Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Warmaster Weekend

I am late posting Warmaster weekend. Too many beers Sunday and Monday night. I was at a place in Sunnyvale at had a 600 dollar glass of scotch. Not the bottle, a glass. 600 dollars.

         Never really cared what Warmaster army I had. One can't always be bumming armies off those super nice enough to kick my a loaner army. So I bought that undead army and it was painted and cheap. Which was the whole point of buy one. I didn't have to paint. I have 1000s of colonials I should be painting. And I bought the armies to represent the punic wars in 10mm. I got things to do. 
         Now here I am after two-ish games. I have magnetize the army. Then got steel movement trays. Come on! There is a cubic metric ass ton of Skeles bounce across the table. I have started repainting, rebasing, and adding on to the army. yep great, just great.

          This weekends work.Two Inf detachments, General, and 2 bowmen detachments repainted. 2 new priest commander dudes, and a new detachment of bowmen.The Bowmen and Commanders have all been rebased with MIG desert sand paste shit.


          Repainted Inf detachments. They will be the only red Inf in the army, to represent those that have been risen. The rise the dead dudes don't count for break. I need a way to remember it.

         Sadly when GW made the army, they must have gotten lost in the process. The fluff is Egyptian. Some of the dudes are or have Egyptian characteristics to them and others look like a 70s halloween movie. I have been picking out the Egyptian stuff and adding in that tomb guard blue.

         One elite spearmen, one regular spearmen, 2 detachments of camel riders, and a Commander dude. They will double as Persian and Araby.

Friday, August 24, 2018

How to paint on the job PART II

         The cubic ass ton of basing you will be doing when you return. All the Colonial are Newline Design, Old Glory, and Waterloo.

And is rough half of what was vomited from the case.

Prep work. 

         Some of what I got to do. Very little planning this time out. My spin around time is far shorter than normal as I boomerang back. The 20mm Colonial that is the major goal for the year. The new flash in the pants Warmaster.

         Loading the paints is different with each trip out. For the most part the common colors are doubled up. One set on the paint table and the other rides the case full time. I think the plane pressure mess with the paint. As they die faster than normal.

Packing the dudes.

         This trip's goal is mostly 20mm Colonials Egyptians and the Lancasters. Along for the ride Tomb King Warmaster. Both new and the repainting of the someone's best effort. And if there is time some original metal true scale for AT.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The battle with DIY Sealer and Primer

         Normally I get my shit at Lowes. Just cause it is closer, military discount, and I never plan enough to warrant breaking out the air brush. The real reason is the air brush takes more time to clean up. My time has been pressure cooked with traveling to and from Cali.
         This is the $2.80 crap I had been using. I say crap as some things were coming out shiny.
         These two are from Home Depot. The upper is $3.00 a can. I will try that one next, because its cheaper. The lower one is $5.35 a can and it is the best. I am using it now and even on a rainy day it works.
         I will still be using this Lowes' guy to prime grey. No issues, buy the small style in white will not stick to plastic.
          I switched to this can from Home Depot. I am spraying about 40cm away in 1 light coat. If the dude is white clothed then 3 light fast coats.
Home Depot has a 15% off coupon if you fill out the change of address thing with the post office. 

Monday, August 20, 2018

Epic city terrain

          My cities have always been empty. Yet when we look back into Iraq and today in Syria, the streets are filled with everything and anything. At AdeptiCon I found these dudes in the Dropzone booth. 2 greyhound buses, 2 school buses, 4 semi trucks. I would need 3 times this? Its not the amount of crap we see in our war zones. That much would make the table unplayable.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Warmaster Weekends

More Camel dudes that will double as Fantasy Araby and Historical bedouin. I will have 6 total detachments in the end. Plus a leader dude or two. All Old Glory.
The maniples of the dead rise up.
Just because I need more right. Yeah exactly! Who are you my wife? Did you not know that I got a problem?

It was only 40 with shipping. And I can sell off half of it. And one more rule book for sale.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

How to paint on the Job

How does one paint at work? How do you keep your job?
          Yeah.....so I painted dudes deployed. While deployed with the Navy to Iraq, I bought along my paints in a small GW figure case. The 96 dude one. At that time my roommate stateside would clean and prime the dudes for me. He would USPS them in glad screw top containers. I would paint them in the repair shack. Then send them back in the same containers.
          In my civilian job I painted at my desk at work. We had an office with a door and no windows. We did little to nothing all day. My office mate watched movies and I set up a paint station at work. I would prime and base them at home and transport them in a chessex case to paint. That was the job I returned from in 2015.

        In both case my work load was always done. I never hide the fact that I was doing it. And when asked to do extra work outside of my normal responsibilities, crushed that shit so I could get back to what mattered. Painting little dudes.
         Now that I am back in the workforce. I returned to that same company, but now I travel as support instead of sitting at one location. I still paint while on the road traveling. And when I am not traveling. Oh I paint then too!
         Every night and parts of the day are totally and completely free. If I am not involved with the customer, I am service. I do whatever I want!

This is how I do it.
Vented spray booth is worth the loot! 

        At work is your chance to sit and paint. No guilty feeling of ditching the family. No one breaking your balls. You need to make a plan, develop and improve the plan. I have a painting log. Its list what colors I used where and for whom. It also contains a lessons learned page.

          You will need to plan days ahead. Lay all the shit out plus some that you will be painting. First up, I clean, base, and prime everything.

         Some get based and other just glued to sticks. TRICK ONE; is always take that unit that is almost done.

         Due to the baggage weight restrictions. I split the lead and paint load between my clothes bag, tool kit, and carry ons. Don't put your paint in the carry on! TSA will take it. All the lead mounted to magnets and sticks goes in the carry on. The rest sits nicely in the GW foam along with the paint. 
          The GW case fits in my luggage. My shirts and pants go into my carry on. No one wants paint on their work cloths. (never ever had paint explode, but) So 2 bags checked, paint/gym cloths/sock/undies and the tool box. 2 carry ons, laptop bag and medium size backpack. Because I am traveling for work, don't care about the baggage fees. Work pays!

I use the same GW case from Iraq or a double one. This time I am out for 2 weeks. I took the double one.
I pack extra brushes, because I forgot them once switch between bags. Now every bag has a brush or two. Don't be like me. Triple check for brushes!

         Once in the hotel, break your gear out and set up a paint station. This is where that almost done unit comes in. As soon as you done finish it. Even if you check in at 2am. It will set you up for results on the trip.
I wreck the place. All the hotels shit goes on the floor. I move all the lamps over to the desk. 

         Don't turn the TV on ever. Don't be watching porn all night long or Netflix. And your lying to yourself saying you won't watch while you paint. Because you will and the number of dude done will tank. Time wasted. If you need noise, silence bothers you, you got issues, whatever. iTunes U, learn something, iTunes learn nothing, audio books, pod casts.

        As the time passes, dudes that are done get their own slot in the foam. Why? Well care in packing will result in less touch ups after unpacking. And no one wants to leave a soldier behind. especially a painted one. 

         Once you get use to travel painting or at the job. All you will do at home is base, stain, seal, and start loading for the next trip.