Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tues Night Gaming

We're back!

The holidays are over and game night returns. The lads have taken to Force on Force. Tonight we are running scenario "bridge at Al Muff."

 A Marine recon platoon must cross a bridge at Al Muwaffaquiya, and move through the town beyond it to set up a blocking position. This scenario is based on B Company, 1st Recon Battalion’s actions at Al Muwaffaquiya during the night of April 2/3, 2003. B Company actually put in 2 attacks that night, and this scenario uses the terrain and tactical situation of the 2nd attack, combined with the enemy forces of the 1st attack.

Table with hot spots

A: Regulars (1st platoon start point/2nd platoon entry point)
B: Regulars’ exit area.
1: Insurgents: 1x leader, 1x medium support weapon, 3x small arms
2. Insurgents: 1x medium support weapon, 3x small arms
3: Insurgents: 1x leader, 1x medium support weapon, 3x small arms
4. Insurgents: 1x medium support weapon, 3x small arms
5: Insurgents: 1x leader, 1x medium support weapon, 3x small arms
6. Insurgents: 1x medium support weapon, 3x small arms
7: Insurgents: 1x light support weapon, 2x small arms

* Each live (Non-KIA, -WIA) who exits the board between the 2 Points “B”: 1 pt.
*  Each HUMVEE that exits the board between Points “B”: 5 pts.

* Each regular that is KIA or WIA: 1 pt.
* Each regular that is captured: 5 pts.
* Each HUMVEE that is destroyed or immobilized: 10 pts.

We played it twice. Both time the USMC got hammered. The first run, shitty dice rolling and the marines were tabled. The second run through and it was down to Victory points but no marine left the table or even got close to point "B."

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


The goal was to stay off ebay. Yeah that worked for like 2 weeks. Some many good deals. I am a crack head. 95 15mm ACW dudes added to the mountain. I have zero, zero plans to start painting ACW this year.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Big plans and no action

          I have been getting jack all nothing done. I had big plans for getting my trees done and some wall for the M&T table. Then some 20mm US dudes in the chip DCUs. But the girls are riding me like a rented mule all weekend.
          All I got done was some reading. Mainly because I get up in the morning. I was able to polish off three books. Osprey Raid series Muskets and Tomahawks, With Musket and Tomahawk Vol #1, and the Tyrants of Syracuse vol #1.

Nothing will get done this week also. The dog and me are off to the ADKs for some hiking. We are cutting out Wednesday night. Very stoked, it will be my first time out in about a year. My ass is way out of shape.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Used book dealers

         So I am off pissing away my Xmas money buying books via I have never had a problem. Every copy arrives as stated. Except for yesterday. Empires Collide was listed as fine to near fine. This is what was sent.
The pages are stained and the bottom right corner damaged.

Then the pages are stuck together like some porn mag.

I have emailed the dealer requesting the correct copy.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

EA Storm Raptor

Space Wolves Storm Talon. It is one heavy, huge monster. Not crazy about the base. The base just about collapses from the weight of the beast.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Force on Force Civilian and HVAs

           Just about evey one of these are from Wartime minis or Stan Johansen's. First up, some captured downed pilots and HVA for objectives.

Civilians. 3 ladies shopping in town. A European looking book worm. Plus one mean chica.
      I found them difficult to paint up. All black and boring. I used a vey inky black blue. Then multiple washes of black for the head dress. The book worm was much more interesting. Reminded me of an old lady we ran across in Poland years ago.

Some lads feed up with the current situation protesting in the streets.

4 Dudes to mark POW or dependents.

I am just about done with the lot of skinnies. 2 more LMG

M&T terrain II

          I finally finished up the first set of tress. Now 5 more bases to go and 15 tress.

          They are still removable from the base. I don't know how they will stand up to game play. Nor how I will store them.

          Currently there are bare, or the leaves have fallen. I am not a fan of the GW leaves or the Clump foam crap. I don't have a real great idea on what to do with them as far as adding leaves.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Knocking stuff out.

I need space. There are project all over the place. In trying to clear off my painting table today.

I banged out a 28mm Auxilia wound marker.

Some 15mm fences for Fire and Fury.

Friday, January 4, 2013

M&T terrain.

        M&T has my attention for now. This is my first time back to painting 28mm since early last year. I am work on minis and terrain in bits and pieces. I want M&T to be a show case game. The colorful armies and personalities of the period I want to be reflected on the table top. 

         Long ago I purchased 6 sets of GW trees. I did jack all nothing with them. They are a little creepy looking and have really thick trunks. America's forest were primeval during the period. The trees were 15 feet thick. The trees are removable and come with a forest base. Why not use them for M&T?

        I live in the Hudson Valley and hike the ADKs year around. In the first test forest base, I am trying to create the fall look. This area was much much colder then and that is the reason for the snow.
      I sprayed the base with P3 black primer. The whole thing was dry brushed very heavily with craft store cheap dark brown. A lighter dry brushing of cream. Then the rocks and roots were picked out. The rocks were dry brushed with flat white.
         I started off using a terrain tack to attach everything. It is old or complete trash. Switching to good old standard wood glue made everything right again. I started off dropping tuffs randomly. Highland and some cheap sheet tuffs. The fall leaves were placed were I believe they would have collected naturally. Then the snow was put were the sun would not be directly hitting it through out the day.
      The trees are next.

Short week again

Another short week and everyone is taking advantage of it. Me I am stuck here at work, but the rest are off on vacation. So why not sit in the office with the door shut and paint. Yesterdays efforts included some more 20mm dudes for FoF. I think they are from wartime miniatures but I am not too sure. Some rioters, POWs, and some more skinnies with LMGs

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Last miniatures of 2012.

          These are the last minis off the painting table. They were matte sprayed last night. This gives me a total of 275 painted since the blog began this year. Not wow, I bought over 500 in that time. I have a sickness!

Another battle group of dervishes.
          Not so bad for blocking in and a quick dip job. There are going to be another 30 some odd stands. So I don't care too much what they look like up close. When I do the Brits, a little more attention will be paid. I will even clean off the flash.
         I have started on the last battle group. Just chipping away as other things dry. Now I know why it took so long to finish them up. I have been painting the group as a whole. With 24 dudes at once, I never seem to make any head way.

         Force on Force US army. Not super happy with the coyote packs. I lost my original color and can't remember what it was.

          Today I based and primed up some Conquest Indians and some more Elheim US special forces.Before my next commission starts up, I hope to finish the FoF dudes and knock out the majority of T&M dudes.