Friday, October 31, 2014

New England NetEA gaming day

          Another NetEA gaming event at Time Machine Hobby on Saturday. Kicking off at 10am. Means I will be up at 4-4:30. Get the dog exercised, and the kid ready. This will be VV's first Epic gaming. Normally she just rolls my dice. We'll see how long she last. As I am a smart man, I will bring her Ipad loaded with Frozen and Tangled.

        This time I am actually going to playing Blood Angels. The ManchaniCon "Codex" list was fast and in your shit,, with 11 activations. The BA's Developmental list should fit right in with this go get in it play style. Each list is in your face, one trick pony, and less flexible with only 9 activations. Then there is third list, full of scout shenanigans with 11 activations, 6 of which have the scout ability.

         9 activations with a 825 point Terminator sledge hammer. It will be interesting to see what this beast does.
         9 activations again, roughly the same Termie hammer, but the Sanguinary Guard has been added and most the armor removed. Again how effective will they be.
        Scout special heavy. Speeder have scout and almost all BA detachments can take a speeder add on. 100 points get you two MW+5s and scout ability. 6 detachments scout ability, 3 traditional and 3 mixed bag.That is a lot of ZOC shenanigans.

          These are the three version I will be testing out. Will the tear be of joy or another developmentally broken list forever in the Dev state.

All Stop, Drop Anchor update

I bought all the wall paint and a sprayer. We'll see how that works out. I broke my ass cleaning the wall and rooms to be paint. Everything is blue taped or covered.

But wait, the electrician finally decides to show up. With the England Epic gaming tomorrow at Time Machine. No painting till Sunday.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

All stop, Drop anchor update

          Well the electrician is up to the normal contractor BS. The front steps guy still has my railing. Hopefully returning it. The Dry wall guys stole my 3 foot level and chain saw blade sharpener thingy.
Other than that, I am down to my time and elbow grease. Or beer pizza and friend's free labor. But no Weekends are free. This week is England Net EA and next Fall In.
         I will need to sand the floor, dry lock and lay down the new one. Then paint the walls, Build the game table, paint racks, move my lead, and set up the printers. But again my needs are at the bottom. Painting the family room and cleaning the floor in there is first.

        Mmmmm, family room should be taken over as the gaming room!
       At least I am no longer jammed up in a closet painting.

Last rant. The asses at home depot trying to explain primer and paint pigment, just about tripped me off line. Jack off there is no true primer in paint. Its a difference in pigment, otherwise why in the seven frozen hells would I need to prime before USING paint with primer? Army painter figured it out.

Monday, October 27, 2014

MechaniCon Final and pictures

          At long last my ass is finally home. I pulled into the driveway at 12:30, Monday morning.
          Tourney Results: Dave took first. Karl grab second and I pulled 3rd. No big wow there were only 4 players. I did get in 5 games. My Codex Marine list; (no clue why I needed up 75 points short)

        The list proved to be fast and flexible. Well until I ran into Dave. I only splashed one Knight. He raped the every living shit out of me. That was the worst beating I have taken from him.

        I got to play Kal during the dinner break on Saturday. Kal (TO) lost to a very luckly string of saves by me on his right flank. After that both flanks collapsed.

        There is no way I can remember both the camera and to actually take pictures. There are no turn by turn pictures, nor pictures from any other event. Just random game pics.

Round one of the day's pictures 

Friday, October 24, 2014


The MechaniCon 2014 Grand Tournament

October 24-26, at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA.      

Friday night open gaming. Lucky enough to demo Net EA to a Veteran 40K player. Unluckly did not get a prime game in. But all in all, explaining the game is a great primer.

Sadly no BA list this tourney. 2/3s of the tables are covered in roads, and every table has lengthily roads. The BAs turbo charged engines, plus the 5+ bonus for traveling on road is in my opinion too much. I will be play an old codex Marine list from 2 years ago.

MechaniCon has crazy prize support. I got a sweet gift bag and there is no way your not going home without 50 bucks in shit you actually want. The vendors and community have given boat loads of stuff in prizes. Thank you Portugal dude. Those tokens and markers rule.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Look at this shit!

WTF? Really, just jam the fucking thing in the mail box. Jesus, did your letter carrier use his fucking boot?

Its all good I got nothing better to do than go to the PO on monday and scream at whoever is unlucky enough to be working.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


The MechaniCon 2014 Grand Tournament

October 24-26, at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA.

