped on and remain unbroken. Children have played in games and my minis live on.
          You may hate the dip idea and the results. But message me a better protector and I will drop the 20 dollar a can love hate relationship.
         Now. When screwing around being cheap with my miniature purchases, 1/72 plastics, Quickshade will save me. The plastics the 1/72s are made from are soft and the mini flexes. As these minis are painted, the paint is less flexible than the mini. Quickshade doesn't care. It is flexible. Even if the paint were to crack the dip keeps it in place.
          Some use a watered down white glue over or under their primer. Then again coating the finished paint job with it. I have tried the white glue. It sort of, kind of works. It is two more additional steps.

Results from dipping
1/72 plastics
           Terrible picture. The picture is meant to show how shiny the minis become after dipping. I don't dip them I brush it on.
           These have already been matte coated. Still is a great example, for why you should not be rushed. The dip runs down the mini. After brushing it on, it is very important to go back with a wiped off brush to collect the pools that form. You can see I did not.

20mm metals
         Another terrible picture again. I paint the Moderns differently. The paint is watered down, maybe 50% more than on the plastics. The detail is better. It make layering easy and creates a better effect.
1/72s Results after a "Matte" seal
         Now that I am in Argentina, my choice of sprays is extremely limited. In the past I always used the hobby matte spray. This time my local choices were brush on artist stuff or paint store spray. I went with the paint store spray. You have to be half the distance closer when using it. Or little hairs start to grow. (The price was the same stateside as here. 10 bucks or so)
20mm After the matte seal
        I am happy with the 20mm that were finished off. The 1/72s' tan and blue didn't meet my expectations.

Friday, August 26, 2016


Missing in action all of July and most of August. Or sitting around not doing shit. Well sort of both.
          I have been out fishing a few times and hunting twice. On the river from a moving boat, I could not miss. When it came to birds, I could not hit shit. 11 shots and two birds.
          Most of my time I have been reading thru the winter here. There is no snow and only gets down to 50F. Not so much a winter for a Syracuse boy.

          Ancient Warfare magazine. I have a subscription and yet only read them in batches.

          I have been plowing through books lately. I smoked this book. I think I read the whole thing in a day and a half.

              Currently reading this one.  Snook's book are always good. Just every time I pick it up, someone wants to talk to me.
           Currently reading this one too!
 A little long winded, but interesting.
          Violence of Action was a great read. Out of all of them I read this one the second fastest.
          Unknown Wars was interesting. Sort of. Some parts of history I just don't give a shit about. Those chapters were tough to get through.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sudan project part V

          More Fuzzy Wuzzies. To bring as many minis as possible. I tossed the boxes and cut them off the racks. Different manufacturer, Waterloo. This box had many more different  minis, maybe 10 of each. The plastic is harder and more brittle. Some of the weapons did not make it traveling.
          This is two boxes worth.

           I saw some one else's work. Their Dervishes looked more massed, crazier, charging. More of what you would envision when reading the accounts. The change was made to 60 x 60 MDF base. And two command bases, minor on a 30 and major on a 50mm.

          Just about down, touch ups and dip. I need to secure paint thinner and still searching for a air brush supplier here.