Monday, February 26, 2018

NetEA Tau Manta test weekend.

         Off to CT to play with the New England group. They are about 25 strong. 11 are playing this weekend. I am the only one coming up from the PA group.
          I will be the testing monkey for the Tau. The Manta is a giant beast of a mini. It is rare and expensive toy to own. Manta sucks badly. The beast is hardly ever fielded. It is so bad, I won't take it any more.
        Now I did try and make it work. To make something work. I played it for 2 months, including a weekend with the New England group and it went to the Fall In tourney.
        The 650 points never earns back its value. It is too slow for Tau. It suffers from a weapon system mismatch. Instead of having a defined role, it tries to be a jack of all trades. Long dong silver MW, x4 AA, mid range AT, short range AP. What range is it really deadly at? 90, 75, 45? It ain't fucking 30, because your going to give away 1 point! BTS. The purposed change is to reduce points 575 and give it 2 MW+3 shot instead on the 1.

Weapon Range Firepower Notes
Twin Heavy Railcannons 90cm MW2+ Fixed Forward Arc, Titan Killer (D3)
3 Heavy Ion Phalanx 75cm AP3+/AT4+ Fixed Forward Arc
4 Twin Manta Burst Cannons 30cm AP5+/AA6+ -
Twin Missile Pods 45cm AP5+/AT6+ Fixed Forward Arc

2 Seeker Missiles 90cm AT6+ Guided Missiles

        The purposed change is to reduce points 575 and give it 2 MW+3 shot instead on the 1. Then there is a whole list of upgrades. I am not interested in upgrades. The beast is too expensive. Why would you voluntarily make it more expensive?

Original Fall In list
 Adjusted Fall In list

        My thoughts regarding the toy are based on my experiences with Fall In and the primer games for it. I will take the same list. The point savings to spread around to make shit meaner. 
        Other differences.  Skyways as units of 3, I am not a fan of any more. It is gone. The skyways points are upgrades for skyways. Rail heads for Ion heads.

I got IG in the first game. The IG had death strike launchers. Can you guess how that went? I teleported Stealth suits on top of them. They were blasted off by manticores. The retain saw the Death Strike double launch the Manta off the table. (blew up on crits)

Second game was Dave orange Eldar, ghosts in suits. This game went down to the last activations in turn 3. Dave blew up the Manta in the bottom of two. It held up but never moved off the Blitz. The best performance came when he was silly enough to march up into marker light range. It took four activations to down it. is too slow and still too expensive. It will earn its points back if someone is dumb enough to feed units to it. I am thinking it should be made into an aircraft or allowed to planetfall without a space ship. If allowed to planet fall without a space craft, it could became a variable landing craft. (a thunder hawk) 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

NetEA Blood Angels Vs Eldar 3000 points

         All the international internet theory hammer bullshit going down lately had me shelf the Tau. I will be testing some of their great ideas. (remember, he who fucks with that which works is a stupid mofo) Armies and lists work differently for each person. Part of it is your idea of what the army should be capable of and mostly your style. You can copy someone's championship list. You will do good, but you won't get the results they did. The is YOU. With that in mind playing someone's idea wish list, sucks if it is not your idea.

          So Thursday night I wanted to play something fun. Blood Angels have not seen the light of day in years. A stop off at storage and straight to 6 Feet under.

         I got beat so bad it was a crime scene. Kal sexually abused my sweet candy ass in turn one. I was back in the foam before turn two finished. Must units never got off the starting line.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Tau Vior'la dev-list WIP

        Last game I was short on tanks. Also noticed my Cudas didn't match. 6 more Ion Heads completed. (no picture) And all the Cudas were painted to match. Some extra Recons. (no clue where the bases went to??) New Skyrays
I think its a ghost keel? Ripetide? whatever?
 Special dudes, get special bases. That and all the french bases are buried somewhere in one of two storage units. Round epic base flipped over. Some old copies of the FW roads were broken up, along with the GW ruins, and cork chunks tossed in.
 Everything was shot with a gray home depot primer.
 Next painted with foundry 76A
Everything wash with MIG.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

FoF flocking.

         The weapon caches and EIDs have been in the paint line for 3 years. Prior to 2014? They were painted up and based down in Argentina. For some reason I never packed their flocking sand. Yes every army has it own flocking material.  The Colonial dudes are based in building/construction sand. The Tau are based in a pink/red sand taken from Fire something or other canyon by Vegas.
         The dudes were primed before I left for Argentina. They were painted up down there. All my Africans, Afghans, and Middle Eastern dudes get the same flock. It is the desert mix from Battlefield Concepts. Only the Zombie dudes get a green grassy flock.

Tier 1 operators & Camera crews
7 Zombies awaiting the location of their flock. 4 gators for Egypt and the Sudan.
Child soldiers, Africans & Foreign Fighters
        These 2 mini boxes need repairs. They were packed two years ago and made the round trip. The cotton securing the dudes stuck to about 12 or 14. Some warm water and a tooth brush fixed it.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Warmaster Weekend "Transfers"

          I am back at it. Some slingers and extra Heavy INF on the painting block.

          Ahhh these dam transfers. After these last units, I will be painting the shields. This has turned into a giant black hole for time. I am about 35 bucks into transfer paper, microset, and matte coat. It is slowing me down to a point where the project is not moving along.
 If you don't get too close, they look great. I have to go back and paint the edges of the shields.
         These have to be the worst transfers ever. I have never had such a problem.