         I will hopefully be playing pick up NetEA Friday night and Sunday morning. Then the NetEA tourney come Saturday. The plan is drop VV off with my mom and she will return Sunday to play with me. 
        I have chosen the Blood Angels Developmental list. I wanted to play DAs, but they are still in the works getting flushed out. So sad, no Executioner Predators! Oh well, the BAs got a nasty pile driver. Here is the list;

Blood Angels (V2.3)                                                 2950pts
Death Company 275
Chaplain + 4 Tactical Death Company units

Terminator Detachment                                              800
4 Terminators + Chaplain
x2 Vulcan Dreadnought
x1 Blood Angels Vindicator
x2 Stormraven Gunship
x2 Land Raider Redeemer

Assault Detachment                                                    250
6 Assault Units

Assault Detachment                                                    350
6 Assault Units + 2 Assault Units

Land Speeders                                                             200

Devastator Detachment                                               250
4 Devastators

Predators                                                                     275
Baal Predator

Predators                                                                      275
Baal Predator

Bike Detachment                                                         300
Blood Angels Bikes w/ Attack bike + 2 Land Speeders

          You will notice I am 50 points short. Not so. The armyforge list Storm Ravens at +50
 each as an up grade. They are +75 each. It also has them with 4 Blood strike missiles. They actually only have 2.
           I will easy take the 50 point loss for 4 extra missiles. Either way I win.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Scenarios Book II

          Finally its here. RF&F scenario book II. I had seen the rough draft at Historicon. Even got to do a play test down in Fredericksburg. Then sat about waiting and waiting.

         Ordered mine last night. This one looks some much better than the draft I saw. The maps are beautiful. Plus there is this guy;  Extended Map PDF

Then these showed up on ebay. They got me drooling. Geo-Hex with rivers in the foam.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

City Table part IX

          The FW road tiles are not square. Not even close to being truly square. The little errors over 2-300mm has created gaps and sections that would not fit. I had to rip some of it up.
          You can see above. They never measured and squared the dam things up before cranking them out. FUBAR!

          This is the adjust, post ripped up, re-alignment. There will be gaps between the tiles. The plan is to prime the board and then see if they need filling in.
         In the bottom corner you can see the tile with the grout. I used the grout because I knew it well. How it would act and if I porked something, weather I would be able to make a correction. It is dried to the back of the tile. The tile popped off no problem and the grout scrapped right off the plastic.
         A co-work sick of listening to me bitch, told me to try a floor glue. Surprise and hats off to you, the shit works great.

Monday, October 13, 2014

RF&F ebaying

          Ebaying. There is no way I will ever ever paint enough 15mms to have a game. I can not afford to pay some one to do it. So I am going to buy old collections, armies, crap knocking about.
         This is not my idea. Nope. I straight up stole it from the "BigRedBatCave" dude. He has more Romans then any 6 wealthy people could ever have and he cranks through them. How? He buys painted lots. He fixes up the ebay "PRO" paint jobs. Then rebases the lot.
          So far I bought 1 Army and 2 collections. For the most part the lot is playable and based for RF&F. The most I paid was 3.52 a stand and the lowest 1.27. That is based and painted.
          There is no way to calculate the time it would have taken me to complete this much. 800 or so I have spent total, which includes dudes, rules, and terrain, killer deal!

          111 Union Infantry stands. Properly based, some done well and some half assed.
         151 CSA Infantry stands. Properly based, same deal.
          The rest of both.
           A few generals, 6 Union Cav, 1 CSA Cav, 3 CSA generals, and 4 horse holders.

          4 Cannon

          The rest some keepers. Then there is the shit that is no where close. I may sell it off. Once the first group goes through the repaint and basing. It may may be more time than I wish to invest.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall In

          I finally pre registered for HMGS' Fall In. The games available this year suck. Usually there are two or three games a day, I am tore to choose from. This year there seemed to be only one or two games that I would play in or would want to for the whole weekend.

          I guess it is about time I start hosting games!

         At least we are back at the Lancaster Host. Yeah it is run down and not fancy modern looking. But the food is better and healthier, the gaming rooms are not so overly loud and you can hear your GM, and its not off fucking I95. We need a new location in Federicksburg or a new city.

         The sad part is no Wegmans and the price of beer will remain the same. Those fucktards in Federicksburg never ever charged me the same price for a beer. And when they would charge you the correct price, they gave you too much change back. Southern ed, baby.

Friday, October 10, 2014

All "STOP" drop anchor

         Yep work stoppage.  Not because of any hate. Because I am pimping my room. Finally I proper space that is just mine. Where I can have a gaming table. Of course there are conditions. The Family gets redone (the real reason) and part of my room becomes a 3D print lab for my daughter.

         The house is a reck. The living room is packed. The back porch full.

         And then there was my old space. Who bought all this shit? I could have retired had I not pissed a pirates fortune away on soldiers. I have enough paint to cover every house in the neighborhood. Clearing one wall and a work bench was an all day event. So needed, the place was apparently pretty ratty.

         Rough sketch of the game room.

The Printer, awaiting it's new home.