Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Last miniatures of 2012.

          These are the last minis off the painting table. They were matte sprayed last night. This gives me a total of 275 painted since the blog began this year. Not wow, I bought over 500 in that time. I have a sickness!

Another battle group of dervishes.
          Not so bad for blocking in and a quick dip job. There are going to be another 30 some odd stands. So I don't care too much what they look like up close. When I do the Brits, a little more attention will be paid. I will even clean off the flash.
         I have started on the last battle group. Just chipping away as other things dry. Now I know why it took so long to finish them up. I have been painting the group as a whole. With 24 dudes at once, I never seem to make any head way.

         Force on Force US army. Not super happy with the coyote packs. I lost my original color and can't remember what it was.

          Today I based and primed up some Conquest Indians and some more Elheim US special forces.Before my next commission starts up, I hope to finish the FoF dudes and knock out the majority of T&M dudes.

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