Friday, August 30, 2013

City table I

         I only have a few hours every night and I can't paint every night either. I plan to complete at least tile every month. 8' by 6' means 12 tiles, one year to complete. Some months will be better than others. I hope that the more focused months will allow for the casting of roads and painting of the buildings.        

          3/4 MDF is the board of choice. Because it is heavy and should not warp. Then the thickness will allow me to drill holes and use pegs to keep the sections from shifting during play. Each board comes in 4' by 2' chunks for 9 USD with a military discount. I will need to cut them in two. As my table will have 2' by 2' tiles/sections. It will give me the ability to travel with it and store the dam thing easier without a load of crap from the wife.
         Only the roads and acropolis will actually be attached to the tiles. All the buildings will be removable.

         On to the first tile, the Acropolis. I choose to work on the focal point tiles first. As the features will be larger and I won't get bogged down in laying roads. Or running out of roads.

          I have cleaned the church. Working on flattening a curled corner. Mine is a copy and shows the sign of it. It is not a bad copy, but still a copy. What mold issues and details that did not come out will not be repaired. I mean for it to look old and battle worn.
          The board has been cut. The layout penciled in and the acropolis is attached. Once set I will start to shape the foam.

          I have been delayed by a commission and originals became available. The originals of course cost me a pirate's fortune.

         Here I am screwing around with Gamecraft epic and 120 degree water. I think the Gamecraft line will kit out the large government buildings.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

M&T Hay stacks

          The same company that made the Hesco barriers did these hay stacks. They were in the cheapy bin. Another quick paint job. They will do nicely.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tom's VC government building part III & 20mm Additions

         The building is stuck down on a 1/4" oak plywood. I tried 1/8" but it warped and no MDF was available. The sides and corners were sanded off and the board primed black. The stairs were added and the second floor tabs installed.
        Next up is the porch supports and the roof. I am still think of exactly how I will build the roof.

        2 Hesco barriers and a pile of NJ barriers I found knocking about.

          3 Afghans I have been chipping away at.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Updating armies II

         BAs are getting all the attention. It is the army a drag along to each tourney, just because it is the most kitted out and complete.

         Hard to believe there were no devies painted. I don't think I lost them. One detachment plus a librarian. These bad boys are an Englishman's creation. He did all the heavy weapons. I choose the Lascannons and Heavy Bolters out of the small number I could afford. The Libie is GW plastic.

          Again more of the Englishman's creation. I think they were originally created as SW young bloods. They look just great as foot slogging Death Company. Simple black with midnight blue highlights.

          Two more Razorbacks.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Updating armies

          Still filling in slots in my marine armies. I am just about done with the BAs. A few more detachments and then no more red.

         I have a yellow marine army like everyone else. My first army and it has an easy paint job. It is an army that I use for intros and loaning out. Little if any attention has been paid to it over the years. It needs units to round it out.

          On to the next project. Not one of my epic armies are 100% perfect. I want one army that I have taken my sweet ass time painting up and that equals my current painting style. Plus there are fancy new shiny minis out. I was initially torn between Space Wolves and Thousand Sons. Both of which are sitting in the giant mountain of Epic lead. The 1000 sons list did not do it for me. It did not look as fun and maybe forgiving. The SW's list actually got me cleaning up some minis. Then...... The Dark Angels experimental list quickly sucked up my attention. DARK ANGELS

          I purchased from my old gaming group the demo DA army they had. It is in piss poor shape, so it was basically a give away. I got a lot of work to do. Everything will get new bases and flock.
          First up is a Raven Wing support detachment. I hate the all black they were painted. They were redone in foundry black equipment and midnight blue with some white added for the final highlight.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tom's VC government building part II

          My time has been limited. The job, the girls, and guard duty knock me off pace. Then I was looking at the NEAT tourney. With only an EA demo tomorrow, I am back on track.

          I banged out the first floor. The shutters are up. The doors are next. The 2nd floor rails are on. The deflects filled in and sanded.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

NEAT Results

                                       The New England Epic Armageddon tounry VI

           Finish in the way back, like 6th place. Had 2 great games. I won the first one against Ruth. The second one went to points, I lost to Lt. Matt.
           The 3rd and last one I requested that Dave open up the beat down locker and pull out his toughest list. This one I blew, losing my focus on two different points. The first time, I was lasered in on his air support and activations. The second time, I lost count of the number of turns that passed.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Northeast Epic Armageddon Tournament VI

         Finally the NEAT VI is here, this Saturday. It is close to where I liveand will be a long day. As I will be driving back and forth.

The Event

NEAT tourament pack for 2013

         Roughly the same list again. Two minor changes, + Land Raiders minus a Tac detachment, and one bike detachment becomes attack bikes.

Friday, August 9, 2013

More Epic Blood Angels

                                               Another detachment predators

                                         BA objective, downed Thunderhawk

                                                         Then the Wip

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tom's VC government building part I

        Tom a family friend and a huge FNG gamer asked for a VC government building. At Fall In, Tom will be running a FNG game with the actual SF's OIC on the ground during the mission. Crazy right. The now Col. will leader the US forces in the game as he did on that day.

        He was unable to find a period building. Tom searched for the bits and bobs from doll houses to train stuff. He provided the schematics, doors, and rails. My commission is to construct it out of whatever I choose. Tom said he would paint it. Easy street!
        I selected 2mm plastic card. Then converted everything to millimeters. The doors and windows were cut out with a jewelry saw, fine blade.
        I start with the second floor. As the railings and roof would be the most difficult stages of the build. We had a do over as the floor heights were miss quoted. I discovered after trying the doors. All the wall needed to be recut and I need stock. Micromark to the rescue!

 The second floor.

The stairs are from Gamecraft. I took them from a Middle Eastern set.

Monday, August 5, 2013

20mm terrain


       Hesco barriers. Cool huh. I got them at Historicon. They painted up quick. Knocked out 10 in less than an hour. Sad part is the wire is diamond and not square.
        Army painter desert spray, dry brush oily steel, Army painter strong tone, flock the top,and done.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Blood Angels' Predators

         I continue to fill in the missing options for my Blood Angel.Which seems to be endless even know I continue to play the same list over and over. The killer is I am not play the BA list, Codex Marines.

Thunderhawks. They were damaged and in need of repairs, new flight stands. One lost it's wing supports. I stamp casted the BA blood drop and wing off 28mm BA marine.


        I am no camera man. No idea why one picture is total crap and the other some what normal.